Can Protein Powders Help You Hit Your Macros?

Protein Powder - featured image

Whether you’re looking to lose body fat, build lean muscle, or perhaps even maintain the current physique you’ve got, hitting your macros is essential. But then… Especially hitting your protein macros is crucial. Which always seems to be more challenging for people to reach than fats or carbohydrates. You’ll find protein in food sources such […]

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Musclepharm Assault Pre-Workout Review

musclepharm assault pwo powder

Assault Pre-Workout Powder By MusclePharm: Review Of The Ultimate Performance & Energy ComplexThere are days when you don’t feel motivated enough to go through your training sessions. On some days, you find the 20 minutes drive to your local gym a hell ride after the day’s work.Don’t sweat it.Even professional athletes feel the same way […]

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Best Bumper Plates

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Best Bumper Plates Worth The Money: Review Of The Types With Pros & Cons Plus FAQ & Buying GuideChoosing the best bumper plates for your home gym can be pretty challenging. Most equipment nowadays has a neat finish and a high price.But…Barely acceptable. On the other hand, cheap bumper plates don’t always last…Bumper plates, especially the […]

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Best Powerlifting Bars For Heavy Lifts

powerlifting bar - featured image

The Best Powerlifting Bars For Deadlifts & Squats Review. Key Features Plus Comprehensive Buying GuideLooking for the best powerlifting bar?My guess:You’re a beast in the gym and want the most durable barbell to push insane bench presses and squat without fear. I’d feel the same if I knew what it’s like to have 500 lbs […]

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Best Hex Trap Deadlift Bars

a loaded trap bar - featured image

The Best Hex Trap Bars For Deadlifts Reviewed: Options For Women, Beginners & Heavy Weight UsersHex bars or trap bars are specifically designed for squats and deadlifts. If you perform these movements with a standard barbell, you’ll already know that it is quite easy to give yourself a lower back injury…This is why the hex […]

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The Best Olympic Barbells Worth Investing In

olympic barbell featured image

The Best Olympic Barbells Worth Investing In: Bar Options For Pros & Beginners ReviewedIf you have never used an Olympic barbell, you might be wondering why they are so much more expensive than standard barbells. Well, the much higher weight capacity of Olympic barbells is just one reason for the professional price tag.Look:Olympic barbells can hold […]

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Best Crossfit Barbells To Own The WOD

crossfit barbell featured image

Best CrossFit Barbells Review: Buyer’s Guide & Tips For WOD, Beginners & WomenThink any old barbell will do for your CrossFit workout?Think again. Firstly, you’ll need an Olympic size barbell for reliable sleeve rotation and the perfect fit for your weights.You’ll also need a barbell designed for high-intensity movements as well as weight lifting. Why?CrossFit includes a […]

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Best Barbell Collars Review

Person standing in front of a barbell with collars

Best Barbell Collars Reviewed: Keep Your Plates In Place With Top Brands Of Clips & ClampsAnyone doing a barbell workout at the gym or at home knows that the most important piece of equipment is barbell collars.Why is that?Barbell collars keep your plates in place no matter even when powerlifting with heavy weights. If your […]

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Best Barbells For Home Gym Review

best barbell feature image

Best Barbells For Home Gym Review: Top Brands & Models For All Your Weightlifting NeedsOf all gym equipment, a barbell is arguably the most versatile of them all.Well, unless you’re into bodyweight workouts.If not, a barbell will be the staple of most basic weightlifting exercises. Some of the notable ones being the bench press, deadlift, […]

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Best Barbell Pads & Squat Sponges Review

weights and barbell pad

Best Barbell Pads & Squat Sponges Review: Cushion Your Hips & ShouldersWhether you call it a barbell pad, squat sponge, or hip thrust pad, this handy piece of equipment could make your next workout a whole lot more comfortable.Why is that?A barbell cushion can be used to protect your muscles during exercises including squats, hip […]

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