Best Cooling Vests - Review The Top Cool Phase Change & Ice Vest Picks For Maximum Effect

I know that when it hits summer time, the amount of exercise I do seriously decreases for one reason:

I can’t stand the heat. 

If you struggle to get outside for your usual run when the sun is out, a cooling vest could save your fitness routine.

In this cooling vest review, we’ll look at the best cooling vests not just for workouts but also for everyone from motorcyclists to construction workers. 

No matter how or why you’re working up a sweat outside, a cooling vest might just come to your rescue this summer!

The 10 Best Cooling Vest Reviewed

1. TechNiche International Cooling Sport Vest

TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest, Small, Silver

Our Verdict: Best Overall

TechNiche International Coo​​ling Sport Vest is one of the top-rated cooling vests across cooling vest reviews. 

It uses a unique patented Hyperkewl material which rapidly evaporates water to keep you feeling cool. 

All you need to do is soak the vest for 5-10 minutes and put it on over your clothes to stay cool for the next 5-10 hours. The only problem with this is that you have to wear it over your clothes for it to work as the air needs to pass over it for the water to evaporate. 

This means that you might be left with slightly damp clothes but the water will evaporate quickly.

This is the best vest for transport as it is very lightweight and looks like a normal light jacket, making it a great option for motorcyclists or anyone spending the day out on their motorcycle. 

Wrap it up in your bag to take to work or the gym, or just put it on over the top of your clothes and rinse it in cool water when things start to heat up. The little weight that it does have is evenly distributed so you won’t feel off balance during your workout or working day.

The V-neck quilted nylon and zipper add to the natural look of this cooling vest so you won’t mind having to wear it over your clothes. It has a water repellent nylon inner so you won’t feel your clothes getting wet underneath and a stylish black polyester trim. It also comes in silver or blue and a range of size options.


  • Keeps cool for 5-10 hours
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Several sizes
  • Affordable


  • Needs to be worn over clothes
  • Can leave clothes damp

2. FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest (Velcro Closure)

Our Verdict: Best Ice Vest

The best ice vest in this cooling vest review is the FlexiFreeze which features 96 pure water ice cubes. These cubes effectively bring down your core temperature but do need to be changed often as the ice will melt within an hour.

The ice sheets are removable and easy to change to fresh ones. The vest material is also machine washable so you can just remove the sheets and throw it in the wash after a sweaty run or a long day at work to keep it fresh.

The neoprene material is also lightweight and the whole vest weighs just 3.5lbs. This is great for adding a little bit of resistance to your run and upping your calorie burning capacity, but isn’t so heavy that you feel weighed down. 

You will also still have a full range of motion thanks to the flexible material so you won’t feel restricted at all when working or running.

Finally, it comes in a range of sizes to suit most body types, although the ice sheets can get in the way of making it a really tight fit so appear a bit bulky.


  • Easy to change ice sheets
  • Full range of motion
  • Range of sizes 
  • 3.5 lbs
  • Machine washable


  • Only one colour
  • Can look bulky

3. TechNiche International 
Women’s Deluxe Sport Vest

TechNiche International Women's Deluxe Sport Vest, 1X, Khaki

Our Verdict: Best for Women

The best cooling vest for women and, according to motorcycle cooling vest reviews, a great option for motorcyclists is the TechNiche International Women’s Vest.

This simple design claims to keep you cool for 10-14 hours but customers have found it to last for more like 5-10 hours which is still impressive. The fitted seams and waist are designed for women; however, some women have found the fit to be a bit bulky in spite of this. 

The looser fit might help to keep you drier however customers have also found that it can feel damp underneath the vest as the gel cooling packs start to cool down.

Yet, the quilted nylon material and Hyperkewl inner work to keep you cool for longer than most vests in this review making it a great option for a long motorbike ride or day out hiking as you don’t have to constantly reactivate it.

The high neck design is another feature which makes this vest the best for women and outdoor use as it protects you from sun damage in this sensitive area. The vest itself is very light and comes in a range of colours and sizes. 

Another downside is that customers with MS have found that this isn’t the best cooling vest if you are using it when you aren’t moving as the airflow activates the cooling technology.


