Best Workout Glove & Hand Grip Options For CrossFit & Pull-Ups Reviewed

There are two things that all CrossFitters can agree on.

First, CrossFit is tough.

Second, CrossFit is an absolute unmerciful hell for your hands. Many CrossFit exercises like pull-ups cause friction blisters, rips, and tears.

For high repetition exercises, wearing weightlifting gloves will stop you from ripping your palms, and ultimately improve your workout performance.


For CrossFitters with lives outside the gym, it is important to not only have full functioning hands in the gym but also for everyday use.

Having hands that don’t look like they have been through a meat mincer is pretty important.

With that in mind, below are the 5 best workout gloves for CrossFit. Each one has been tested and used over a variety of WOD’s and represent the best CrossFit gloves for both women and men.

5 Best CrossFit Grips & Gloves Reviews





Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Gloves

Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Gloves

Emerge Fitness Crossfit GripsRelaxed Sleep Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow

  • Breathable grip/wrist wraps are perfect palm protectors for men and women
  • Protect your palms during high rep workouts
Gym Paws Leather - Neoprene Weightlifting Grips

Gym Paws Leather – Neoprene Weightlifting Grips

Gym Paws Leather – Neoprene Weightlifting GripsThe Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

  • Genuine Leather Lifting Grip
  • 4 Finger Loops
  • Designed for high-performance and comfort
The Gripper Glove Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves

The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves

The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard WOD Workout GlovesSleep Innovation Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

  • Microfiber; 40% Synthetic Leather, 50% Lycra, 10% Silicone
  • Independently moving hexagonal shaped silicone pads
  • Preferred for WODs, hanging bar work, rope climbing, kettle bells & rings
WODies 2in1 WOD Grips by Jerkfit

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips by Jerkfit

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips by JerkfitBoomerang shaped Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  • Provides a “natural glide”
  • Washer dryer safe
  • Proudly 100% MADE IN AMERICA
Strong Grip Cross Training Gloves By Mava Sports

Strong Grip Cross Training Gloves By Mava Sports

Strong Grip Cross Training Gloves By Mava SportsSleep Right Side Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow

  • Made from neoprene and reinforced with a split leather layer
  • Velcro closure straps helps you adjust your wrist wraps
  • Anti-sweat neoprene material

1. Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

These weightlifting gloves with integrated wrist support by Fit Active Sports are great for CrossFit.

They are designed for use by both men and women and provide the best grip of all the gloves tested….by far.

As verified by Keenan Walsh from Muscle Evolved, “they are the best CrossFit workout gloves for CrossFitters who don’t want calluses and blisters.”

Blisters can be a BIG problem for CrossFitters.

However, the Fit Active Sports CrossFit Gloves have just the right amount of padding and full palm and thumb protection to fully protect your mitts.

They offer perfect support and cushion to protect the hand and wrist during body weight exercises, as well as weight lifting exercises.

The gloves are made from premium quality silicon printed Neoprene and have reinforced stitching. An added bonus to these gloves is that unlike other lifting gloves the dye does not bleed.

The material in the palm of the glove will not slide like many cheaper gloves do during a workout. The built in support wrist wrap also gives extra stability during training.

These particular weightlifting gloves are minimalist and lightweight yet very robust. Their grip will be able to provide your hands with comfort and support. When it comes to the palm grip, it is constructed from cushioned leather, covers a large area and will provide you with the right mix between comfort and functionality.

If you’re like me, then you’ll also love their open-air breathability that will keep your fingers and palm from overheating and getting sweaty or stinky.

They are easy to slip on and off and they might just be what you want to enjoy your workouts at the gym. The manufacturer supports these gloves with a 100 percent money back guarantee and it comes at a great price.

2. Gym Paws Leather – Neoprene Weightlifting Grips

Gym Paws Leather - Neoprene Weightlifting Grips

These weight lifting grips are for CrossFitters who don’t like wearing full-on gloves while working out, but also don’t want blisters.

The Gym Paws Leather – Neoprene Weightlifting Grips are the best alternative available on the market today. They are the original leather gym glove alternative, and are utilized by many CrossFitters.

They have a great cushion which help prevent blisters on the palm of your hands. If you struggle with having extra sweaty hands while wearing CrossFit gloves, then these grips will be a great alternative for you.

Your hands won’t sweat as much when using these grips because they do not cover your entire hand, just your palms. They are moisture resistant, taking sweat away from your grip so that it stays drier than if you were using a typical CrossFit glove.

The 4 finger loops also guarantee that they will stay in place on your hand, even if the palms of your hands are sweaty. The gloves are made from top quality, military grade neoprene as well as tensile steel thread. They are extremely durable and can be used during your CrossFit training for years.

They are awesome for heavy weightlifting, as they protect your fingers and joints when grasping, pulling or pushing. When using free weights and kettlebells the strong grip allows you to lift more and helps increase forearm strength. They also make the best CrossFit rope climbing grips.

They give you the ability to quickly move from different movements without having to take a break to readjust your grip. Plus, you can easily and quickly slip them on and off and put them in your pocket or gym bag when you are done with your CrossFit workout. This is a great product for serious CrossFitters!

3. The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves

The Gripper Glove Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves

The Gripper Glove by Fit Four are minimalist CrossFit gloves that excel during hanging bar work, rope climbing and heavy weight lifting.

