Are 4-Stages Of Alcohol Rehab Useful?

Individuals with a history of alcohol overuse would know how much willpower and determination it requires to get to the other side of the line. Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder is a medical term used for individuals that find it uncontrollable to suppress their alcohol intake.

Many people suffer from alcoholism as they keep ignoring the red flags during consumption. This disorder does not happen overnight. For most individuals, it is a practice done for years, long before it becomes an addiction. It becomes practically impossible to stop or reduce alcohol consumption.

Individuals with severe cases of alcohol use disorder (AUD) are mostly referred to rehabilitation centers, like the Cigna insurance alcohol treatment center. There they are counseled and treated to refrain from drinking habits and addiction. Not just this, they receive therapy to become highly motivated and spirited to do better in life.

Let us shed some light on what leads to this life-threatening habit.

What Leads To Alcohol Addiction?

For most people, alcohol is a distraction from their unfortunate realities. And for some, it is an enjoyable activity. Consuming it unlocks the brain’s center, which is responsible for releasing serotonin and dopamine, hormones that make one happy. This experience of becoming less stressful makes one dependent on alcohol consumption.

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As the effects of alcohol make one feel less pressurized, it urges them to crave more of its consumption. And as you consume more alcohol, it takes hold of you. It makes it even more complicated to withdraw your drinking habits. However, it is critical to know the signs of alcohol overuse. So that one may receive proper care and treatment before things get worse.

When Should One Consider Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Alcohol addiction can lead one to a stage where one can no longer leave their unhealthy practices. It not only becomes difficult but also alcohol abuse can severely impact one’s health or even put their life at risk. They develop certain diseases as a result of uncontrolled alcohol usage.

This addiction impacts their life as well as social status. Apart from this, in an attempt to cut off alcohol, most individuals experience withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, they are more severe than the addiction itself. In a struggle to keep cravings at bay, most drinkers tend to drink even more. Rehab centers like Life Center Baton Rouge can assist you in your journey and motivate you to do better with your life.

What Are The 4-Stages Of Alcohol Rehab?

Without a doubt, before considering an alcohol rehab process, one should acknowledge what all goes into reaching the endpoint of that road. Below are the 4-stages that a person has to achieve to be completely free of alcohol dependence.

1. Initiation Of The Treatment

When you opt for a treatment program at a rehab center, the first step involves initiation. Here, the treatment for alcohol withdrawal begins. At this step, you are motivated to willingly participate in eliminating the substance that is putting your life in danger. To acquire this, a counselor is appointed to help one realize the following points—

  • The damage that is caused to them by their addiction
  • Their denial of the problem is an illusion to go back to the unhealthy practices
  • Motivation is all you need to overcome addiction

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2. Early Moderate Abstinence

After you receive the motivation to continue the procedure of your substance abuse program, you enter the second stage. It is the early abstinence stage, where you will be required to abstain from alcohol at a moderate level. It is termed the most challenging step of the rehab procedure.

One may experience withdrawal symptoms with uncontrollable cravings. These urges also begin to trigger the psychological functions of the individual during the treatment.

3. Maintaining Abstinence

The second stage lasts for at least three months. The third stage requires a patient to continue and maintain the substance abstinence practice. They will learn about the warning points or the things that can get them to a relapse. Maintaining abstinence will make them realize how a sober lifestyle can genuinely ensure the future quality of their life.

The process will elaborate on the importance of developing coping skills, healthy relationships, employment techniques, anger management, and exercise. 

4. Advanced Recovery

This stage follows after five-year maintained abstinence of product abuse. Here, you learn to implement all the skills and practices of rehab into your daily activities. You utilize all the counseling and therapy sessions to develop a more satisfying life for yourself.

You create long-term goals and become optimistic about their outcomes. You begin to develop new, interactive relationships and establish healthy routines. You aspire to reach beyond your limitations.

Are These 4-Stages Useful In Refraining From Alcohol?

The above four steps of alcohol treatment are constructive in providing a healthy and alcohol-free lifestyle to affected drinkers. Implementing these stages is a step in bringing back the quality of life and reviving unsettled social interactions.

The four stages involved in the alcohol de-addiction program are more than just making a person abstain from alcohol. The process recovers a pessimistic personality and takes it forward to become productive in challenging situations in life. They motivate you to become a responsible member of society and always make efforts for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

How Long Do The Effects Of Rehab Last?

The rehab centers only direct you to addiction treatment. However, it is a lifelong process that needs dedication and willpower. The unshakable commitment of a person is the only correct way to reach a sober, non-addictive life. Because without it, a person will return to the life-exploiting habits that brought them to the rehab center in the first place.

What To Keep In Mind

No matter which stage of alcohol rehab you’re in, you’ll need to keep quite a few things in mind to help with your recovery. That’s especially true when it comes to choosing the right program for you. Not all of these are made the same, and some can be a little more unique. Choosing the best one for you is vital.

Even an adventure program for addiction treatment can be an effective option. When you’re choosing the right program for you, make sure it offers the support you need. That goes beyond simply helping you go through the steps to recovery. Instead, they’ll need to be there for you emotionally and in multiple other ways.

The more support you can get with this, the stronger your recovery will be. You’ll be much better able to stay sober, as you’ll have all the skills you need for it.

The Final Thought On The 4 Stages Of Alcohol Rehab

These stages are a well-laid plan to rescue people from the severe dangers of alcohol abuse. The goal might seem impossible to achieve, but proper determination and support can help you change and develop a better version of yourself.

Because the stages are in accordance with each other, keeping up with the process becomes uncomplicated. However, the main goal is to remain motivated and never let the cravings get the better of you. Your mindset is the only thing standing between you, and a successful, happy life.

Last Updated on September 27, 2022

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