The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Leather

vegan leather

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Leather – How It’s Made, Alternatives & Is It REALLY Better Than The Real Thing?Whichever way you spin it, the majority of the oh-so-fashionable shoes and handbags on the market are still made from dead animals… Historically, leather and wool were necessities to keep humans warm in harsh climates. But not anymore.  Now […]

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What Is The Best Pre-Workout For CrossFit?

Top 7 Best Pre Workout Supplement for CrossFit Athletes: Reviews to Crush The WODIt doesn’t matter if you are new to CrossFit workouts or if you are an elite CrossFit athlete… The intensity of the workouts is always sky-high and requires non-stop strength and muscular endurance to perform to your highest abilities.But on the flip side, […]

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99 Amazing Pre-Workout Snacks to Crush Your Next Workout

picture of a refreshing smoothie - featured image

99 Amazing Pre-Workout Snacks to Crush Your Next WorkoutAs a fitness enthusiast—or bonafide gym rat—your main goal is to get your body in the absolute best shape possible. While hitting the gym and going for a run will obviously test your body’s strength and fitness level, the type of food that you eat is equally important […]

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Choose The Best Cardio Pre-Workout to Boost Sports Performance

pre workout for cardio

Should You Take A Pre-Workout for Cardio Training? Boost Performance Before Exercise w/ The Best OptionYou probably heard of these obscure things called pre-workout supplements before and brushed them off as only useful for bodybuilders and strength training… While it is true that most pre-workouts are targeted at building muscle, they can also play a […]

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Best Focus Mitts

Best Focus Mitts to Practice Your Boxing Punch & Strike With Training Pads ReviewedIf you have been to a boxing training session or workout, you might be used to the instructor getting out the focus mitts and having everyone get into pairs for some drills. Here’s why: Focus mitts are an important part of boxing training as […]

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Best Double End Bag

Top 8 Best Double End Bag Reviews: Punching Bags for All Experience Levels in Boxing & MMAAlthough you might think a double end bag is just for professional boxers, in reality a double end bag is a useful piece of equipment for all levels. Look: Unlike a speed bag, these types of bags give you a more […]

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Best Muay Thai Gloves Review

Best Muay Thai Gloves Review: 16 oz & 10 oz Options from Top Brands for Training & FightingThere’s a lot that goes into Muay Thai training and getting the right pair of gloves should be high on the priority list of any pro or beginner. Gloves have a simple but essential function to protect your hands […]

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Best Heavy Bag Gloves For Pros and Beginners Review

10 Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Work Review – Training Options for Beginners & MMAThe heavy bag is prominently used boxing equipment for both pro and beginner boxers. Its heavy mass makes it not just the perfect human replica to practice combo moves but also improves power and endurance in the process. In the same way, […]

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Best Speed Bag Review

athlete hitting speed bag - featured image

Top 10 Best Speed Bag Reviews – Favorite Brands, Material & Types of Stitching for Beginners & VeteransTraining with a speed bag is an integral part of boxing training and a great addition to any workout… …especially if you want to build up upper arm strength while taking out your frustration.  Personally, I find it hard to […]

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