  • Long lasting cooling
  • Range of colours and sizes 
  • Neck protection
  • Very light
  • Easy zipper
  • Stylish material
  • Pockets for valuables


  • Not as fitted as desired
  • Can feel damp underneath
  • Not the best for MS

4. Ergodyne Chill 6665

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest - Gray, Large

Our Verdict: Best for Construction Workers

With a regular quilted nylon design, Ergodyne Chill 6665 is the best cooling vest for construction workers as it blends easily into your outfit while keeping you cool throughout a long working day. 

Simply soak the vest for 2-5 minutes and wear it over a shirt. You will experience a bit of dampness on your shirt but this is reduced by the water repellent interior.

Re-soak the vest throughout the day to start the cooling process again. This vest is durable and will be able to handle a heavy working day whilst feeling lightweight, however some customers have found that with the added water weight it can feel a bit heavier.

The cooling effect is also not as long lasting as expected and is more likely to wear off within a few hours. If you have access to water you can soak it again, but this might get in the way of a working day. 

There are, however, ventilated mesh panels which should help to keep you feeling cool when the water has evaporated.

Easy to use, this vest has a stylish zipper, two colour choices and multiple size options ranging from Small up to XXX-Large to accommodate all body types.


  • Multiple size options
  • Durable
  • Quilted nylon stylish material
  • Water repellent interior
  • Ventilated mesh panels


  • Coolness doesn’t last as long as expected
  • Can feel heavy when water is added

5. TechKewl 6625 Phase Change
Cooling Vest

TechKewl 6626-RB-L/XL Phase Change Cooling Vest, Blue

Our Verdict: Best Phase Change Option

TechKewl provides the best phase change cooling vest thanks to the clever technology they use. 

The 100% cotton thermal lining and four removable phase change inserts can keep you cool for 2-3 hours and are easily reactivated by replacing the inserts which you can keep in the protective cooler bag.

What is so great about phase changing vests is that you won’t be feeling like you’re going from one extreme to another. Although you are effectively strapping ice to your body, the thermal lining and material works to keep you at a comfortable temperature. 

With the 4 removable inserts, you can also decide how cool you want to feel and change the amount of inserts you use.

This vest might appear a little bulky with all the inserts in but it comes in a loose-fitting design, with Velcro and a zipper, and in a nice sky-blue colour. It can also feel a little heavy with the four inserts but you can adjust this to your preference. 

You might find the vest a little stiff to start with as the packs only become more flexible as they start to melt.

The good part is that the fabric is machine washable and the ice pack inserts can easily be wiped clean, increasing the durability of the product and keeping you feeling fresh from day to day, no matter where you use your cooling vest.


  • 100% cotton with thermal lining
  • Removable phase change inserts
  • Keeps you cool for 2-3 hours
  • Easy to reactivate
  • Machine washable


  • Only one colour and size option
  • Can feel heavy and bulky with all the inserts
  • Not as flexible

6. New Home Innovations Cooling Vest

Ultimate Cooling Vest | Ice Vest - 8 x Body Ice Packs for Double Cooling Time - #1 Ice Cooling Vest for MS - Sport - Motorcycle - Cooking - Mascot - Cosplay Adjustable Cooling Shirt

Our Verdict: Best for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The best cooling vest for anyone with multiple sclerosis is the New Home Innovations Cooling Vest. 

It is ideal for wearing around the house and taking out with you as it comes with a carrier bag for extra cooling packs.

The ice packs are 100% pure water which is safer than gel in case of breakage. This is quite an important feature as you can wear the vest on bare skin and you don’t want any dangerous liquid leaking out onto your body.

With MS, symptoms often get worse when you are exposed to high temperatures. For this reason, having this cooling vest at home can really improve your comfort day to day and enable you to concentrate on other things.

The durable mesh material provides maximum ventilation and the 4 cooling packs quickly reduce the temperature of the skin. The cooling packs can be quickly refrozen in 20-25 minutes to reactivate the cooling sensation. 

It also comes in a range of sizes and is lightweight enough to wear every day.


  • 4 pure water ice packs
  • Rapid freezing
  • Comes with a carrier bag for extra packs
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable mesh material


  • Only one colour
  • Expensive

7. Ultimate Direction Hydration Vest

Ultimate Direction SJ 2.0 Ultra Vest, Gunmetal, Small

Our Verdict: Best for Motorcyclists

This vest is made from durable and stretchy mesh material which will keep you cool. Weighing just 11 ounces, the Ultimate Direction Hydration vest is pretty light for its size and can be worn over clothing. 

It also has pockets for your phone and two water bottles but, unlike other vests in this cooling vests review, it doesn’t have ice or gel packs to give you that super cold feeling.

