B-Nox (Bullnox) Androrush Pre Workout Review: Good Boost Without The Heavy Crash!

B-Nox or Bullnox Androrush is causing controversy across pre-workout reviews.

But don't let the two names confuse you.

B-Nox is the rebranded name for the same product so you might see both names still appear in searches and B-Nox pre workout reviews.

And so...

Re-branding confusion aside, there’s a reason why there are so many B-Nox Androrush reviews out there and we wanted to get to the bottom of whether or not this product lives up to the hype.

Let's go dive deeper into it. 

Company/Manufacturer Information

Betancourt Nutrition has produced a selection of pre-workouts to join B-Nox Androrush in their new range. The good thing about this selection is you can pick a pre-workout that does just what you want it to do.

From formulas for lean bulking to bodybuilding, this company has something for each body goal.

Personally, I always thought that a pre-workout was just for people who want to build muscle but this company shows that pre-workouts can be also be used for a range of purposes from weight management to performance enhancement.

This company aims to support the testosterone response to exercise with their pre-workout and are committed to creating products that serve the most advanced sports nutrition customers. In this B-Nox pre workout review, we’ll take a look at just how they achieve this.

B-Nox Androrush Pre-Workout

Now that we know a bit about the range of products offered by Betancourt Nutrition, let’s take a look at B-Nox Androrush pre workout in specific.

B-Nox Androrush Pre-Workout claims to tackle the problem with tolerance build-up to stimulants. The testosterone boosting blend promotes energy through enhancing aggression.

It might sound a bit scary but sometimes a bit of testosterone-fueled aggression is all you need to keep you going at the gym.

The combination of ingredients works to provide a sustainable energy rush which doesn’t leave you with a heavy crash or hype you up so much that you get jittery.

Featuring a range of blends, this pre-workout packs a lot of ingredients into a concise formula. Together they promise enhanced muscle synthesis, increased focus and improved endurance.

One serving is an impressive 18.1 grams but almost half of this is carbs instead of those high-quality active ingredients, which is probably why they can get 35 servings into a container for such a reasonable price.

Main features:

  • Testosterone boosting blend promotes energy
  • High carbs (10 grams per serving)
  • Promotes muscle synthesis
  • Increases endurance
  • Reduces crash
  • Large servings and lots of servings per container
  • Reasonable price

Nutritional Profile & Ingredients

At a decent 18.1 grams per one serving scoop, B-Nox pre workout offers 10 grams of carbohydrates and a blend of other ingredients to make up the remainder.

Unfortunately, a lot of these ingredients are lumped into different blends meaning we don’t know the exact quantity of each ingredient.

And with the majority of the serving being taken up by carbohydrates, we can’t see how you’ll get a decent dosage of those high-quality active ingredients.

smiling guy showing off muscles

The blends contain small amounts of essential ingredients such as BCAA’s, creatine, and beta alanine but you might not get the optimum dosage per serving.

Nevertheless, the proprietary blends in B-Nox pre-workout include a range of ingredients including Caffeine Anhydrous and Beet Root to make up the energy and endurance blend. Of course, the blend doesn’t disclose how much caffeine is in each serving so we don’t know whether or not this pre-workout is suitable for caffeine-sensitive individuals. 

The label does state that it contains 10mg of sodium and 35mg of potassium which work together to control blood pressure and keep energy circulating throughout the body during your workout. So that’s one plus.

Benefits & Effectiveness

In this B-Nox pre workout review, we pick out the key ingredients in this product and analyze their benefits. 


As part of the strength-endurance blend, beta-alanine improves stamina and general performance and is a popular ingredient among pre-workouts. It aids protein synthesis so your body can more effectively acquire energy from food, keeping you going throughout your workout. 

As part of the pre-workout formula we don’t know how much beta alanine you will get per serving. Other pre-workouts contain around 4g and B-Nox is certainly not packing this quantity.

Let's watch this interesting 60-second video clip about beta-alanine, below:

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 aids protein, carbohydrate, and fats metabolism and the creation of red blood cells which carry energy to your muscles. B-Nox contains 1mg of vitamin B6 which isn’t a lot but it works with the blends of other ingredients to improve both physical performance and mental focus.

