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7 Basic Tips For Making Your Yogurt Better

If you like taking healthy, refreshing yogurt at any given time of the day, then making your own is always the most cost-effective and quality guaranteeing approach to take. Making healthy yogurt is a delicate combination of science and art, and knowing the right approach to take can be very rewarding. There are some valuable but basic tips you should consider as you learn how to make yummy yogurt at any given time. These include the following: -

homemade yogurt

1. Have your equipments cleaned well

When making yogurt, it will be very important to always remember that milk is very sensitive and the slightest impurities could mess up with the end results. As such, your work surface and tools should be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any bacteria likely to contaminate your yummy drink. You can run your tools through a dishwasher if you have one or sterilize with hot, boiled water before drying with a clean towel.

2. Choose the best culture

Yogurt preparation does require active cultures and these could easily be obtained from the yogurt you either have prepared or bought. You can also use powdered starter if you so wish. However, always taste the yogurt before using it and make sure it does not have a weird taste. The taste and quality of your culture will definitely affect the flavor of the yogurt you make. Both the culture and milk are very important.

homemade yogurt

3. Make sure you have quality milk

It’ll be very good if you can get some unpasteurized milk, raw milk or un-homogenized milk for use to make some yogurt. However, always make sure that the milk you use is not overly pasteurized as this will affect the quality of your yogurt. It’s not possible to make your yogurt using organic milk as this is ultra-pasteurized. If you want to make your yogurt better, using full-fat milk is always advisable.

4. Heat your milk

Although you can still make your yogurt using room-temperature milk, it would be advisable that you first of all boil it fully or bring it to around 180°F. This will guarantee you the most consistent and quality results. Boiling the milk is essential as it kills the bad bacteria and also assures you of a richer end-product. The milk can either be boiled or heated using a microwave or stove, whichever option seems right for you.

homemade yogurt

5. Choose the right vessels or bowls for the yogurt

Once you prepare your yogurt, you need to give it time to rest and this is normally done overnight. However, this process should be done using vessels that are able to retain heat to some degree and crocks or ceramic bowls are always the best. You should not go for metal or glass bowls as these are not known for heat retention. The process of resting your yogurt is very important and the kind of tools you use will determine the outcome. If you don’t have a ceramic bowl or crock, just wrap the vessel using a blanket and it’ll help in warmth retention.

6. Just be patient

The temptation to keep checking whether your yogurt has turned out fine can be very strong but disruptive of the process. Once you are done with the mixing of the milk, culture and other ingredients in a good blender, you will need to give your yogurt at least 8 to 10 hours or overnight to let it rest. While putting it in the resting vessels, you must ensure that it’s warm and properly swaddled or put in the right kind of a vessel. Wait until 12 hours are over before disturbing your yogurt.

homemade yogurt

7. Monitor the progress

Once the 8 hours are over, you can taste your yogurt to find out whether it’s mature and a little bit acidic. You should remove it from incubation once you are satisfied with the taste and before it becomes more acidic beyond your liking. In fact, it will be good to taste the yogurt after every one hour after 8 hours are over and once you are satisfied with its maturity, terminate the resting process. In case the whey and solids haven’t separated, leave the yogurt a little bit more so it can mature fully.

As earlier mentioned, making quality yogurt is not only a science but also an art. You should learn some of the most essential steps which are designed to help you get the best results possible. As a matter of importance, always avoid the use of powdered milk if your mixture is thin. The best step is to always strain it. You can do this by setting fine-mess cheesecloth over a clean bowl and then pouring your yogurt on top. Allow it time to give you the consistency you desire and then enjoy your whey or use it to prepare more yogurt.

Author Bio:

Lucy Maria is a content writer. She has written numerous Articles on Heath, Fitness, Food and Healthy diet. When she’s not in the kitchen or at her keyboard, you’ll usually find her working in her garden or reading books.

5 Best Ceramic Cooktop Cleaners (For A Shiny & New Look)

So, you have spent the time researching what kind of induction cooktop you want, you’ve purchased one that fits your particular set of needs, and now you want to take care of the fruits of your labor with the best glass top stove cleaner so it will look just as fresh and clean as the day you bought it. Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because I’ve got five in-depth suggestions for you so you can pick the best ceramic stove top cleaner that will work its magic on your shiny new induction cooktop and keep it looking good as new.

1. Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish

Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish

In my humble opinion, Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner & Polish is the best ceramic stove top cleaner on the market right now. It was specifically engineered to clean, shine, and protect glass or ceramic smooth top ranges, like your handy-dandy induction cooktop. It will keep your brand-new range looking beautiful or revive an old range and restore it to its former glory and splendor.

It works better than the rest at getting off even the toughest baked-on messes, yet is gentle enough to not scratch the smooth surface of your cooktop. Some of the other cleaners may leave a filmy residue, but not Weiman. It’s the best on our list.

2. Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

Don’t let the name fool you. I know it’s called Cerama Bryte, as it is one of the best ceramic cooktop cleaners, but it works equally well on glass cooktops (actually all modern cooktops are a mix of ceramic and glass). It’s rated for all smooth top cooking surfaces, including radiant and halogen.

In fact, according to the manufacturer, you can even use it on your stainless steel cookware or sinks, faux marble, and porcelain. I wish everything in the cleaning bucket under my sink was that versatile! Even burnt-on spills are not a problem for the Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner.

For best results, make sure you apply the cream to the problem areas, let it sit for a minute, and then scrub it around, buff it smooth, and wipe it off. You’ll love the results!

3. Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

A little bit of Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop cleaner goes a long way! With just a little bit of cleaner, you can gently remove food residue, stains, and fingerprints without scratching your glass cookware, ceramic cooktops, and radiant, halogen, or induction stovetops.

A food-safe formula guarantees you won’t have to worry about making your family sick with this cleaner! It’s completely ammonia and silicone free. Several users report that it’s effective even in small doses.

The cream rinses easily from your sponge or washcloth and doesn’t leave behind residue or odors. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best glass stove top cleaner.

4. Cook Top Cleaning Cream for Smooth Top Ranges

Cook Top Cleaning Cream for Smooth Top Ranges

If you spend some time talking to people about their kitchens, they’ll probably admit that one of the hardest things to keep looking clean is the glass stove top. That’s why you need a glass stove top cleaner like the Cook Top Cleaning Cream for Smooth Top Ranges.

It’s designed to protect the surface of your fancy stove while helping make the next cleaning even easier. You’ll get the best results out of rubbing the cream on your stovetop, letting it dry a little bit, and then buffing it out, much like the process of waxing a car.

But I wouldn’t recommend using this product on your car! The fine scrubbing grit in the cream might be a bit too much for your car’s finish, so stick to your stove, cookware, and countertops.

5. Whirlpool Affresh Cooktop Cleaner

Whirlpool Affresh Cooktop Cleaner

In case you’ve never heard of them, Affresh makes a line of cleaning products that are really excellent at keeping your appliances clean and fresh, including your washing machine, dishwasher, coffee maker, and anything with a stainless steel finish.

