City Cycling & Covid-19: What Are The Rules In NYC

Frontliner cycling in the city

A bike ride can be a rewarding and relatively safe way to spend time outside during the new coronavirus epidemic. 


Going for a spin on one of the best bikes for men or women also offers a unique experience of New York City. Cycling and other forms of outdoor exercise are permitted in the city, though the State Department of Health recommends that cyclists adhere to community mitigation measures.

Ride Alone Or In A Small Group

The New York State Department of Health has mandated physical or social distancing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Cyclists may prefer to ride alone, with members of your household or with trusted riding companions. Planning a route ahead of time that factors in traffic and identifying alternative routes can set you up for a better ride.

Riding a bike outdoors is less likely to introduce you or any companions with whom you ride to the virus that causes COVID-19 than exercising indoors. Riding dutch style bikes is a great alternative to indoor gym workouts or even other outdoor activities that are more likely to bring you into close contact with strangers or require making contact with surfaces that could be contaminated.

Keep A Mask On Hand

Wearing a mask around other cyclists and pedestrians can prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Many manufacturers make athletic, non-medical masks out of textiles that are suitable for bike rides. 

Exercising in a mask made of moisture-wicking fabric with features such as an odor-resistant liner can be more comfortable than wearing a casual mask during the same activity. Cyclists may also prefer to wear masks that have securing head straps in addition to ear straps.

If you plan to take a less-crowded route on which you will not pass within close proximity of other riders or pedestrians, you may have the option to ride without a mask. It is still a good idea to keep a mask handy so that you can easily put it on at any point on an urban biking excursion. 

You should wear a mask in dense bike or pedestrian traffic or if you need to make a stop. Matching mask colors to the frames of cruiser bikes for women can make safety more stylish.

Maintain Social Distancing Measures

If you ride with or around other cyclists, you should maintain six feet of distance whenever possible. Riding a bike is a physical activity that leads to increased respiration. If you plan to take a route that is likely to bring you into close proximity with other riders, you should wear a mask.

Depending on where you ride, it may not be possible to always maintain six feet of distance from other cyclists and pedestrians. Wearing a mask designed for athletic activity with features such as adjustable earloops and a nose bridge can increase your level of comfort while reducing transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 

Whether you prefer to ride alone or with companions you trust, it’s important to bring a mask and maintain a safe distance.

Last Updated on October 5, 2020

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