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The Best Vegan D3 And Why Vitamin D Is So Important

Best Vegan D3

The Best Vegan D3 and Why Vitamin D is so ImportantWhat is responsible for calcium absorption, a healthy immune system including cancer prevention, and possibly combats weight gain and depression? Vitamin D.It’s been quite the hot topic in the last year or two with new findings on how much we should be getting and how […]

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The Best D-Mannose Brand for UTI & Overall Health

Best D-Mannose

Best D-Mannose BrandFor UTI & Overall HealthTop Powder & Capsule OptionsAntibiotic resistance is becoming a major problem. Strains of bacteria that cause various health conditions, some of them very serious, no longer respond to antibiotics, which has been catastrophic for many. There are alternatives to antibiotics which can help to prevent more strains of bacteria following […]

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The Best Plant-Based Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnant woman on a white dress

The Best Plant-Based Prenatal VitaminsA healthy and balanced vegan diet is full of nutrients and it’s a choice that you can feel good about whatever your reasons are for being vegan.But one of the times when doubt starts creeping in and depending on how open-minded your friends or family are, you may get judged or […]

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Our Larabar Review of the 7 Most Popular Flavors

image of plate full of organic fruits, oats and nuts

Larabar Review of the 7 Best & Most Popular Flavors For Tasty Snacking (Pure, Simple and Gluten Free)Energy bars are the first option for many eating on the go or just before they hit the gym or even just for that afternoon pick-me-up. But many of these energy bars are full of sugar which results […]

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The Best Nut Choppers and Grinders (Electric and Manual)

best nut choppers and grinders featured image with assorted nuts on a table

The Best Nut Choppers and Grinders (Electric and Manual)Do you love nuts? But when it comes time to chop them, you either almost slice a finger off or just have no patience to chop and chop and chop and… well, we hear ya.Nuts are so versatile and full of nutrients like essential fatty acids, vitamins, […]

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The Best Vegan Toothpaste Brands With the Fewest Nasty Chemicals

image of vegan toothpaste tube and toothbrush

The Best Vegan Toothpaste Brands With the Fewest Nasty ChemicalsEverybody wants their teeth healthy, strong, white, and all there, but lately, toothpaste has become a whole lot more complicated than just picking a flavor and whether you want it to whiten your teeth or not. The fluoride controversy is still raging on.Plus most of the […]

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The Best Tofu Press According to Reviews

slices of tofu on a pan featured image

4 Best Tofu Presses To Remove Water Reviewed& Buying GuideIf you’ve tried to make tofu at home and it came out rather sad and flavorless, chances are you didn’t squeeze out all of the water. Tofu is a great way to get protein on a plant-based diet. It absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook […]

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