All of their cleaning products come with the recommendation of major appliance brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, GE, and Samsung. While the Affresh Cooktop Cleaner doesn’t top our list of best glass top stove cleaners, it’s certainly very effective if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of elbow grease to get your glass stove top looking shiny and clean.

It’s especially good at getting out grease stains, even if they’ve been cooked onto your cooking surfaces in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit!


That’s all for now, folks. I’ve stepped you through several products that should keep the top of your stove looking as awe-inspiringly spotless as the day you bought it. All it takes is a little bit of effort on your part, and the purchase of a best glass stove top cleaner, as outlined in this article you just read. And after spending so much on your lovely stove with the latest options and technology, why not spend the ten dollars or less on the right cleaner for the job? Your house guests will be so impressed with your sparkling stove top once you’re done using any of these top-of-the-line products!

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(Calphalon vs Cuisinart) 10 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

best stainless steel cookware

Everyone needs quality cookware. This is especially true now, in a time where people are beginning to see the money-saving and health benefits of cooking at home. Cooking isn’t just about getting the best ingredients; just as you need a paintbrush to make a painting, you need the right cookware to make a meal.

A good set of pots and pans can go a long way to making your kitchen fully ready to take on any recipe. If it is quality you are after, stainless steel is the way to go. It is naturally sturdy and can last decades if treated properly.

Below, I plan on going beyond regular stainless steel pots and pans reviews. I’m not only going to show you the best sets around, I will also help to inform you about what to look for in a set and what the differences are between them.

If you are interested in other cookware materials, you can read my reviews of nonstick, induction, ceramic and non-toxic cookware as well.

Comparison Table​

So, what is the best stainless steel cookware for you? I’m going to walk you through the ten top rated stainless steel cookware sets available now. The online market is full of choices, so first I’ll go over the basics of what to look for in a quality set of cookware. I’ll also discuss things like which brands you should consider and their proprietary features.

Different Types of Sets

It may seem as though all top quality cookware would be roughly the same, but there are subtle differences in even best stainless cookware that you should be aware of when making your decision of what set to buy. Pay attention to these things and see which type of cookware fits your needs.

Steel vs. Plastic Lids and Handles

The most obvious feature of any set is the metal pan that makes up the bulk of any individual item. But, what most people neglect to take into consideration are the lids and handles that come with a set. Glass lids allow you to see inside the pot while you are cooking, so you can check on your food without having to release heat. However, glass lids can crack and break easily. They also will usually contain a plastic knob at the top for you to grab onto. This knob is convenient for lifting the lid when it is on the stovetop, but because it is plastic you cannot put it into the oven.

best stainless steel cookware

Other sets will have stainless-steel lids. These cost more, but are durable and will still function with a few dents in them. The metallic nature of these lids means that they can be transferred from stovetop directly into the oven, if needed.

This same idea applies to handles. Some sets may feature grips on the side of large metal pots that allow you to grab them without using oven mitts. Again, consider whether or not you plan on moving pots and pans in and out of the oven. If so, go with the steel handles.

Number of Pieces

Always pay attention to the number of pieces that a set claims to include. When you think of cookware sets, you most likely think that the number of pieces in a set refers only to actual pots and pans. This is not the case.

A set may claim to be a twenty-piece set of stainless steel cookware, but only include ten pots and pans. Often times manufacturers will also count spoons, forks, or even lids as “pieces”, so be sure to carefully read what exactly is included in a set before you purchase it.

It is also important that you see what types of cookware is included. Different brands and different sets will vary in terms of what they include in a set. Fry pans, saute pans, skillets, stockpots, steamers and others are often included in sets. Know what it is you want to cook and what you need to do so.

Make sure that if you are looking for something specific, that it is included in the set you’re interested in. Also, if a set is full of cookware that you don’t need or won’t use, save some money and choose a set that better fits your needs.

Best Cookware Brands

The brand name of a set can tell a lot about a product. Certain brands are well-known for quality, while others are known for anything but. Don’t be too quick to judge on name alone, however. I’ve had great experiences with pans from many different brands. I’ll discuss some popular brands featured on this list, and give you some useful information about each of them.

All brands are built on reputation, and all of the ones on this list have certainly earned theirs. A recurring brand you will see is Cook N Home, whose products consistently receive some of the best stainless steel cookware reviews. This California based company has made a name for itself not just with its high quality stainless steel products, but also its extensive collection of ceramic cookware. The biggest draw to this company's products is their affordability.

Other big names on this list include: Calphalon, Cuisinart, Heim, All Clad and Multiclad. Calphalon is one of the most popular brands in the United States, second only to All-Clad in terms of reputation.

Often Calphalon is seen as a good alternative to All-Clad, for those who want that same stainless steel quality without having to pay the high price tag All-Clad is notorious for. Calphalon is popular, in part, because of its unique stretched aluminum bottom, which allows for heat to distribute evenly across the whole pan. I’ll talk more about this later, but you can also check out my in depth of review of Calphalon vs. All Clad.

Cuisinart is another top-tier brand, and they produce many series of pots and pans. Some of the best stainless steel pots on the market right now are made by Cuisinart. Cuisinart is actually a subsidiary of Conair, best known for their hair-dryers.

They have been in business since 1971, and in that time they have established themselves as one of the most consistent and respectable brands around. Not only do they make good pots and pans, Cuisinart does seem to have a real interest in the culinary arts. Over the last few decades they have released several cookbooks and online recipes, and have received several accolades and awards for their top-quality line of cookware.

Top 10 Stainless-Steel Cookware Sets

For this list I have included only the top products in the market today. The criteria I have is simple - what are the best sets of stainless steel cookware in terms of affordability, cooking capability, durability and overall quality? Every piece on this list has comes highly recommended from user reviews as well.

If you want to really delve into the world of home cooking, or you want to expand your own collection of beautiful stainless steel cookware, then this is the list for you.

#1. Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set

Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set

Starting off the list in the #1 spot is this six pan set from Cook N Home. The reflective metallic surface provides a dazzling finish. This set is definitely the perfect fit for anyone looking to start their kitchen set. The set includes a saucepan, a frying pan and several large pots.

What's good about this set is that it is very minimalistic. You don’t need dozens of miscellaneous pots and pans in order to cook a great meal; you just need the basics. That is what this set provides.

Included for each of the pieces of cookware are tempered glass lids, giving you vision into the pans while you cook. Each piece of this set has a nice weight to it, a quality that is rare to find in a set that is so affordable. The handles are all stainless steel, so they are ready to go in the oven if need be.

#2. Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

Inspired by professional, restaurant quality cookware, this set is both pragmatic and elegant. The Pro Stainless Steel Series by Multiclad features a triple-ply layer around each of their pots and pans.

Triple-ply construction means each pan is constructed with three layers: a stainless steel interior, a stretched aluminium core that distributes heat and a stainless outer layer. This brings the heat up the sides of their pots, allowing heat to spread faster and more evenly.

The rims on the Pro Series taper off at the end to avoid spillage. Steel covers create a perfect seal, which contains heat and flavor while you cook. Angled metal grips give you the best of both types of grips: it doesn’t heat up with the rest of the pan, so you can grab it, and because it is metal it is oven-safe.

