Will CBD Oil Help With Sleep?

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There are numerous people these days who suffer from insomnia or restless nights. About one-third of American adults suffer from these ailments. As per the poll in 2020, about 85 % of people feel sleepy throughout the day due to poor quality sleep during the night. Cannabis products could act as a magical medicine in this issue.

Cannabis oil is a promising agent for treating insomnia along with anxiety. Even though it does not have psychoactive properties, it still nourishes the body with a soothing effect. CBD tinctures also possess anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties, which enables a healthy sleep. But before getting more into “will CBD oil assist in sleeping?” we must answer the question, “what is CBD oil?”.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is oil that comes from the cannabis plant. It possesses several health benefits, mental and physical, such as reducing pain and inflammation. Two of the core compounds in marijuana are CBD and delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Both compounds have distinctive effects on our bodies.

The most active constituent of CBD oil is THC, which shows psychoactive properties. It causes a “high” sensation whenever a person cooks or smokes it. It is because THC starts breaking down with the application of heat. The patients can place cannabidiol liquids under their tongues with the help of a dropper. The oral mucosa in the mouth has tiny capillaries that can absorb the cannabis compounds quickly and easily.

CBD Oil For Sleep:

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Using CBD for enhancing sleep is quite widespread nowadays. Numerous patients who suffer from sleep disorders are repetitively reporting that CBD oil helps them fall asleep very quickly. It enables a long sleep and allows you to wake up fresh and calm in the morning.

However, for some users, CBD might prove out to be stimulating instead of sedating. It might be due to the specific CBD product they might be using. The dosage of CBD oil depends on how the cannabidiol contents react on the body. Using CBD oil helps in treating grogginess, excessive sleep during the daytime, and causes of sleep.

How CBD Oil Works For Improving Sleep

Numerous studies are taking place which concludes that cannabidiol oil helps in improving sleep. Studies claim that CBD oil helps cure sleep disorders as it cures the root causes of insomnia. This method of infusing cannabidiol is best, especially for those people who can’t consume capsules and pills.

The dosage of using this oil depends on many factors. These include personal body chemistry, body weight, and the nature of sleep disorders. In general, CBD oil is a faster method of infusing cannabidiol into the body.

However, doctors recommend initiating with a low dosage and then gradually raising the dosage until you come up with something that will work for you. Studies claim that using cannabidiol oil doesn’t always make an immediate difference in our bodies. Sometimes, it might even consume a month to make a difference.

CBD Oil Promotes Sleep By Helping With The Following Issues

Inflammation And Pain

Studies and research are consistently looking into the pain-relieving properties of CBD oil. A small study in 2020 focused on the use of cannabis oil on people suffering from peripheral neuropathy of the legs.

In this study, the patients with non-cancer peripheral neuropathy pain had dosages of about 250 mg or a placebo. After 4 weeks of the research, people could notice a significant reduction in cold, sharp pain, intense pain, and icy sensation.

The patients did not come up with any side effects of using this oil.

Anxiety And Depression

Many studies claim that cannabidiol oil shows promising results while treating mood disorders. It also reduces anxiety, which is a cause of public speaking. The participants in one such study had CBD oil before an event on public speaking. The study claims that people were feeling minor discomfort and anxiety after intaking CBD oil. Depression and anxiety are the root causes of insomnia. Thus, these two chronic ailments naturally cure sleep disorders.

Inflammatory Conditions

Numerous people are unable to sleep due to the presence of inflammatory skin conditions. CBD oil possesses several anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-cancer properties. Experts suggest that agents get active when the cannabis drug interacts with the skin’s ECS (endocannabinoid system).

Improving the following skin conditions helps in promoting a night of healthy and peaceful sleep:

  1. Skin cancer
  2. Acne
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Itchy skin
  5. Chronic or acute pain
  6. Atopic dermatitis

Eases The Effects Of Chemotherapy

People who have cancer are consistent patients of sleep ailments. Cancer treatments lead to vomiting, inconsistent sleep, and nausea. Doctors usually tackle all such side effects of chemotherapy with a pharmaceutical drug known as antiemetic. A study claims that compared to the placebo, a combination of CBD and THC to regular pharmaceutical drugs provides better protection against CINV.

Helps In Treating Substance Use Disorders

Substance use disorders are a significant hindrance to the sleep habits of an individual. It affects the behavior and brain of the person, making them unable to regulate the use of drugs and medicines. CBD oil helps in influencing such brain circuits and promotes sleep.

The Bottom Line

Insomnia is a troubling sleep disorder amongst people in the modern days. Usually, people treat it by intaking pharmaceutical medicines, which leads to behavioral and lifestyle changes. But many people are figuring out a natural solution for the same. Hence, they are repetitively shifting towards CBD or cannabidiol products.

CBD oil is widely in use for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits. People should always take the advice of their healthcare professional before deciding the dosage of the same. Apart from assisting in sleep disorders, it also solves other ailments such as anxiety, depression, appetite, etc.

The cannabinoids in the cannabidiol oil interact with the ECS in our bodies, helping maintain stability or homeostasis. Therefore, CBD oil can act as a magical and natural treatment for sleep disorders.

Last Updated on October 31, 2021

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