CrossFit is killer on your hands, especially when you really start pushing yourself at a higher pace and heavier weights.

These unisex gloves have a compression fit and have a thin material that only cover the top part of your palm, staying firmly in place on your hands. They won’t move around even when you’re doing serious kipping or kettlebell work.

To help maximize your grip they have independently moving hexagonal shaped silicone pads built in to their design, which reduces the chance of slipping or ripping.

These gloves do an amazing job of protecting you from the great majority of the abuse that your hands will take. They excel in protecting your palms at the base of your fingers, as this is where you get the most damage to your hands and calluses form.

4. WODies 2in1 WOD Grips by Jerkfit

WODies 2in1 WOD Grips by Jerkfit

The WODies Gloves by Jerkfit are made to reduce hand tearing while adding critical wrist support during killer WOD’s. They have cut finger holes for a snug fit, and are best used with plenty of chalk.

They’re handmade from high quality, hypo-allergenic latex free woven elastic and are specially designed to absorb friction. These CrossFit gloves lay flat on your palm to prevent punching and pinching during intense workouts, which will help reduce your chance of getting blisters or calluses.

These gloves are made from durable, fully stretchable neoprene that absorbs chalk and sweat, giving you extra grip. The material is sturdy, yet flexible, so the gloves will remain tight on your hands no matter how much you move on the bar.

They’re also washable and breathable, which will help keep nasty bacteria away. Wearing these during your WOD, you’ll never have to worry about friction on your palms only the burning in the rest of your body.

The extra wide wrist wraps provide great support when doing kettlebell swings and enough padding for kettlebell snatches. They also provide much needed wrist support when you’re doing cross-movement exercises like pull-ups, to cleans and squats.

They are very easy to use, comfortable, and provide great hand protection during bar work. They will help you take better care of your hands, allowing you to improve your performance.

5. Strong Grip Cross Training Gloves By Mava Sports

Strong Grip Cross Training Gloves By Mava Sports

The Mava Sports CrossFit Gloves are great for CrossFit training because they are versatile enough that you can use them on kb swings, lifts, pull-ups, and just about anything that will potentially rip and tear up your hands.

They are made from neoprene and are reinforced with a split leather layer and extra leather padding. The material is so comfortable and it has a nice tight grip due to its unique palm design.

Another bonus to these gloves is that the anti-sweat neoprene material keeps your gloves and hands dry. The oversized wrist wrap also supplies maximum stability, giving you confidence for that last rep.

These gloves will save your hands from blisters and calluses, especially during those longer WOD’s. The material is thin enough to allow you to feel the bar during lifts, but thick enough to where you don’t need to worry about rips and tears.

Factors to Consider When Buying CrossFit Gloves


Material of the gloves is very important to remember when you are shopping around. The thicker and stronger the material, the more durable it will be.

The glove material also has to be comfortable too.

For durability and comfortability, leather material might be the best option though Neoprene is also proven to be long-lasting.

Buckle vs Velcro

When it comes to whether to go for buckle or Velcro, it will depend on your personal preference.

If you decide to get a buckle grip, it is important to remember that they are made more secure and less likely to come out while you are working out.

This has made them be highly valued by most professional athletes. For Velcro grips, they are easy to adjust and at an overall, more comfortable.

Either way, you will reap the many benefits of utilizing gloves in your next workout:


Before you commit your money to purchase hand grips you will have to ensure that you are buying the right size for YOUR hands.

In order to determine the size of your hand, you will need to take a measuring tape and measure the length from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

You will then have to compare this measurement with the size charts provided for each product you are considering purchasing to choose your correct size.


Choosing a brand that is right for you might not take first priority when you are considering purchasing your hand gloves but still, very important.

Those brands which are considered to be best have to take great care in having the best materials and most efficient manufacturing processes while making them.

When you choose to purchase from a brand that is well-known and renowned will assure you that, you are going for the correct and best pair.

Along those lines, let me mention my favorite pull-up band for resistance training; one that’d surely push you to the limits!

Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to find out if your CrossFit gloves are best is to go through online reviews of those who have already used them.

The CrossFit gloves reviews provide a unique perspective into how great (or poor) the grip is, providing you with great information which you might not have found in the production description.

Based on the above, working on strengthening your grip through exercise is a key factor to consider. I’d also suggest that you wear your crossfit wrist wrap before an intense workout to prevent the risk of injuries.

And as an added info for the ones concerned, there are crossfit shoes made for the flat feet ones of us, so consider our review of that and go full gear with your cross training!

Oh, before we get this to a wrap, let me mention…  Arm yourself with elbow compression sleeves, too. They’re a great addition to your workout essentials. It’s not only to protect you from pain or injury, but it also helps with good blood circulation.


I recommend the Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Gloves as the number one choice for comfortable workouts and preventing blisters. A pair of them will get the job done at an affordable price

For those CrossFitters who want to lift heavy and who don’t want to be sidelined from a future workout or struggle through one because of avoidable painful rips and blisters, wearing the best gloves for CrossFit will be the solution.

The best CrossFit shoes protect your feet, while the best gloves for CrossFit do the same for your hands.

The pull-up gloves and grips reviewed in this article show the gloves that offer the best hand protection for CrossFitters that want blister- and tear- free hands.

Last Updated on January 9, 2024

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