#3. Cuisinart 77-11G Chef's Classic Stainless 11-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart 77-11G Chefs Classic Stainless 11-Piece Cookware Set

Following in the steps of the Multiclad Pro Series, this set provides you with enough cookware to fulfill any cooking needs you may have. Unlike the Multiclad, this set comes with break-proof glass lids instead of steel.

The steel exterior on this set is exquisite and reflective, but make sure to hand wash them after use in order to keep them looking new for years to come. The stainless steel conducts heat so well that you may not need to heat it above a medium temperature setting in order to reach boiling temperature, so be careful when first using this set if you are used to cast iron or nonstick pans.

For your money you get two skillets, two saucepans, a saute, a stockpot, and a steamer. On top of this, Cuisinart offers a lifetime warranty in case of any damages.

#4. Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set 10-Piece

Calphalon’s 10-Piece Stainless set is yet another set in their long line of quality cookware. It comes with an 8” and 10” frying pan. The pots are more narrow than the other sets featured on this list, making this the perfect set if you have a small kitchen or limited storage space. All the pieces are dishwasher safe.

The pots and pans in this set all come with tempered glass lids, which are safe to use up to 500 degrees. They also each contain metal spouts on the edge, allowing you to pour water out with ease. Because the stainless steel heats up so quickly, the manufacturer recommends you heat up your pan to medium and then add some butter to see if it burns. If it does, the heat is too high.

When it comes to brands you can trust, Calphalon is absolutely one of them. You know you will get well-crafted stainless steel that will last you a lifetime when you choose Calphalon.

#5. Heim Concept 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Glass Lid

Heim Concept 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Glass Lid

Being one of the most inexpensive sets on this list, Heim’s 12-Piece set is one of the best values you’ll find. Six durable pots and pan come in this set, each with a transparent glass cover. Its triple-layer heat distributing metal bottom makes it accessible for use on gas or electric stoves.

This set features drip-free tapered rims, which will make it easier for you when it comes time to strain or drain. Solid craftsmanship and a pristine silver finish make this cookware set the a perfect entry-level set for anyone looking to begin their cookware collection.

What makes this set so great is its simplicity. You get exactly what you need to start cooking recipes with this set. I can see this set as the perfect cookware collection if you are someone who is on the fence about getting a stainless steel set and you don’t want to spend too much money.

Other Stainless Steel Cookware Sets to Consider

#6. Chef's Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel 17 Piece Pot & Pan Set

Chefs Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel 17 Piece Pot Pan Set

Sleek and made with 18/10 stainless steel, this is restaurant quality craftsmanship. This Chef’s Star 17 piece set is an entire kitchen’s worth of pots and pans in one set. If you want to really bring your cooking to the next level, this is the set for you.

#7. Cuisinart 77-7 Chef's Classic Stainless 7-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart 77-7 Chefs Classic Stainless 7-Piece Cookware Set

With this set, you’ll get two saucepans, a stockpot, and a skillet. This is another good entry level set if you want to get started making delicious recipes, but you don’t want to break the bank.

#8. Cook N Home 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Cook N Home 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Another quality set from Cook N Home, you can expect mirror stainless steel and durability. This set features heat resistant grips, to spare you from burning your hand accidently in the middle of cooking a meal. However, this means pieces from this set cannot be put in the oven.

#9. Cuisinart 77-10 Chef's Classic Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart 77-10 Chefs Classic Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set

If you haven’t yet realized, Cuisinart is one of the best brands of cookware you can find. This 10-piece set features all the qualities that you would find in any of their sets: steel grips, aluminum base for heat distribution, even weight distribution, and drip-free pouring.

#10. T-fal ​C811SA Elegance Stainless Steel Cookware Set

T-fal C811SA Elegance Stainless Steel Cookware Set

​This set includes an 8-inch saute pan, 10-1/4-inch saute pan, 1-quart covered saucepan, 2-quart covered saucepan, 5-quart covered Dutch oven, spoon, and slotted turner - everything you need in a cookware set. It also features glass lids, cool touch handles and is able to be used with induction cook tops.

Stainless Steel Cookware Set Buying Guide

Stretched/Aluminum Base: Cheap brands of stainless steel cookware will have a single layer of metal at the base of the pan. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, good pots and pans will have a tri-layer of aluminum that stretches up the sides of the pan, allowing for easier conduction of heat. Without this, you may get a pan with random “hot spots” that are hotter than the rest of the pan.

Pay Attention to Details: You need to know what it is you plan to cook, and what it is you expect to get out of your stainless steel set. Read up before you buy, and see exactly what pots and pans come with a set. Too many or too few pieces can cause frustration. Also, when you read reviews, try and see what people say about the quality of the handles and lids. Those small details can tell you a lot about the overall quality of a set. The best choice isn’t determined by how many pieces come in a set, it's about how any given set can help you accomplish the cooking goals that you have.

How to Cook: Stainless steel is not nonstick, which is what many people are used to cooking with. This, combined with the fact that the best stainless pots will heat up at a much faster rate than cast iron or nonstick pans, means that you should be careful when you are first getting used to cooking with stainless steel. Remember to clean your pots and pans regularly. This will keep food from sticking to the surface, in addition to keeping them looking brand new.

Check out this video on how to cook using a stainless steel pan.

In Conclusion

I hope this overview, along with the top stainless steel cookware reviews, helped you gain insight into the intricacies of what makes stainless steel so special. These 10 different sets represent some of the best cookware sets available right now. There is a reason that so many professional chefs choose to use stainless steel in their restaurants: it's the quality. The best stainless steel cookware set can not only help you cook magnificent meals, they are beautiful to look at, and can add a lot to a home kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

You should shop with a careful eye, being mindful of all the details I’ve pointed out to you. There are many resources both on buying stainless steel sets and on general information about stainless steel. Be an educated consumer. I wish you good luck, and many delicious meals.

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25 Top Healthy Food Blogs (Must Follow For Epic Health)

Best-2Healthy eating is a huge trend right now.  Even though it’s easy to eat fast food and unhealthy snacks, more and more people want to cook healthy, nutritious food for themselves and their families.  It’s not easy to know what is good for you, so many people like to follow bloggers who show you how to eat and cook healthy meals and keep your body healthy.  Here are some of the best new bloggers

Health Food Blogs to Follow

The Model Foodie

BaileeBailee’s site focuses on her definition of eating clean, which means focusing on organic whole foods and making sure your diet includes lots of greens and proteins.  She also tries to find a balance between taste and health, because you should always enjoy the food you eat.


Madeleine Shaw

lucyAs someone who previously struggled with her relationship to food, Madeleine’s goal is to show you how to eat foods that are simple, delicious, and leave you feeling good and full of energy.


Whole Heartedly Healthy

LauraLaura’s motto is “Love you food, love your body, love your life.”  This blog gives you ways to accomplish this goal, from creative and healthy recipes to advice on how to live a happy and healthy life.


Picky Eater Blog

AnjaliAnjali’s blog is inspired by her efforts to get her husband to eat healthy food, and her focus is on taking familiar recipes and finding a way to adapt them and make them healthier.   



