How Comfortable Shoes Can Improve Your Health

Regardless of whether you would describe yourself as an active person or not, you likely spend a lot of time on your feet. And, with the fitness revolution well underway, good footwear has never been so important. 

You may not know that comfortable shoes can improve your health, both in the short term and over longer periods. So that you can make the right choices for your feet, let’s delve into the health benefits of wearing comfortable shoes.

6 Ways That Comfortable Shoes Can Improve Your Health

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1. Prevent Foot Pain

The most obvious benefit of wearing comfortable shoes is that they prevent foot pain. Wearing good-fitting, comfortable shoes will help to prevent rubbing which can lead to blisters.


Your shoes should not feel tight or pinch any part of your feet. Instead, footwear should fit snugly but still allow for your feet to swell. The toe box should also provide room for your toes to splay.


To ensure that you buy the most comfortable shoes for yourself, always get your feet professionally measured. Sizes vary across brands. 

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2. Improves Circulation

If your shoes are uncomfortable, they can cause problems. When you wear shoes for an extended period of time, your feet will naturally expand as they heat up. This isn’t a problem when you are wearing the right footwear. 

But, if your shoes are restrictive, it hinders the natural swell of the foot, creating unwanted pressure. As a result, you can get to pins and needles in your feet, a direct result of poor circulation. This can make it painful to walk.  

The impact of this pressure affects your whole body. As the oxygen isn’t being efficiently transported around your body, you will begin to feel tired and lethargic. 

3. Prevents Fungal Infections

When choosing a comfortable pair of shoes, you should seek something breathable. This is to reduce the chance of fungal infections. Common fungal infections include conditions such as athlete’s foot and Onychomycosis.


When your shoes fit you properly, they should be comfortable to wear. Wearing restrictive shoes that pinch at the toes can weaken your toenails. This makes them more vulnerable to fungal infections. 


If you are prone to fungal infections, look for shoes with an element of water resistance and a breathable mesh. These materials will keep the feet dry inside the shoes, making it harder for these kinds of infections to take hold. 

4. Improves Posturecomfy shoes at work

When it comes to health matters, few things impact our day-to-day lives as much as our posture. To maintain good posture, your body weight should be distributed evenly through both feet.


Uncomfortable shoes cause pain and force us to walk differently, meaning that we hold our bodies in a completely different way. This can increase pressure on the spine and cause long term health problems.

Maintaining good posture helps to reduce pain and also lessens your chance of injury. Appropriate footwear should work with the muscles. This helps to support the joints and encourage a healthy upright position.

5. Staves Off Foot Problems

Plenty of foot ailments come as a direct result of wearing uncomfortable footwear. Shoes that rub can lead to calluses, blisters, and bunions, to name a few. Poor posture can also cause ongoing problems such as chronic plantar fasciitis which can be challenging to fix.

Serious foot deformations can end up limiting your mobility. This will inevitably impact your overall level of health. 

6. Encourage You To Be More Active

Maintaining an active lifestyle is a great way to keep yourself healthy. Whether that means going out for a run a few times a week or just being able to keep up with your kids in the park, getting fit has endless benefits. 


Comfortable shoes make being active easier. They allow people to stay healthy and mobile for longer, helping them to really get the most out of life. 

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Final Thoughts

We often neglect to consider the importance of comfortable footwear. Yet, it is a key component of maintaining good physical health. Comfortable shoes can help to prevent foot pain and fungal infection and improve your posture and circulation. For many people, they can also act as the catalyst for a more healthy lifestyle. 

Last Updated on February 5, 2022

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