4 Things To Eliminate From Your Life If You Want Your Teeth To Stay White

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Every adult, at some point or another, realizes that their teeth are not as white as they once were. Years of regular habits can create stains on the teeth and diminish their natural brightness. Fortunately, there are methods for restoring that beautiful appearance. However, there are things that will need to be eliminated if they want their teeth to stay white.


First and foremost, steps need to be taken to restore teeth to that brilliant shade of white. Although there are a variety of products that can be purchased over the counter, these may have mixed results for many people. Teeth Whitening is something that can be easily and safely performed by a dental care professional.

This can help anyone get the beautiful white teeth they desire. These dental facilities can offer professional-grade whitening gel to provide an amazing and bright smile. They can even provide touch-ups to maintain that appearance. However, it is important to reduce the staining products to help keep teeth white and bright.

Colored Drinks

There are a variety of common drinks that can quickly stain teeth. Some of the most common culprits are coffee and tea. However, there are many other drinks that can diminish the brightness or even stain white teeth, especially after whitening.

Dark sodas, red wine, and tomato juices contain acids and pigments. This combination can weaken the enamel and discolor the teeth. If these drinks cannot be avoided, it may be a good idea to drink them through a straw past the teeth to minimize them touching the teeth.

Staining Foods

There are many foods that need to be avoided after having teeth whitened. There are many types of foods that can leave stains. There are also foods that can damage enamel which can also diminish the look of teeth. It is best to avoid very acidic foods and foods that are highly pigmented.

Dark sauces, such as soy and tomato sauces, can increase the likelihood of staining. There are a variety of colorful spices, such as paprika and curry, that can also stain teeth. Fruits high in acids, such as lemons and limes, or high in pigmentation, such as blackberries and raspberries, can also stain teeth.

Even colorful vegetables, such as tomatoes and spinach, can diminish the appearance of teeth. It is also important to avoid many candies and other foods that are sticky, high in sugar, and contain natural and artificial coloring. The stickiness and sugar of these candies can cause them to stick to the teeth longer and even promote bacteria growth while the coloring can stain whitened teeth.

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Tobacco Products

Smoking or using tobacco products can severely stain teeth. This can be the main source of discoloration of teeth for those who use these products. Years and years of use can cause nicotine to stain the teeth deep into the enamel and even the dentin.

Although these stains can be removed, they often require professional assistance to remove all the yellowing that has occurred. This makes it really important to discontinue using these products after having teeth whitened.

Colored Dental Hygiene Products

Although it is important to maintain proper dental hygiene after whitening, it may be necessary to remove some of the products normally used. Immediately after whitening, teeth can be more susceptible to discoloration. It might be a good idea to avoid any products, such as colored mouthwash or toothpaste for at least a few days after treatment.

Following these tips and avoiding these products can help keep teeth bright and white for many years. However, if discoloration does return, visiting the dentist can help restore the teeth and provide tips to help minimize discoloration.

Last Updated on March 24, 2021

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