Lunch Box Bunch

KathyKathy is a cookbook author whose blog is devoted to healthy vegan recipes–that means all of her dishes are free of not only meat, but all other animal products.  Her blog contains recipes and general information about veganism.


Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy & JessWendy and Jess are friends and dieticians who want to help you find way to incorporate fresh, easy, delicious and healthy food into your diet.  Their website features recipes, podcasts, and other resources about sustaining a healthy diet.


The Almond Eater

ErinErin’s blog features all sorts of recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, because she knows you’re busy and don’t have tons of time to spend in the kitchen.  Her recipes are simple and feature lots of fresh ingredients.


My Darling Lemon Thyme

EmmaEmma is a food blogger from New Zealand, and her recipes focus on gluten-free and vegetarian options.  Her site also has information on organic gardening, which is a great way to incorporate fresh produce into your diet.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

LexiLexi’s recipes are mostly gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo and free of refined sugar.  A lot of her food is also vegetarian or vegan.  Her blog focuses on ways to make lifestyle changes so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself.


Jerry’s Kitchen

JerryThis blog features a food truck in Philadelphia that offers a rotating seasonal menu of food that features all sorts of recipes, from vegan meals to meat-filled options.


The Cute and Dainty

TheresaTheresa’s blog focuses on lifestyle and beauty, and the food blogs she posts focus on helping you find foods that will enhance your appearance by making your skin radiant and your hair shiny and strong.



Kalyn’s Kitchen

KalynKalyn’s blog focuses on low-carb recipes that are perfect for sustaining weight loss and managing other health issues, like your blood sugar levels.


Fit Bottomed Girls

JenniphersThis blog is led by a group of women who want to help you find balance in your life through healthy eating and fitness.  In addition to their healthy recipes, they also feature sections on exercise.


Clean Food Dirty Girl

MollyMolly’s blog is dedicated to finding ways for people to incorporate whole, plant-based diets into their lives so they can prevent diseases in the first place.


Something New for Dinner

Kim & LaurenThe focus of this blog is on finding ways to use healthy dinners to bring families together.  It features recipes of all varieties, so you can focus on the specific needs of your family when searching for recipe ideas.


Sprouted Kitchen

SaraSara’s blog focuses on ways you can incorporate natural ingredients like healthy fats and lots of fresh produce into your diet in order to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Olives for Dinner

Erin OlivesForDinnerOlives for Dinner is a health food blog that focuses on showing you recipes that are created with ethical vegan eaters in mind.  


Cookie and Kate

KateKate’s blog is centered on showing you ways to eat healthy, vegetarian meals on a daily basis.  Her recipes feature many different types of food, from Italian to Mexican.


Carrots n Cake

TinaTina’s blog strives for moderation.  Most of her recipes are healthy and nutrient dense, but she also loves a good slice of cake.  Combined with her tips on exercise and fitness, her blog will help you stay happy and healthy.


Purely Twins

Michelle & LoriErin and Lori’s blog offers you twice the advice you find in other places, since both twins are lifestyle and fitness coaches.  They provide healthy recipes, advice on beauty and self-love, as well as exercise tips.


Katie Hussong

KatieKatie’s blog features holistic health, meaning she will show you ways to be healthy in all areas of your life.  Not only does her blog include healthy eating advice, but it also includes information on other subjects, such as mindfullness, as well.

Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen

RachelRachel’s goal is to cut through all of the confusion surrounding healthy food to help you connect with your food, enjoy eating it, and love the way it makes you fell.


Nutty for Nutrition

ChantalChantal focuses her blog on how transitioning from convenient but unhealthy foods to nutritious foods can make your life happier, healthier and more satisfying.


Deliciously Ella

EllaElla’s blog began as a way for her to use healthy eating to manage her own health problems, and now she wants to share that information with you, so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself too.


Green Kitchen Stories

LuiseDavid and Luise’s blog focuses on how they keep their family healthy through fresh, nutritious, and mostly vegetarian food.  They also have a cookbook that you can use to find more healthy ideas.

In today’s world, there are a lot of different messages about what food is healthy, what food isn’t, and what you should be eating if you want to be healthy.  Everyone’s body is different, and there are many types of diets and lifestyles that you can choose from.  These blogs give you many different options, but all of them will help lead you to a happier and healthier life.

The Best Cheese and Vegetable Graters

Finding a good kitchen grater can be a huge challenge. best cheese graterMany graters will leave your cheese or vegetables too large or too small. Everyone who has worked in a kitchen has wrestled with a grater to get just a spoonful of shredded cheese or tiny slices of vegetables. Graters can be unwieldy, uncomfortable and sometimes even unusable. That’s why we put together this list.

We wanted to find the best grater and help you out in the kitchen. The best cheese grater is not always the best vegetable slicer, which is why we’ve given you five different options to choose from. Regardless of if you want a cheese shredder, a ginger grater, or a multi-use grater, you’ll find the one you want here.

The Best Cheese Grater is The Asian Slice Grater. It is a traditional style box grater with a super strong handle and sharp blades.  It is All Stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about any plastic parts.

Best Cheese Grater Comparison Table

Box Grater Zester by The Asian SliceThe Asian Slice Box GraterBox GraterAll Stainless Steel$$4.5
Cheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer by UtopiaUtopia Kitchen GraterBox GraterStainless Steel and Plastic$$4.5
Internet's Best GraterInternet's Best GraterHand HeldAll Stainless Steel$5
Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable GraterOliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater Box GraterStainless Steel and Plastic$$$$5
Microplane Fine GraterMicroplane Fine GraterHand HeldAll Stainless Steel$4.5

Asian Slice Box GraterBox Grater Zester by The Asian Slice

After using the Asian Slice Box Grater, you will never again believe that all cheese graters are the same. This is easily the best cheese grater on our list. Nothing can beat this kitchen utensil when it comes to convenience and efficiency. Our best box grater comes with a strong and sturdy handle that will allow you to powerfully grate your cheese.

Customers have loved how they’re able to grate their cheese in one swift motion, without having to fight or pull down on the grater. It is sharp enough to cut through any size of cheese as well as lemons, nutmegs, carrots, potatoes and other food materials. People who used these grater were surprised at how strong it was and how long they were able to use it before it started to wear down, dull, and break.

Box Grater Zester by The Asian SliceUtopia Kitchen GraterCheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer by Utopia

Another powerful grater on our list is the Utopia Kitchen Grater. This multi-use grater is six-sided and features several different shredding abilities. Whether you want to have something finely or loosely shredded, you can do that with this grater. It also comes with a rubber handle. This extra feature makes it easier to grip and to shred your cheese or vegetables.

Many of the purchasers of this grater loved the price. It is being sold for $9.99 on Amazon. Purchasers felt that this grater worked best on larger vegetables and food. Another bonus was how easy to it was to keep maintained and clean.

Cheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer by UtopiaInternet’s Best GraterInternet's Best Grater

If you are looking for a smaller grater, the Internet’s Best Grater could be a great choice. It’s a simple hand-held grater that can work well with cheese and smaller vegetables. Although it can only grate in one size, it will work well for certain foods. Some of the reviews showed that it worked best with softer foods. Those who tried it with hard vegetables, such as potatoes, were disappointed in its performance.