With the handy pockets, this is the best cooling vest for motorcyclists who are out all day in the sun and will need quick access to water. It’s also a great option for triathlon athletes or anyone working out for a long time.

If you are going on a run or a hike, the vest adds a little bit of resistance without feeling uncomfortable. The only problem customers have found is that the sizing can be a bit off so the vest might be smaller than expected. 

If you’re looking for a vest that will keep you cool without that freezing feeling or the hassle of having to refreeze it, this is a simple and reliable option.


  • Mesh keeps you cool
  • Lightweight
  • Bottle and telephone pockets
  • Durable


  • Sizes can be incorrect
  • No ice or gel cooling

8. The Coldest Ice Pack

The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack and Wrap with Elastic Straps Specific for Cold Therapy - Ice Pack for Back Leg Sprains, Muscle Pain, Bruises, Injuries - 11" x 14" (Black)

Our Verdict: Best For Injuries & Recovery

Although this pack can be used as a vest, it doesn’t have shoulder straps and is designed to be more like a traditional ice pack. 

However, you can still strap it to your body and wear it over or under clothes.

The great thing about this design is that it can be worn anywhere on your body to treat injuries. Strap it to your ankle or leg to reduce swelling from a strain or to your back to help reduce pain from an injury.

This ice pack is made up of small gel packs which can be frozen for up to two hours. They freeze completely solid like ice, making flexibility a bit of an issue. However, they can only be applied to the body for 20 minutes so this ice pack is much more useful as a quick cool down or for instant pain relief instead of being worn like a vest all day.

Because of this, The Coldest Ice Pack is the best option for injuries and recovery and is another good choice for MS if you feel like you need a quick cool down. 

The only problem is that, without shoulder straps, the pack might slip if you want to attach it to your body or under your clothes while moving around.


  • Great for treating injuries
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Easy to transport


  • No shoulder straps to secure it
  • Cools down quickly and can only be used for 20 minutes

9. Ice Water Circulating Cooling Vest

Ice Water Circulating Cooling Vest Tan Detachable Bladder XL-2XL

Our Verdict: ​Best Fitting

Providing an all over cooling experience, Ice Water cooling vest actually uses pumps to circulate cold water around the vest so you can feel the cooling effects all over the upper body.

Although better for short runs and workouts, as it only lasts for around 30 minutes, this vest can be a great option throughout the day if you are able to refreeze it. If you have MS, this ice vest will keep the cool feeling circulating over your body instead of concentrating it on one place.

It also improves recovery time by cooling down more of your muscles. The material itself is water resistant and breathable so you won’t be feeling too hot when the coolness of the water wears off. 

This is also the best cooling vest if you are looking for something tight fitting that you can wear under your clothes subtly, thanks to the skin like design.

Further aiding the snug fit, this vest has side Velcro that can be easily adjusted to your body. It also comes in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit.


  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Tight fitting
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable fabric
  • Build in ice water circulating system
  • Can be re-frozen throughout the day


  • Only cools for 30 minutes

10. Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest

Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest with Set of 8 Nontoxic Cooling Packs Orange

Our Verdict: Most Environmentally Friendly

This vest is the best for environmentally conscious individuals as it is nontoxic and made from biobased phase change material.

The Glacier Tek Sports vest will keep you at a cool 59 degrees for as long as 2.5 hours which is great for most athletes and enough time for a range of workouts. 

It can also be reactivated in freezing water in as little as 20 minutes so you can continue using it throughout the day, or by putting it in a freezer for an hour.

It manages to keep you dry and weighs less than 5 pounds so you’ll feel comfortable even if you are using it all day or for a strenuous workout. There are wider shoulder straps that distribute the weight evenly making it even more unnoticeable.

The high-performance cooling packs are powered by PureTemp technology allowing them to reactivate quickly and stay cool for longer. This ice vest also comes with a handy mesh bag for transporting the vest and keeping the extra ice packs cool.

What’s more, it comes in 4 colours and has cool wicking mesh material which is comfortable on the skin. The dual side straps make it relatively tight fitting and it has a heavy-duty zipper ensuring that it is as durable as possible.

Although a good vest, this option is a little more expensive than others in this cooling vest review and some customers have found that the cooling pads don’t cover a lot of surface area on the body.


