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If lockdown taught us anything, it was to take a long, hard look at our careers. Maybe we had to adapt to an industry that couldn’t function with a lockdown, maybe we were part of The Great Resignation, or maybe we decided working from home was quite cushy, actually. 

For many, they realized they wanted to make a difference and wanted to get involved in the medical industry. We all collectively decided we were bound for greater things and had to adapt to get there. 

The thing is that to get there; you might need some help. Self-improvement was also a big moment in lockdown culture. Some knit, some learned a new language, and some returned to school. If you weren’t one of those people, but you’re thinking about it now, consider our suggestions on how you can begin your health career via remote learning courses. 

If you’re looking to advance your nursing career and expand your work opportunities across multiple states, one essential step is obtaining a multistate nursing license. A multistate nursing license, also known as a compact nursing license, allows nurses to practice in multiple states without the need for individual state licenses. To learn more about how to obtain a multistate nursing license and start your healthcare career, explore remote learning courses and educational resources tailored to your nursing goals.

We’re breaking down all the best remote learning options so that you can gain the skills you need to get started within the medical industry. Of course, you may need some qualifications for some departments, but there will be general skills that help you along the way.

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If the health skill you’re looking for is related to nutrition, then you will benefit from Skillshare. This subscription-based platform offers you everything from health classes to nutrition courses, all in one place. It’s a good idea if you want to start your own Personal Trainer Business and you’d like to be more informed. 

You can learn key relevant skills on Skillshare and then train others, too, helping to get them more involved with your new health-related business. 


MasterClass is for people who want to learn from the proven best. The living elite of our time have recorded lessons in their field, including health, and uploaded them onto MasterClass for you to enjoy. This can help you learn from experts within the medical field, including those who are currently still active within the industry.

Some of them might not be the most useful thing to your career since you can’t learn to be a doctor from the platform, but there are relevant skills related to fitness and wellbeing that can serve you well in smaller, more realistic roles. This will be a great place to start, as you can learn the fundamentals of health and fitness, which can serve you well.

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Study Active

If you’re more of an active person and you like the gym, you might want to look into channeling that into a career. This is why many people look to become personal trainers.

By studying with Study Active, you can gain your qualifications in personal training, gym instruction, and nutrition. Turn that love of keeping fit into an income and keep yourself maintained in the process. There are levels to the courses with more involved skills, so you can expand your knowledge into nutrition, post-natal, mental health, supporting long-term conditions, etc., and become a specialist. 

Plus, unlike a lot of subscription platforms, you will have gained a universally recognized qualification that you can build a career from. 

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LinkedIn Learning

If the medical business aspect appeals to you, you should look into LinkedIn Learning. The world’s only business networking social media platform has a range of courses aimed at improving your entrepreneurial side. This could help you learn how to manage health businesses and become an effective leader. 

The courses are split into “business,” “technology,” and “creative,” separating the different aspects that are most helpful to running, or starting, a business. The “business” category offers you picks like “delivering an elevator pitch,” “learning personal branding,” or “leadership skills.” 

Meanwhile, the technology category focuses on IT skills of all kinds, and the creative category will show you lots of skills that might become useful in marketing. These are all skills that could serve you well in the medical industry, away from the physical side of things.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

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