The rubber handle makes it easy to powerfully grate your food. As a dishwasher safe grater, it’s easy to keep clean. The stainless steel stays durable and prevents rust and dulling. It also adds to the sleek design of the Internet’s Best Grater. The small size of this grater makes it easy to store in the kitchen and doesn’t take up too much space.Internet's Best Grater

Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable GraterOliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater

One of the top four sided graters on this list is the Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater.  This top-notch grater is multi-use and can grate, zest, and shred. One feature that many other graters don’t have is that it comes with a plastic storage bowl and lid.

Many customers have enjoyed that this bowl fits the grater perfectly. It is also touted as a comfortable grater to use. The unique shape of the handle makes it easy to hold and to grate for long periods of time. Because of the stainless steel material, purchasers find that it lasts quite a while without rusting or dulling.

Oliver & Kline 4-Sided Cheese and Vegetable Grater Microplane Fine GraterMicroplane Fine Grater

The Microplane Fine Grater has won well-deserved reviews for its ability to grate fine cheese and spices. It is considered to be the best microplane grater for very good reasons.  If have hard spices that you want to break down, this grater is perfect for that. Despite the small size of the grater, it will rarely clog up as you’re using it.

By having a front hook, it allows you to shred directly over a bowl. It is a small enough size that it will fit conveniently in your kitchen easily. Another extra benefit that it comes with is a plastic blade cover. The cover keeps the blade clean and sharp. However, customers have mentioned that some of the product stickers don’t come off of the grater.Microplane Fine Grater


We hope that you’ve found the best cheese grater possible through this list. By looking at different types of graters, you can find the one best suited to you. Everyone has a different cooking style and it is vital to have a grater reflect your style.

Any of the graters on this list will make your cooking easier. Your hands and your dinner guests will thank you after you purchase one of these top rated graters. We prefer the Asian Slice Box Grater because of how versatile and powerful it is.

Top 25 Blogs for Air Fryer Fanatics

Top 25 Blogs for AirfryersThe air fryer hype is getting bigger as more and more people get into healthy lifestyles. Air frying can substitute traditional deep-frying methods and uses a lot less oil, making it a healthy alternative without compromising on taste. Here are the top 25 blog pages dedicated to air fryer fanatics that you should visit.

Passionate About Baking

DeebaThis blog focuses on baking but the owner of the blog, Deeba, experiments with the air fryer for toppings on bread and it turned out wonderful. This blog goes to show that air frying isn’t just about French fries and potato chips, but can also be used for a zesty addition to any meal.



Hot Air Frying

RandalThis blog is solely dedicated to the wonders of air frying. If you are someone who just hopped in on the healthy train and want to recreate a lot of deep fried food using the air fryer, Randal teaches you how, calorie count included!



Recipe This

DominicThe Milners create mouthwatering recipes for air fryer cooking that makes baking sound like a chore. From tarts to doughnuts, breads to eclairs, they have it! This blog is the ultimate sweet-tooth haven for people who want to start air-frying desserts.



Jillian Harris

JillianThis website contains air fryer love and a fish taco recipe that is superb. If Mexican food appeals to your palate, then this website should steer you in the right direction when using your air fryer to create Mexican dishes.



Scene Stealer

LissaLissa is maintaining a balance between enjoying her food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is a gym buff and loves keeping herself fit, but she also loves eating delicious food and doesn’t want to compromise the taste, so she uses an air fryer. For the fitness buffs out there, here’s some inspiration to get you cooking more dishes using the air fryer.



Budget Pantry

ChrisThis blog has some seriously good recipes using an air fryer, and it estimates the total cost, too. Budgeting for food will be easier when basing the weekly menu on this site. Chris runs the blog, and her air fry cooking abilities range from breakfast food to pastry puffs.



Love is All We Need

LizLiz features a lot of simple recipes in her blog using an air fryer. She also outlined the pros and cons of using an air fryer, but it leans so much on the pro side so if you’re trying to get someone you love to start converting to air frying, recommend this page to them and see them make the switch in no time!



Spoon Stix

MishaSpoon Stix is a charming website by Misha who uses an air fryer to cook some delicious meals. If you’re looking for a different take on some familiar meals, head over to her page where the recipes are all outlined neatly.



The Dallas Socials

BetsyBetsy has fallen in love with her air fryer and is now sharing over a hundred recipes in this blog. You got that right, a hundred! That’s enough to fill in a month’s menu using just an air fryer! Her recipes are categorized into entrees, side dishes, appetizers, and desserts, making this site the go-to for any air-fryer meal.



Cuisine Paradise

EllenQuick meals have never been easier using the air fryer. Recipes are outlined in Cuisine Paradise, run by Ellena Guan, whose blog features a lot of cooking tips, tricks, and a few product reviews. One of these is the air fryer, and it shows you how to set it up and use it.



Absolutely Ade

AdelineNot a fan of frying but a big fan of meat? Adeline shows you how to air fry ribs in this blog, with the entire recipe inside. Ribs in an air fryer, life can’t get much better than that. She also talks about how having an air fryer changes the frying game.



Saffron Trail

NanditaNandita shares a lot of recipes and snacks that can be prepared in an air fryer. She is a doctor specializing in nutrition, and answers a lot of questions related to air frying and nutritional values of food cooked in it. Reading her blog is a great way to get informed about what happens to air fried food compared to other frying methods.




SanSandra shares a few recipes on her blog that she usually cooks using the air fryer. It describes how her meals are prepared and how the air fryer locks in the flavor while maintaining crispiness outside. The best part is, her recipes are child-friendly, so air-frying moms should definitely pin this blog.



Steamy Kitchen

JadenJaden, the owner of the Steamy Kitchen blog, is a tv chef, cookbook author and recipe developer who tried her hand in air frying. Her blog features a video and a review on the air fryer, and how easy it is to use.



Rachna Cooks

RachnaIn her blog, Rachna uses the air fryer and gives some tips on how to adjust the cooking and what to expect with different types of dishes. It provides good information on what and what not to cook using an air fryer as well.



The Hedgehog Knows

JanetThis blog provides a detailed description on how to make several dishes using the air fryer, and provides the recipes as well. The recipes aren’t just limited to dishes, but also cakes and buns. This is a great blog to pin when wanting good instructional recipes for air frying.



MelissaCakes-lovers are welcome to read the blog as Melicacy gives out a recipe for a sticky prune cake using the air fryer, substituting it for the convection oven that was required for the original recipe.



blogaddaBlogadda is the perfect website to visit for vegetarians who want to try their hand at air frying. The site features several traditional Indian vegetarian dishes that are air-fried to perfection.



A Perfect Pantry

APerfectPantryRecipes for several healthy treats are available at Kylie’s post about the air fryer. The blog encourages people to eat healthier and opt for homemade dishes and snacks rather than unhealthy alternatives.



A Happy Mum

SummerSummer is the happy mum who uses the air fryer (and lets her kid use it, too!) to make different kinds of snacks and meals. It emphasizes on the ease of use of the fryer, as well as the fast cooking time. It’s a great read for moms who want their kids involved in the kitchen under supervision.