  • Nontoxic biobased material
  • Lightweight
  • Cools for 2.5 hours
  • Recharge in 20 minutes
  • Tight fitting
  • Extra wide straps for comfort


  • Expensive
  • Cooling pads don’t cover a lot of surface area

How and When Should I Use a Cooling Vest?

Cooling vests are useful in a number of situations including when you are working outside all day or for a quick workout in the heat. 

If you are a construction worker and know that you are going to be out in the sun all day, a cooling vest can make a real difference. Staying cool and comfortable is key to concentration and can ensure your safety when working on site.

man wearing vest on training

With a cooling jacket, you can stay cool for a couple of hours or reactivate your jacket to keep cool all day. If you are a motorcyclist, you might also find these vests very useful as wearing full leathers in the sun can lead to overheating and make your day super uncomfortable. 

Also, you can easily take one of these jackets with you without noticing the added weight.

If you are just looking to stay cool during your outdoor workout, a vest that actively cools for an hour or two and a workout towel can be very useful. Similarly, if you have multiple sclerosis and are looking for an easy way to cool down during the hot days, simply putting on one of these vests for a couple hours can make all the difference.

​What are the Benefits of Using a Cooling Vest?

Obviously, the main function of a cooling vest is to keep you cool, but there are a range of benefits that coincide with keeping your body at optimum temperature whether you are working out or just working.

Improve Recovery

Whether you are struggling with an old injury, or happen to hurt yourself at work or while on a run, having a cooling vest at hand can make all the difference. Some of the vests in this review are even designed to look more like an ice pack which you can easily strap to any part of your body. 

If you have a back injury, the cooling vest can help to reduce inflammation from continued stress and increase your recovery time.

Reduce Stress

Nothing makes a long working day harder than heat. In uncomfortable conditions, construction workers are more likely to feel tired, stressed, and possibly make mistakes at work resulting in injury. 

For this reason, a cooling vest can be an essential piece of your uniform. A cooling vest can even prevent serious medical problems like heatstroke which could leave you sick off work for several days.

Aid Weight Loss

There is even evidence to suggest that a cooling vest can help you lose weight as your body has to expend more energy to maintain a normal core temperature. 

Although most of the cooling vests in this review are designed to be lightweight, you can also add a little more resistance to them to increase the number of calories you burn during a run a hike or even during your medicine ball workout

Some of the vests have storage for one or two water bottles which can be used to add a little weight or just stay hydrated.

​Which is the Best Cooling Vest for Me?

There are several options in this cooling vest review for all purposes. 

Whether you are a construction worker, have MS, are a motorcyclist or just need to feel a little cooler during your workout, there is something in this cooling vest review for you.

And here's a 1-minute informative video to make it even cooler:

Best for MS

If your MS symptoms tend to get worse due to heat, the best cooling vest for MS is the New Home Innovations Cooling Vest. This ice vest is safe to wear on your skin as it contains 100% pure water instead of possibly harmful gels. 

Wearing the vest directly on your skin is the best way to cool down quickly and reduce painful symptoms. The ice packs can also be quickly refrozen in just 20-25 minutes so you can continue to use it throughout the day when you are at home.

Best for Women

The best cooling vest for women is the TechNiche International Women’s Vest because of its more fitted design which should make it more comfortable for the female figure. It also has a high neck design which is great for protecting the skin around the chest from sun damage. 

This area can be more prone to damage in women so it is a good idea to keep it covered if you are working or exercising outside.

Best for Construction Workers

For construction workers, the best cooling vest is the Ergodyne Chill 6665 which comes in a subtle design that you can wear over your work clothes. 

You can easily reactivate this cooling vest throughout a long working day by soaking it in water for just 2-5 minutes and it is less likely to leave you feeling damp than other options in this review, thanks to the water repellent interior.


With a range of styles, sizes and purposes it is hard to choose the best cooling vest for everyone. For me, the overall best cooling vest is the TechNiche International Cooling Sport Vest because it ticks all the boxes.

This cooling vest rapidly evaporates water keeping you cooler for longer than most of the vests in this cooling vest review. It can be quickly soaked in water to reactivate the cooling properties if you need to use it for even longer. But with just one soak, it keeps you cool for long enough to suit most purposes.  

Whether you are an avid motorcyclist, construction worker, athlete or are struggling with MS symptoms on hot days, cooling vests are useful for a range of people and can really make a difference to your workout and life. Give one of the cooling vests in this review a try and see how much it can improve your day.

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