4 Key Differences Between Powered and Non-Powered Medical Carts

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If you’re in the medical field, you know how important it is to have cutting-edge equipment and efficient patient care. One of the most valuable assets to a doctor or nurse is medical carts. 

While they may not be the most glamorous part of working in the medical field, they’re definitely one of the most critically important. 

The two main types of medical carts are powered and non-powered. Here are the four key differences between the two and the different advantages they provide to those in the medical profession.

1. Power Supply

The most obvious difference between a powered and non-powered Rolling Hospital Cart is the power supply. Carts with power use that supply to run the computers that are connected to them.

Their primary source of energy comes from batteries, which must be recharged regularly like any other battery-powered device. This means spending costly downtime waiting for the battery to recharge – and no hospital has even one minute of time that can afford to be wasted. 

Having to wait for the battery to charge is highly inefficient in a setting where medical equipment like carts are invaluable and needed essentially 24/7.

2. Weight

One of the foremost considerations of mobile hospital cart design is its weight and design, which must be ergonomic and provide ease and freedom of movement. 

Hospital staff, like doctors and nurses, are on their feet all day long. Having to push and lug around a heavy cart all day, even if it is on wheels, can contribute to stress, chronic pain, or other injuries. 

Heavy lifting, in particular, is one of the most common reasons for nurses to experience lower back pain, which can be debilitating during long shifts. 

The demand for nurses is constantly increasing, which is why it’s crucial to have light equipment that provides freedom of movement. 

Though powered carts offer slight advantages in other areas, non-powered carts are typically much lighter than their counterparts because they don’t have a heavy battery.

3. Charging Peripherals

Mobile medical carts don’t just require computers; they often carry peripheral equipment like printers and barcode scanners. A powered cart has a clear advantage here because it offers the charging power required to operate these necessary devices. 

However, many choose hot-swap batteries, which can also provide the capability to run additional accessory devices vital to a nurse or doctor’s job each day. They also help those same nurses and doctors provide a superior level of patient care in a quick and efficient manner.

4. Run Times

One of the key differences between a powered and non-powered rolling medical cart is the run times offered. 

Non-powered carts aren’t really even applicable here because they don’t require a rechargeable power source to work. 

It’s crucial to know how long the cart will last during an average work shift, which is why many nurses and doctors choose to use a medical cart computer to hot-swap batteries. 

That way, depleted batteries can be continuously replaced by fresh, recharged batteries with no downtime, making this by far the most efficient and effective option for medical carts.

Look for Utility and Multi-Functional Mobile Medical Carts

Those in the medical profession require special equipment and capabilities to perform their critically important job effectively each day. One of the most vital pieces of equipment is mobile medical carts. 

The best rolling medical carts offer excellent utility and are multi-functional, so they can power the additional devices most medical professionals require to perform their job.

The main differences between powered and non-powered carts are the overall weight, capabilities, run time, and power supply. 

It’s crucial to consider all aspects of a rolling cart before determining the best kind for your job, but the right cart makes for a fully-stocked workstation on wheels and allows for saved time, effort, and can provide efficient patient care, too.

Last Updated on May 3, 2021

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