Top Tips To Protect Hearing And Prevent Damage

Our hearing is something that’s very vulnerable, and if we don’t look after it, it can easily be damaged. From working in environments where there are loud noises to overexposure to sound when watching television at home, all can contribute to hearing damage.

With ageing being the main contributor to hearing loss too, it’s important to try and prevent it from happening or getting worse as we age. Here are some top tips to protect hearing and prevent damage. 

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Keep The Volume On Low 

When it comes to the television, many of us have the habit of turning the volume up. Whether it’s to maximize those loud action sequences in films or to play some music through the television’s music channels.

However, turning the volume up too loud and keeping it there, will damage the ears and eventually, the now loud volume will need to be turned up, even more, to be heard.

Keep the volume of the television on low, to prevent further hearing damage from occurring to those in the home and guests who come around.

Wear Protective Hearing Gear

To prevent hearing damage from occurring in the first place, wear protective hearing gear. This is particularly in the case of those who work in environments where there’s a lot of loud noise. For example, a work site where there’s loud machinery to event work where individuals may be working with big speaker systems.

This protective hearing gear is going to help prevent the damage from getting so bad that a hearing aid or two is needed.

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Keep Ears Free From Water And Dirt

Damage to the ears is not only done by sound but from foreign objects in the ear canal. Water can be the main problem for those who damage their ears through a perforated ear drum, for example.

Dirt in the ears that’s not cleaned out or water that remains in the ears can cause ear infections. Ear infections can lead to damage to the ear drums.

Consider Hearing Aids If Required

Hearing aids may be required for those who already have hearing damage and want to prevent it from getting any worse. As mentioned, hearing damage can get worse by further putting oneself in those situations where the ears are exposed to loud noise.

When it comes to hearing aids, protect your hearing aids by looking after them properly. Keeping them clean for example, will stop any risk of infections from happening.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your hearing aids or if you’re in need of professional advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to an Audiologist Los Angeles. They are experts in the field and can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to ensure your hearing health is well-maintained.

Take A Break From The Noise

In order to give the ears a break, take a break from the noise where possible. This might be taking some time off work or from listening to music on a mobile device through headphones every day.

Remember That Hearing Is Valuable

When it comes to protecting the ears, remember that hearing is valuable. It’s a loss that can happen with age anyway, so anything to prevent it from getting bad early on is useful to know and implement in daily life. Use all these tips above to help!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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