Beet Root

As well as the usual caffeine anhydrous, the energy and endurance blend in B-Nox pre-workout contains natural beet root which recent studies have found can improve athletic performance. It also contains antioxidants which help to keep glucose and blood sugar levels low, helping to prevent diabetes.

Maca Extract

In the endocrine ignition blend, Maca Extract is supposed to aid the testosterone boosting qualities of this pre-workout and is traditionally used to enhance fertility. Aside from giving your sex drive a boost, it is also claimed to improve energy and stamina which is how it can help you in the gym.

Flavor, Mixability and Consistency

Across B-Nox Androrush reviews, customers agree that the texture is generally agreeable. Some would say that it can be blended by simply stirring but I would recommend using a blender especially if you are mixing it with fruit juices or milk instead of water, to make sure that you aren’t left with lumps at the bottom.

There are a number of flavors to choose from including Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Tropics, Watermelon, and Rainbow Candy. A lot of the flavors might sound overly sweet, but with no added sugars, this pre-workout has a refreshing taste and is just 45 calories per serving.

Side Effects/Safety

As with all our pre-workout reviews, we go the extra mile to make sure we address any controversy or problems with the products we review.

When it comes to taking any kind of pre-workout, always make sure that you stick to the recommended serving size.

The dosage of caffeine is not listed in this product so you might want to start with half a serving if you are sensitive to caffeine and see how you go. Sodium and potassium can also alter your blood pressure which can be dangerous for anyone who has experienced heart problems in the past.

It also contains artificial coloring but compared to other pre-workouts, which are often loaded with preservatives and sweeteners, B-Nox does pretty well on keeping the additives to a minimum. 

Lastly, some Bullnox Pre-Workout reviews suggest that the new B-Nox contains fewer ingredients than the previous version of the product so don’t expect too much value for the money from those blends.

If you want to compare that to other pre-workouts not mentioned here, please go and check out our article on the best pre workout categorized based on the specific needs of every individual. 


You can purchase B-Nox Androrush directly from the Amazon for 27.99 USD for a 35 serving container. This works out to just 0.80 USD per serving making B-Nox one of the cheaper pre-workouts out there in full range of flavors.


Not quite convinced by the blends that make up B-Nox Androrush? Here are some alternatives to compare it to.

Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout

In comparison to B-Nox, Pre-Kaged is a more natural option with no added artificial flavors or sweeteners. You can expect to pay a bit more for these natural ingredients as Pre-Kaged is currently at 39.99 USD for 20 servings.

Cellucor C4

This is a pretty generic pre-workout which is popular for its simple formula and low price which is more comparable to B-Nox. At just 24 USD for 30 servings this is a pretty good deal and with just 150mg of caffeine this is a less stimulant heavy option.

PEScience Prolific

If you’re looking for a caffeine boost on the other hand, a good alternative is Prolific by PEScience which contains a hefty 320mg of caffeine. Again, this is a little pricier at 34.99 USD for 20 servings.

With all these alternatives I've mentioned above, you might still be on a lookout for an extreme pre-workout formula that can be more suited for you, so I took the time to have it ready for you, too, in one of our articles here in Healthlisted which is the 1mr vortex review. You'd be glad to check it out.

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Pros and Cons of B-Nox Androrush


  • Testosterone boosting formula provides energy
  • Very affordable
  • Contains a range of ingredients
  • Low calories


  • Proprietary blends meaning quantity of active ingredients could be low
  • High carbohydrate ratio per serving
  • Lack of transparency on label

Should You Get B-Nox Androrush?

B-Nox Androrush performs pretty well across pre-workout reviews. It gives users a good boost without a heavy crash or jittery feeling and promises a testosterone boost which increases energy and endurance using a range of ingredients.

The only problem is we don’t know exactly how much of each active ingredient we are getting because of those ‘special’ blends and at such a low price, I wouldn’t be surprised if it contains very low dosages of what you really want from your pre-workout: high-quality active ingredients.

If you are just starting out with pre-workout, this is a pretty safe and affordable option for beginners, but for professionals, it might not quite hit the mark.

Last Updated on August 26, 2020

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