Kelly Siew Cooks

KellyBreakfast, dinner, snacks, Kelly Siew does it all in an air fryer. She answers several FAQs on air fryers, and this blog is also a good read for those who aren’t exactly sure how to use an air fryer.




KitchTipThe Kitchtip blog gives a lot of advice on the air fryer, and will be a good resource when wanting to learn how to maintain an air fryer. It gives the pros and cons of different air fryers, and will be great when trying to research on what air fryer will suit you the most.



Williams-Sonoma Taste

WilliamsThe blog features a lot of air-fried recipes of the old favorites: chicken wings, potato wedges, bacon croquettes, you name it. Air frying using these recipes really gives these originally oily dishes a refreshing twist!



The Musings of Mother Kao

ElizabethThis interesting blog post shows how the air fryer can be a very handy tool in the kitchen, especially when guests are coming over. Elizabeth shares some tips on how the air fryer can lessen your prep time, save space, and cook tasty treats without all the messes that come with regular cooking.



Alice Walker’s Blog

AliceInformation about the benefits of purchasing an air fryer can be found in this blog page. Alice understands the need to experience fried foods yet cut back on all the oil, spills, cleanup and cholesterol that frying food in oil brings. It’s a great read to open your eyes to the wonders of air frying!



Whether you’ve already tried and loved air fryers or are just looking to buy one, these 25 top air fryer blogs will make the difference in your kitchen through introducing you to new and fun ways to make your meals healthier and faster!

The Most Inspiring 25 Cooking Bloggers of 2016

25 Most Inspiring Food BloggersWhether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, you have to admit that one of the best ways to hunt for kitchen inspiration is through a quick online search. But with all the different food sites popping up, sifting through search results for great tips and recipes can prove to be a real challenge.  Sure, you could turn towards bigger names but nothing beats a warm, personal touch to a recipe for some extra flavor to your reading.

To cut you some search time, I’ve compiled a list of amazing websites based on their quality content, beautiful photos, and recipe ideas that will motivate you to don your apron and get cooking! Here’s my list of the best food blogs online.

Cookie + Kate

Cookie and KateSince 2010, Kate, a self-taught photographer and cook, has been blogging about healthy whole food meals alongside her adorable canine companion, Cookie. With a dedication to real, sustainable, and flexible recipes, Kate writes about how you can have fun in the kitchen with delicious and innovative vegetarian recipes.



Golubka Kitchen

Goluba KitchenAnya Kassoff shares her love of cooking through flavorful, nourishing, vegetarian recipes. Each post is accompanied by colorful visuals—all of which were photographed by her eldest daughter, Masha Davydova. Her blog and recipes are also available in French at her site.



Rasa Malaysia

Rasa MalaysiaBee Yinn Low is one of the most popular food bloggers online—and rightfully so! She holds one of the largest collections of Asian recipes online, and her detailed instructions are sure to give you that boost of confidence to conquer any daunting Asian cooking technique.  



Dinner Was Delicious

Dinner was DeliciousContrary to this site’s description, this isn’t just “another f***ing food blog”. Since 2011, Rachel and Lucy, the pen and photographer respectively, have been running their sassy food blog with a young, energetic voice to complement their exciting meals. Dinner Was Delicious is the perfect read if you’re looking for a fun time in the kitchen.



Eat the Love

Eat the LoveSelf-taught baker and graphic designer, Irvin Lin narrates his love for the magic of baking through his writing. With an extensive collection of sweet recipes, his passion truly shines through. This makes his blog an excellent read if you’re looking to gift your loved ones with warm, home-baked goods.



Chef in Disguise

Chef in DiguiseWhile balancing her day job as an orthodontist, Sawsan treats us to a taste of her heritage through her authentic Middle Eastern, Levantine and Arabic recipes. She also provides informative descriptions on Middle Eastern and Arabic spices, to help you build your own flavorful spice collection.  



Family Spice

Family SpiceStay-at-home-mom and award winning cookbook author, Laura Bashar has been running her food blog for the past five years. What started out as a search for exciting recipes to feed her family, grew into a form of creative expression which she showcases through her collection of mouth-watering recipes.



Miss Foodwise

Miss Food WiseTravel back in time with Regula Ysewijn, a Belgian graphic designer obsessed with British culture. She brings wholesome, Old English recipes to our kitchens and tables, enriched by a short history lesson that evokes a sense of discovery and wonder.



The Hungry Australian

The Hungry AustralianIn search of a way to improve her writing, Christina Soong started her blog in 2011. To her surprise, it has allowed her to create an award winning food blog with deeply personal stories, stunning visuals, and an extensive list of well-crafted recipes.



Bright Bird

The Bright BirdSonia Raga is a multi-talented Spanish woman that is a practicing architect, makeup artist and healthy living enthusiast. Through her writing, she narrates her journey to learning as much as she can on the relationship between food and health by educating her readers with simple and easy vegan recipes.



Ladles and Jellyspoons

Ladles and JellyspoonsAs a self-proclaimed “Chef Wrangler”, Lucy Lean keeps herself in the good company of many chefs who have inspired her to keep learning about food. Her blog’s focus is to translate the seemingly complex dishes by these chefs into a language that any cook can easily do at home.



Dolly and Oatmeal

Dolly and OatmealDespite her food sensitivities, Lindsey Love uses her limitations to her advantage by experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her playful writing is an intriguing contrast to her dramatic visuals.  Although she’s not vegan, her recipes are mostly plant based, gluten-free, and dairy-free.



Cooker and a Looker

Cooker and A LookerNamed after a joke on her wedding day, Amanda Smyth’s food blog is “dedicated to home cooking and the joy that sharing good food brings.” Amanda brings life to her fresh, easy, and family friendly recipes with her personal anecdotes and charming sense of humor.




The First Mess

The First MessAn advocate of veganism and sustainable eating, Laura Wright charms her readers through her passionate writing, helpful tips, beautiful photos, and creative recipes. She works with natural and plant-based foods, and loves sharing wholesome meals with her loved ones and community.



The Broken Bread

The Broken BreadInspired by the seasons, Kristan Raines—a baker, writer and photographer, explores creative executions to fresh, quality ingredients to bring out the best of their flavor. Her recipes are categorized by the season, captivatingly photographed, and emulate a nostalgic yet comforting tone.



Marla Meredith

Marla MeridithMarla Meredith is an adventurous mother of two on a constant quest for a healthy and delicious life. Her wholesome recipes are easy, healthy and family friendly—with the occasional indulgences on the side. She also writes about her travels, fashion and beauty tips, and her two adorable dogs.



Adventures in Cooking

Adventures in CookingBlogger and photographer, Eva Kosmas Flores shares her stories from her garden and kitchen, then complements them alongside stunningly dramatic photography. With a strong passion for home-grown food, her blog features delicious farm-to-table recipes, gardening tips, and her dreams of rustic living.  



The Roaming Kitchen

The Roaming KitchenFounded in 2011, The Roaming Kitchen is the brainchild of Christina Sciarra—a food blog of seasonal recipes, stories and vibrant photography inspired by her love of farmers’ markets and honest food. She believes that regardless of your background, “a little culinary knowledge and fresh ingredients make good meals possible”.  



