Best Weed For Anxiety

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If you suffer frequent anxiety attacks, you may consider turning to weed because conventional ways of treating anxiety may not be effective. 

The best weed for anxiety produces instant mental and physical relief after consumption, helping you to improve your health on the go. But you’ll need to choose the best weed for anxiety since not all weed strains are the same.

Here are the best weed for anxiety:

1. Jelly Fish CBD

Jelly Fish is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (60 percent Sativa/40 percent indica) developed by crossing the potent Purple Paralysis with an unknown hybrid strain. Don’t let the name fool you: Jelly Fish isn’t going to sting you. This gorgeous lady has a peaceful and soothing high ideal for calming you down throughout a bad day without affecting your energy levels.

If you’re experiencing common signs of anxiety, such as nervousness or intense feelings of uncertainty, it may be time to try Jelly Fish CBD. Glass House Farms creates this exclusive strain to offer a rare blend of familiar and up-and-coming cannabinoids, giving only a barely-there high while providing relaxation, calm, and relief, making it the best weed for anxiety.

Jelly Fish combines a significant amount of CBD with the unusual cannabinoids CBC and CBG to help you loosen up, rebalance, and unbind until you’re ok.  

2. Sugar Tarts

Sugar Tarts, commonly known as Sweet Tarts, is a rare 50/50 hybrid strain that crosses the notorious Purple Thai X Afghani X ATF strains. This strain has fast-acting effects that put the user in a euphoric state almost immediately. Sweet Tart relieves tension while enabling your thoughts to rise. You can maintain a continuous feeling of bliss in little doses. This strain will wrap you in a joyful and sedating feeling if taken in big dosages. 

Sugar Tarts has a flavor profile that is earthy with undertones of fruit and spice. As soon as you exhale, you’ll feel a deep sense of euphoria wash over you, launching you into a state of elevated enjoyment. Sweet Tart is a medical marijuana strain that can aid patients with nausea, chronic pain, appetite loss, and depression-depressed people who are always anxious.

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3. Hellfire

Hellfire OG is a California hybrid strain cross between Rascal’s OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Adding yet another robust and euphoric member to the OG family tree, Hellfire OG is an unstoppable THC powerhouse ideal for the cannabis veteran or the patient in need of great relief. 

Hellfire OG exhibits the distinctive OG aroma of lemon diesel and earthy spice that has become synonymous with the genetic line. The THC content of Hellfire OG is often around 20% on average. Its high is well-known to be quite powerful; thus, first-time users should proceed with caution. 

This weed strain may also improve the symptoms of various diseases, including bipolar disorder, migraines, PMS, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD), and anxiety. 

The Hellfire OG strain of cannabis may be a good choice for you if you are experiencing stress, insomnia, pain, headaches, or a lack of appetite, among other symptoms. When smoked, this strain can leave you feeling calm, cheerful, and euphoric, as well as having a dry mouth and falling asleep.

Many factors in life may conspire to drive you into anxiety, but with the right cannabis strains for anxiety, you may have nothing to worry about. These strains, Jelly Fish CBD, Sugar Tarts, and Hellfire, can help you relax after a tiresome day or stressful events, and let you recollect your strength for a new day.  

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

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