What Are the Benefits of CBD? [Revealed]

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CBD is a chemical constituent derived from the cannabis sativa plant. When it is utilized topically, inhaled as smoke, or taken as an edible, CBD engages with the neuroreceptors of your endocannabinoid system. 

This engagement facilitates the transfer of messages between your cells, assisting in the control of your mood, movement, overall balance (homeostasis), and the functionality of your immune system.

Assists in Enhancing Muscle Recovery

The ability for athletes to build up their physique largely stems from continuous training which strengthens our muscles to tackle increasingly difficult tasks. Yet, with these significant challenges comes the essential duty of muscle recovery. Allowing your muscles sufficient time to recover can enhance your performance and reduce injury risk.

However, this doesn’t necessarily imply you need to take a lengthy break for muscle recovery.

Recovery is crucial for both training and conditioning and all athletes, whether professional or casual, will discover that CBD lotion can augment this process. When muscles are exercised, they experience minor tears. The body rapidly mends these tears, leading to muscle growth. 

However, these same tears can result in delayed onset muscle soreness. Your muscles need to have ample healing time between workouts.

Regulates Your Mood 

The therapeutic use of CBD oil for mental health disorders is widely recognized, though it often leads to questions like will CBD make your eyes red?  Some literature on cannabis proposes that cannabinoids can benefit anxiety management, despite numerous warnings against cannabis use for individuals struggling with anxiety or depression.

These advisories are generally pertaining to specific types of cannabinoids. Research conducted in 2019 established that men who were administered a 300mg dose of CBD before delivering a public speech experienced less anxiety than those who received placebos. 

Further research indicated decreased anxiety levels in children suffering from PTSD after using CBD. In many instances, lower doses of CBD were found to be more effective in reducing anxiety than higher doses. 

Cardiovascular Wellness and Hypertension

Recent studies in 2023, as published by the American Society for Clinical Investigation, point towards CBD’s potential as a natural therapeutic approach to mitigate high blood pressure. One of these investigations found that using CBD oil decreased resting systolic blood pressure and stroke volume when tested on individuals under stress. 

The team of researchers inferred that CBD’s ability to manage anxiety was instrumental in reducing blood pressure, thereby promoting cardiac health. CBD oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes can also potentially ward off cardiovascular diseases.

Relieves Pain 

Even if you’re not a chronic pain sufferer, you might still experience the odd headache or backache. Research indicates that CBD could benefit many individuals grappling with severe chronic pain, including challenging neuropathic (nerve) pain

If CBD can effectively manage such intense pain, then addressing a mild headache or backache should be relatively straightforward. Try reaching for a bottle of CBD oil when you sense an impending tension headache and gently rub a few drops into your forehead and temples for a non-aspirin alternative to relief.


Initial studies indicate that CBD could potentially assist in treating various conditions, including pain management and epilepsy. However, it’s crucial to underline that determining the appropriate dosage of CBD can be challenging as the FDA does not oversee CBD products.

Last Updated on November 10, 2023

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