Steele House Kitchen

Steele House KitchenProfessional recipe developer, food writer and photographer, Meredith Steele started her blog after the birth of her first daughter in 2008. Originally known as, Steele House Kitchen has grown into a vibrant collection of recipes and stories in celebration of “creative fresh foods that bring family and friends together”.



Behind the Food Carts

Behind the Food CartsUnlike other entries to this list, KIM+PHIL’s blog is all about hunting for the best, innovative food trucks around, and recipe guides on how to cook what these trucks serve. The duo charms their audience through engaging stories, well-conducted interviews, and captivating photos.



Two Peas & Their Pod

Two Peas and their PodFor the past seven years, the husband and wife duo, Maria and Josh have been inviting readers into their home through their simple, fresh, and family friendly recipes. Along with an impressive count of around 200 cookie recipes, their blog features all kinds of dishes that are perfect for any meal and occasion.



Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered KatieHealthier living doesn’t mean you have to banish your sweet tooth. Chocolate Covered Katie’s writer has chocolate every day! In search for healthier alternatives to balance her meals, Katie writes easy and delicious dessert recipes that can accommodate any kind of dietary restriction.



A Spicy Perspective

A Spicy Perspective‘Spicy’ is the perfect way to capture Sommer Collier’s character. Her posts are written with witty humor and playful anecdotes of her kids and family life.  A professional food writer, photographer, stylist and recipe developer, Sommer creates easy American comfort food recipes with a gourmet edge.



Two Red Bowls

Two Red BowlsOriginally looking for an avenue to showcase photos of what she cooks, Cynthia has managed to turn Two Red Bowls into a collection of striking photographs and innovative recipes. Living in Brooklyn, she combines Asian and American culinary styles to create dishes that are perfect for the city life.



Belleau Kitchen

Belleau KitchenBelleau, Lincolnshire based Dominic Franks is a cook and food writer who shares his rustic, seasonal recipes featuring the best of his local produce.  He draws inspiration from his mother and Delia Smith’s cooking to recreate classic recipes with a touch of his personal charm.



In Conclusion

Of course, there will always be more blogs out there to bring out the best of your cooking, but I feel that these 25 food bloggers are sure to inspire your hidden culinary genius. Happy reading!

10 Top Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Cookware

Cookware is a major investment in any kitchen and getting it wrong can cause countless ongoing problems.  This infographic will help you to correctly choose and use the right cookware for best results.

10 Top Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Cookware

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1. Don’t Over React

Aluminium, copper, steel (not stainless) and iron react with food. This results in metals being released during cooking – not ideal over time. Non reactive materials include stainless steel, enamel and ceramics.

2. Control Temperature

Cooking is all about conducting heat and some materials are much better (copper, aluminium) than others (stainless steel, cast iron). Good heat conductors cook more evenly and react faster to temperature changes.

3. Balance Reactivity with Conductivity

Combining materials can bring together the best properties of different materials. For example, stainless steel pots (non-reactive) with a copper core (improved heat conduction).

4. Beware! Non Stick Can Be Toxic

Non stick cookware can contain substances that when heated release toxic particles and gases. These have been linked to many health problems.

5. DIY Non-Stick Cookware

Cast iron and some stainless steel pans can be made non-stick through a simple process of seasoning. This involves coating the pan with oil and heating it to form a non-stick surface that lasts for years.

6. Keep It Clean…Naturally

Get stains off, even baked on ones, using natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, lemons, salt and boiling water. A combination of these will work every time.

7. Quality Not Quantity

Buy a smaller number of good quality pans rather than a cheaper ‘set of 20’ that won’t get used or last.

8. Smart Storage

Save space and keep pots and pans in top condition longer. Search online for DIY organizing ideas or invest in some simple racks and shelves.

9. Care and Maintenance

Different cookware requires different care and maintenance. Understand how to clean and maintain it for optimal results.

10. Use it Or Lose It

The more you cook, the better you will get to know how your cookware performs and if it’s right for you. If it isn’t, donate, swap or give it away and replace with something better.



The Best 25 Bloggers for Inspired Gluten Free Living

Best 25 Gluten Free BloggersLiving gluten free doesn’t mean a life of deprivation.  In fact, it can be quite the opposite.  Today there are so many great products, resources and communities available to help anyone who follows a gluten free diet.  To get you started, below is a list of top gluten free bloggers for food and living inspiration.

Elana’s Pantry

ElenaFocusing on simple, healthy recipes and lifestyle advice, Elana is living inspiration on how important food and diet choices are for improving health.  She gave up grains in 2001 and has since developed a huge range of mouthwatering recipes on her blog plus 3 cookbooks.  Not only does Elana cover gluten free, but also many other special diets including paleo, dairy free, vegan and low carb.

Dolly and Oatmeal


Lindsey’s blog is worth visiting for the gorgeous photos alone.  You will soon be drooling over the assortment of recipes and inspired to head into the kitchen and get cooking.  Catering to her own dietary requirements, Lindsey’s recipes are all gluten and dairy free.


With Food and Love

SherrieSharing vegetarian, seasonally inspired and all gluten free recipes, Sherrie focuses on using everyday pantry items to create new flavours and ideas.  A blog that seriously delivers inspiration from breakfast through to cocktail time.


Angela’s Kitchen

AngelaNot only will you find a comprehensive list of gluten free recipes on Angela’s blog, but it is also a great resource for gluten free menu plans.  As a Master Preserver, Angela shares canning, preserving and fermenting advice to help stock the pantry.   You will also find slow cooker and freezer recipes plus loads of other gluten free resources.


Gluten Free Mom

JamieA great collection of family friendly recipes plus a useful roundup of gluten free resources and products.  There is even advice on how to tackle eating gluten free when out and about.  If you are starting a gluten free journey, this is a great place to start.


Canelle et Vanille

AranThis is gluten free in real style.  The blog is understated but beautiful, as are all the recipes.  Aran offers up a wonderful mix of gluten free recipes that you can select by season, course or ingredient.



Gluten Free School

JenniferThe place to go to learn all about living gluten free.  Jennifer shares all you need to know about shopping, cooking and eating gluten free.  She also has a podcast sharing useable information to simplify your gluten free life.


I’m A Celiac

PamMom to 3 kids and a Pastor’s wife, Pam’s family live life gluten free.  Here you will find recipes, meal menus and product ideas that are family approved.


Snixy Kitchen

SarahAll recipes from May 2013 are gluten free on Sarah’s blog – this was when she cut out gluten for good.  Focusing on homemade recipes cooked from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients, this blog is a visual delight.


Gluten Free On A Shoestring

NicoleIf it can be made with gluten, there is a way to make it without.  Nicole gives recipes, resources and tips on how to make gluten free not only enjoyable, but affordable.  Includes a great article on all you need to know on Gluten Free Flour Blends.


Gluten Free Girl

Shauna and DanielFeaturing simple, good food that even the kids will love is what you will find here.  Shauna and Daniel serve up an extensive index of recipes covering all types of meals and occasions.  They have also reinvented American classics to gluten free versions in their latest cookbook.


