4 Ways Dental Cleaning Will Do Wonders For Your Health And Wellbeing

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Dental cleanings offer numerous benefits many individuals remain unaware of. They know of the benefits for the teeth, gums, and tongue, but the impact extends well beyond the mouth.

Gentle tooth extraction in naples fl ensures a comfortable experience for patients, minimizing discomfort and promoting swift recovery. This specialized approach to dental care exemplifies the broader commitment to overall well-being that dental cleanings contribute to, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive oral health.

In fact, a thorough dental cleaning improves health, enhances the individual’s well-being, and more. Their appearance improves and their memory is enhanced. How does cleaning achieve these goals? 

Fresh Breath

Many things contribute to bad breath. If a person has food debris remaining in their mouth after brushing and flossing, these particles could bring about bad breath. 

Tooth decay provides the perfect hiding place for bacteria, and this bacteria can lead to bad breath. Plaque buildup is another cause of this common problem, while gum disease contributes to unpleasant odors coming from a person’s mouth. 

Regular dental care at Wilmot Family Dentistry is helpful in removing the factors that contribute to bad breath.

A dental cleaning removes any buildup and food debris in the mouth. If gum disease is contributing to halitosis, a thorough cleaning can help to resolve this issue. 

When a dental cleaning isn’t enough, the dentist can determine the correct treatment plan to halt gum disease, reverse halitosis, and leave the patient with a more pleasing breath.

 Dry mouth may also lead to bad breath. During the checkup, the dentist works to uncover the cause of dry mouth. Once this has been determined, they can provide treatment recommendations to ensure the mouth has ample saliva to prevent bad breath and other common problems associated with this condition. 

Overall Health

Research consistently shows gum disease and cardiovascular disease are closely linked. Inflammation serves as the link between gum disease and heart disease

When a person suffers from gum disease, bacteria, and other toxins, the issues move beyond the gum line and may spread to other parts of the body. This bacteria enters the bloodstream and may make its way to the heart where it causes a new set of issues. 

Furthermore, bacteria from gum disease can thicken the carotid arteries, putting a person more at risk of a stroke. 

People don’t associate rheumatoid arthritis with gum disease, but the two conditions appear to be linked. Scientists are studying whether the same bacterium is responsible for both conditions. 

Early research suggests it is, but more work needs to be done to confirm these findings. Furthermore, researchers are examining gum disease and its effect on sleep and more. It appears problems with the gums can have far-reaching effects. 

New research shows individuals suffering from gum disease are more at risk of complications from COVID. Although more research needs to be done to confirm these initial findings, men and women need to take note. 

Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups may help to prevent hospitalization following a COVID infection. Periodontitis produces the formation of a harmful protein linked to the cytokine storm seen with COVID. 

This protein is known as IL-6, and individuals with elevated IL-6 levels are 22 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID and need mechanical ventilation. 


Gingivitis and periodontitis have been linked to poor performance on memory tests and other tests that evaluate a person’s cognitive skills. These tests focus on skills that men and women use every day. 

However, the problem goes much deeper than this, as research suggests gum disease contributes to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have been looking to see if oral health issues preceded a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or if the patient’s inability to care for themselves due to their condition leads to gum disease. 

New evidence suggests individuals who have a mouth infection or gum disease are more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s than individuals with healthy gums. They continue to study this association to see if they can determine causality.

Imagine improving your memory and working to protect your long-term health with nothing more than a dental cleaning. Surprisingly, doing so is easy. Contact your dentist today to set up this cleaning and obtain benefits for years to come. 

However, regular cleanings are needed to prevent gum disease from returning or progressing.  Nevertheless, your health isn’t the only reason you should visit your dentist regularly. 

Regular dental cleanings also benefit your mental health, which is something many people fail to recognize. 


Individuals often hide their smiles if they have yellow teeth or other oral health issues. They don’t want others to see their unattractive teeth, and it hurts them in many ways. 

In fact, a beautiful smile makes a person appear more approachable and leaves others with a good first impression of the individual. Men and women find they get a boost in self-confidence when they have a gorgeous smile, and smiling relieves stress. 

This can lead to the individual living longer and being happier.

A smile elevates your mood and encourages trust in others. Furthermore, a smile is a universal sign of friendliness and is contagious. It may also help you advance in your career. 

Career Builder conducted a study that found 38 percent of managers look for a smile when conducting interviews. The lack of a smile puts them off and makes them less likely to hire the individual. 

Another study confirmed this finding, noting that individuals who smile during a job interview are 45 percent more likely to get the position. 

Furthermore, men and women find others more attractive when they have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. While no person should prioritize their oral health simply to attract others, this is an added benefit that cannot be overlooked. 

If being more attractive to others is the push you need to have your teeth cleaned, that’s acceptable. Anything that will get a person in for dental cleanings is good.

 If you have been putting off a dental cleaning, make an appointment now. With so many benefits associated with regular cleanings, every person should make this a top priority. 

These reasons don’t take into account how clean the mouth and teeth feel following the cleaning either. There’s nothing better than the deep clean of your teeth after they have been professionally cleaned. Make the appointment today so you can experience that feeling once again. 

Last Updated on February 19, 2024

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