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Dental Implants and Their Benefits

Truth is that our teeth do not last forever. Just like any other organ in our body, teeth are sensitive and can be damaged. Some people cannot afford to see their dentists regularly and are postponing fixing their teeth until it is too late. If you feel any discomfort or pain it is not advisable […]

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Fast Foodies Rejoice: The Keto Diet and Fast Food

The Ketogenic plan is taking the dieting world by storm. This diet plan is commonly referred to as the “keto diet” or a “low-carb diet”. Despite its popularity, there are many questions around this diet plan. One of the biggest questions revolve around everyone’s favorite cheat meal—fast food! Many dieters find themselves asking “can you […]

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What Causes Hyperventilation?

Image source: You know your breathing is healthy when there is a balance between your inhaling of oxygen and exhaling of carbon dioxide. When that balance is disrupted, though, it becomes a condition known as hyperventilation, which is when a person breathes more than what is needed. While it is referred to as over […]

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Healthy Things to Eat For Successful Weight Gain

Gaining weight successfully and healthily can be almost as hard as losing weight. Maintaining good health and attaining the right weight for you are always connected and those two things are very important for living a long and fulfilled life. If you happen to have a fast metabolism and belong to the group of skinny […]

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Find Your Opportunity as an Internist

It takes doctors about 20 years of studying and training to practice medicine. Their educations include 12 years of general education, four years at a university, and three or four years of residency. After completing their residency, soon-to-be internal, or general, medicine doctors have several options. They can: Work as a Primary Care Physician in […]

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