Poor and Gluten Free

DanielleLiving gluten free and on a budget is what Danielle shares on her blog.  Not only does she cook gluten free, but she writes romance novels and ‘sometimes’ drives a moving stunt van.  And if you want to know more about gluten free beer, this is the place to go.


Best Life Gluten Free

AnnetteGluten free food with lots of flavour but little stress is dished up here.  There are both ‘from scratch’ and ‘semi homemade’ recipes to cater for those times when to get the job done, we need to use some ready made products.  This is a practical blog that also includes lots of cooking hints.


What The Fork Food Blog

SharonAiming to make gluten free baking and cooking as easy as possible, Sharon shares loads of great family friendly recipes.  From healthy to indulgent and sweet to savory, you will find all you need to get inspired.  Make sure to check out her How To Tutorials for time and money saving tips.


Allergy Awesomeness

MeganSharing recipes that make life a little more awesome, Megan’s blog caters to a range of limited diets and food allergies, including gluten free.  A great resource if you are catering for any friends or family with allergies and still want to dish up tasty food.


A Clean Bake

NoraWhile gluten free, sugar free, paleo friendly treats are the focus of this blog, there are plenty of other tasty choices as well.  The recipes are well categorised making it easy to choose by ingredient, meal or by diet.  Of course, the baked treats are worth the visit alone.


Gluten Free Frenzy

ChandiceAnd a frenzy it is!  Chandice features recipes to make sure that being gluten free doesn’t mean missing out on any of your favourite foods.  Loads of yummy and popular foods plus plenty of giveaways.



Sarah Bakes Gluten Free

SarahSimple, delicious gluten, dairy and egg free recipes are the cornerstone of Sarah’s blog.  If you love to bake, this is definitely the blog to visit.  You will be truly inspired to bake all sorts of mouthwatering treats.


The Healthy Apple

AmieWant to detox and get on with your life?  Amie covers all types of reasons why your food could be making you sick.  The blog features plenty of recipes along with resources and guides to improve wellness.


The Savvy Celiac

AmyAll about empowering smart people to become savvy celiacs, Amy uses her journalistic skills to report on all things gluten free.  Bringing a practical, objective perspective along with helpful advice, this blog is a great resource to stay current on all things gluten free.


Gluten Free Fitness

Gluten Free Fitness 150pxCombining diet with exercise is natural and this blog brings the two together.  Featuring gluten free recipes along with fitness and health advice, it adds an important dimension to the celiac journey.



Gluten Free Globetrotter

ErinTravelling can be present problems for celiacs, but Erin is here to help.  Her blog is the ultimate gluten-free travel resource and can help you prepare to navigate the globe safely.



The Gluten Dude

Gluten DudeNot just a blog, this website is a community and a great resource filled with articles, how to guides, coupons and more.  A site that is aimed to making living gluten free easier, even if in the face of fear and loathing.  Plus, it’s by a dude!


Flippin Delicious

BriannaWith a taste tester husband, Brianna creates delicious gluten free recipes that don’t ‘taste’ gluten free.  She believes “Yes! Gluten free can be that good”.  Visit her blog and you’ll be convinced too.


King Gluten Free

JordanFinishing with Jordan, the “King” is appropriate.  This blog focuses a lot on supporting and talking about celiac disease while tackling its ups and downs.  You will find recipes along with food reviews plus practical advice on living with celiac disease.


Regardless of where you are in your gluten free journey – newly diagnosed or a long time veteran – these blogs can offer great ideas and resources to help.  Now it’s time to get on and enjoy an inspired (not deprived) gluten free life!

Duxtop 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop 8100mc Review

The Duxtop 1800-watt portable induction cooktop countertop burner 8100mc is one of the most popular single-burner units. In fact, at the time the writing it is the top rated and most popular induction burner on Amazon. Why is it so popular?

Well, several reasons. First, as induction cooking takes off portables like the Duxtop present an attractive way to try this new technology without breaking the bank or having to do a major appliance upgrade. Second, Secura, the maker of Duxtop, has been carving out a reputation for quality home goods at affordable prices. And last, it just works great and customers love it. Word of mouth says a lot! Read on for our full Duxtop induction cooktop review.

Criteria for a Great Portable Induction Burner

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

Well, if you’re interested in a portable unit, you’re probably either interested in saving space or just want to try induction without spending the kids’ college funds. That means these units must be light and small enough to store away and must also be inexpensive.

That said, you are going to be cooking on it and it’s going to cost substantially more than a dorm-room single electric burner. So it still needs to have the power, features and solid construction to make it worthwhile. All induction units need specific cookware too, so it’s still not a minor purchase. We’re looking for that perfect blend of performance and value.

Product Overview

The Duxtop 1800-watt portable induction cooktop countertop burner 8100mc has many great features that customers love. The cooktop is one of the largest available for single-burner units, measuring 13” x 11.5” and sitting 2.5” off the countertop. This is an inch or two larger than many competitors and provides a nice, solid feeling when you set a larger pan or pot on it. The burner itself is 8” in diameter which is important. With induction your pot must make contact with the burner ring to work so you don’t want a much larger burner ring as a smaller pot won’t work. At 6.5 pounds, it’s still easy to move and store without feeling light and flimsy.

As for looks, the Duxtop is one of the more attractive portables on the market with a black body and ceramic-glass top highlighted with gold trim and solid-feeling upward-facing push buttons on the front.

Cost wise, the Duxtop currently retails on Amazon for under $60 which is right in line with many competitors. This is less than the popular NuWave and Ivation models while offering much of the same functionality; it really is a great value!

Some of the Duxtop’s key features include:

  1. 10 temperature settings from 140° F to 460° F which should cover all your cooking needs
  2. 10 power setting from 200W – 1,800W
  3. A digital timer that goes up to 170 minutes
  4. An auto-detect mode that shuts off the burner if no pan is on it for more than 60 seconds
  5. Hi and low voltage indicators and self-diagnostics


Well, there are a lot of advantages to the Duxtop. Like all induction cooktops, it heats up fast (boil water in 2 minutes!) but without giving off as much heat so the entire kitchen doesn’t warm up when cooking.

The nature of induction combined with the variable power settings also make it more energy efficient. It also cools off quickly, making it safer than conventional electric burners. This particularly important for a portable and also helps with cleanup. Add to this the reputation (customer love it), functionality and attractive look. Finally, the price is tough to beat for this level of quality.


There’s aren’t many negatives. Some customers complain about the low hum that the unit makes. But this is true of all induction cooking and it has more to do with using clad cookware than with the cooker itself.

Another general negative is the need to have ferrous cookware that will work with induction; not every type of cookware works. Again, this isn’t specific to the Duxtop but may require some extra expense if you’re going to try out induction cooking.


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

If you’re tight on space or just looking to try induction cooking without spending a fortune, then a portable cooktop might be perfect.

For around $60 you can get a feel for whether induction is for you. Among portables, the Duxtop is one of the most popular options with a great mix of features, functionality and happy customers, all for a reasonable price. I give the Duxtop two big thumbs up!

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