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A citizen of the world, ever curious adventurer and environmentalist. Katt Andryskova has spent the last three years learning about veganism, working to protect our oceans and creating educational materials to help everyone live a cleaner, greener life. You can follow her blog on plant-based living and zero-waste strategies at and on Instagram at @vegandiverkatt.

Jake is a health and fitness nerd (which is why he founded this site!) who strives to take care of himself as best as possible while enjoying the world we live in. He loves traveling, working out, and playing basketball with friends. is committed to providing the latest and greatest health information to our loyal readers. Whether you want to learn more about nutrition, fitness, or anything else health-related, we cover it all!

Michael is a writer and personal trainer from New York. In his spare time, Michael enjoys golf. Above everything else though he's crazy about his family and a true dog lover.

Cloe is a successful personal trainer and Mom. Her hobbies include design, fitness, fashion, cooking, and raising her kids. She is eagerly planing their next family vacation.