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2020 saw many gyms across the globe closing down, or at least limiting operations to a few couples of hours per day. 

As a result… 

Many of us were forced to execute our workout plans from home. After all, the only thing you really need to start working out is your own body, so anywhere you may be, consider your own personal gym.

However, that doesn’t mean you can get the ideal workout without any equipment or gear to help you do the exercises laid out in your workout plan. Additionally, there are some training accessories that you usually see in the gym, but still provides unparalleled value for your home workouts.

You might not think you need these accessories since you’re just working out at home, but the following items should actually be present in every home gym:

1. Yoga Mats 

Yoga is one workout activity that is actually better done at home than in the gym, surrounded by other people. But don’t skimp on a proper mat just because you’d be doing yoga exclusively at home. 

Sure, you might be able to do early routines and beginner poses right on a hardwood or carpeted floor, but as you progress to more difficult poses, you’re really going to need the support provided by a proper, padded yoga mat.

That said, yoga is not the only thing you can do on a yoga mat. Certain exercises like planks, sit-ups, and leg raises are also best done on yoga mats.

2. Towels

For hygiene purposes, you must have a dedicated workout towel that’s separate and distinct from the ones you use for baths. For one, your workout towels are constantly drenched with your sweat so it needs to be washed more frequently than your bath towels. 

There are a couple of tech-designed workout towels on the market, which stays dry for longer, so you can use them while doing intense workouts for hours without the towel dripping with sweat.

Investing in a good towel might seem like a waste now that you’re confined to your home gym, but slipping on puddles of sweat or having weights slip out of your grip because of excessive sweating are still very much real threats in your home gym as it would be in your membership gym.

3. Sweatbands

Now, towels are great when you’re trying to completely dry off after a workout. However, while you’re in the middle of a set, you need something smaller and more compact since you can’t always leave your set hanging just to reach for the towel. That’s what sweatbands are for. 

These nifty things you wear around your head and wrists allow you to wipe away sweat in a flash, without actually stopping your workout routine. It allows you to stay safe and dry without missing a beat of your workout.

The best part of wearing sweatbands in your home gym is that you can wear whatever you want, without anyone judging you. If you have a pair of sweatbands that have a questionable color combination, you can go ahead and wear them. 

Alternatively, you can totally wear pride with rainbow stripes without worrying about getting judged for it. Unfortunately, the stigma against LGBTQ+ members in the gym is still very much alive in many places, but our home gyms are definitely safe spaces where you can wear anything at all.

4. Compression Sleeves

Since you have the option to wear whatever you want in your home gym, you must use such freedom to make great choices, such as wearing compression sleeves. Whether in the actual gym or your home gym, your joints definitely need support against threats like hypertension pain, forearm tendonitis, and the like.

Anyone who has ever suffered a major injury should also wear compression sleeves while working out, in order to facilitate faster recovery and to avoid overexertion of muscles, bones, or joints that were already compromised before.

5. Water Bottle/Blender Bottle

Bringing a water bottle is a must when going to the gym, but don’t think you don’t need a good one at home. Sure, you can use any other mug or cup you have at home, but unless you have one that has a sealable cap, it won’t do for when you’re working out.

You need a water bottle to keep you hydrated while sweating it out in your home gym, but a glass that doesn’t have a cap is simply a risk for freak accidents in your home gym. 

6. Provisions For Playing Music

Multiple studies have shown that listening to good music while you workout is not only fun — but actually helps you perform better workouts. If you are blessed enough to have a large enough home gym where you can blast your favorite tunes while working out, you can get yourself a set of high-quality speakers.

music while working out

On the other hand, you can get yourself a pair of sweatproof earphones if you wish to privately listen to music that will get you in the zone for workouts. In any case, make sure your home gym has your preferred provision for playing music.

Wrapping Up

It’s been a tough year for gym enthusiasts everywhere, but hopefully having all these accessories in your home gym can help you get back on track with your workout plan, starting by giving you that legit gym feel right at home.

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

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