How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Last?

Alcohol rehabilitation is an important step in the recovery process for individuals struggling with substance abuse. When someone decides to get help, they often want to know what to expect from the rehab process. One of the most common questions people have is how long does alcohol rehab last?

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Length of Treatment

The length of alcohol rehab can vary from person to person, depending on several factors.

These include:

  • Severity of AUD – People who have been drinking heavily for many years may need more intensive treatment than those who have just started drinking heavily. Therefore, their rehab program will likely be longer in duration than someone with less severe AUD.
  • Comorbidities – If you have mental health issues or another substance use disorder in addition to AUD, it may take longer for you to achieve sobriety and stay sober in the long term. Therefore, your program may be extended accordingly.
  • Motivation – If you are motivated to get better and stay sober, this will also influence the length of your rehabilitation program. Research shows that those who are highly motivated and committed to completing their treatment tend to stay sober for longer periods of time compared with those who are not as dedicated or motivated.

Generally, programs can be divided into three categories: short-term (less than 30 days), intermediate (30 days to 90 days), and long-term (90 days or more). The goal of any program is to help individuals learn how to live without alcohol and succeed in their recovery journey.

Short-Term Programs

Short-term programs are typically 28-day residential programs that involve intensive therapy and treatment for individuals with mild or moderate addictions. During this time, individuals will receive both group and individual counseling sessions as well as therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

During these sessions, patients will work through any underlying issues that may be contributing to their addiction. They will also learn coping strategies and relapse prevention techniques, which they can use after they leave the program.

Intermediate Programs

Intermediate programs are designed for those who need more intensive treatment than a short-term program offers. These programs usually last around 90 days and involve both group and individual counseling sessions as well as additional therapies such as art therapy or music therapy. 

In addition, patients may also attend 12-step meetings during their stay in order to build a strong support network for when they return home. At the end of an intermediate program, patients should have gained enough insight into their own behaviors and triggers so that they can continue their recovery journey independently.

Long-Term Programs

Long-term programs offer comprehensive care over a longer period of time – usually lasting up to six months or more – depending on each patient’s needs. These programs provide a safe environment where individuals can focus solely on their recovery without having to worry about outside influences or temptations. 

During this time, individuals will attend daily counseling sessions as well as participate in different activities such as yoga classes or meditation groups, which help them develop healthy coping skills that they can use once they leave the program.

Alcohol rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process for those suffering from substance abuse issues. The length of alcohol rehab varies from person to person; it could be anywhere from 28 days in a short-term program all the way up to 6 months or more in a long-term program, depending on individual needs and circumstances. 

No matter what type of program you choose, it’s important that you find one that is tailored specifically to your unique situation so that you have all the resources available for your success in sobriety!

Last Updated on February 10, 2023

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