Review The 5 Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss to Stave Off Hunger & Suppress Your Appetite

Do you find preparing a meal stressful or eating your daily dose of calories a struggle?

Perhaps you simply want to shed a bit of weight and stave off the craving for a treat...

That’s alright.

Meal replacements (aka appetite suppressants) are easy-to-prepare shakes that get you the nourishment you need without having to settle for junk food, coffee or worse still - an empty stomach.

Today, meal replacements aren’t just liquid-flavored foods meant for ailing or obese people. They can also be used by athletes to boost their energy and nutrient levels without getting bloated from solid foods.

Getting the best weight loss shakes that suits your taste and needs can be a lot of work in such a crowded and semi-regulated market.

Plus, you don't to waste your hard earned cash on a foul-tasting product that will just end up in the trash.

Stay calm.

To make things easy, I have reviewed & compiled a list of the best appetite suppressant shakes with tasty flavors whether you have a sweet tooth or want a vegan option.

Try reading the info below before you make your choice.

Product Details
1. IdealShake

Weight Loss & Appetite Control

  • Smooth & Creamy
  • No Chemical Aftertaste
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2. SlimFast Original

Tasty & Healthy

  • Tastes Great
  • Suppports Healthy Diet
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3. ViSalus VI-Shape

Supports High-Protein Diet

  • Cake Mix Flavor
  • Promotes Fat Loss
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4. Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Totally Vegan Ingredients

  • Rich Earthy Flavor
  • Low In Protein
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5. GNC Total Lean

Good Product But Lacks In Taste

  • Not Too Filling
  • Rich In Protein
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Top 5 Appetite Suppressant Shakes

1. IdealShape Shake


Our Verdict: Best Overall

IdealShape Shake ranks pretty high in customer reviews for taste, with most users finding it creamy and without any chalkiness or chemical aftertaste.

I’ve tried several of the IdealShake flavors and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were.

You won't have to worry about fighting anymore cravings because this shake makes you feel like you're cheating!

Its smooth taste is accompanied with 11 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and half of the daily requirements of 20 minerals and vitamins.

In terms of appetite suppression, I would say that for a full 3 to 4 hours after having an IdealShake, I was still feeling full and nicely energized.

That puts IdealShake at the top for the best appetite suppressant shakes for weight loss and appetite control.

2. SlimFast Original

SlimFast Original

Our Verdict: Best Hunger Blocker

It’s no surprise that SlimFast makes a list of tasty and healthy shakes for long-term weight loss. 

Customer reviews consistently attest to the great taste of each of its flavors (the chocolate being my personal favorite).

As far as nutrition goes, Slimfast has 10 grams of protein per serving, along with 4 grams of fiber and one third the recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals to support an overall healthy diet.

This dietary supplement is a strong 200 calories per serving and most users report feeling full for three to four hours. It’s definitely one of the top hunger blockers when compared to other brands and formulations throughout the industry.

3. ViSalus VI-Shape

ViSalus Vi Shape

Our Verdict: Best Tasting

ViSalus VI-Shape is among the tastiest of healthy meal replacement shakes because of its awesome cake mix flavor (and who doesn’t like the idea of drinking cake mix?)

Let me be quick to point out though, each serving is only 90 calories, has 12 grams of a soy protein and whey protein blend, and has less than 1 gram of sugar – so, it’s tasty minus the extra calories.

ViSalus’ admirable ingredients include an impressive protein blend, 23 vitamins and minerals, soluble fiber, probiotics and calcium. It supports a high-protein diet to promote body fat loss and long-term weight loss.

I have to join the majority of customer reviews and say that as a hunger suppressant, while it doesn’t feel as filling as a regular meal, it does stave off hunger for much longer than I thought it would.

4. Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Our Verdict: Best Vegan

I must admit I am not a fan of Amazing Grass Green SuperFood’s taste. I was quite surprised, though, by the number of customer reviews that thought its rich earthy flavor was a real selling point.

Hence, it made its way onto my best meal replacement shakes for weight loss list. 

Nutritionally, it's made with totally vegan ingredients and provides 5 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables to give you antioxidants, soluble fiber, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

As an hunger suppressant, its impressive fiber content really does the trick to curb cravings. For weight loss, it's definitely worth a try. One of the 10 flavors may be to your liking or you could have it in a smoothie to improve the taste.

Unlike the other best hunger control shakes, this dietary supplement is low in protein with 2 grams per serving. If you're trying to maintain a high-protein diet, this supplement might not be for you.

On the other hand, if your goal is to consume more plant-based protein and nutrients, this may be the perfect product for you!

5. GNC Total Lean

GNC Total Lean

Our Verdict: Best Protein-Rich

In the taste category, GNC Total Lean Shake was a bit lacking, but much better tasting than many others I have tried. 

I would say its taste is more in the realm of protein shake than meal replacement (due to its remarkable 25 grams of protein per serving), but it also contains impressive quantities of 24 minerals and vitamins.

That puts this whey protein powder squarely among the top meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

For blocking hunger, I found other users agreed with my observation that it fell a bit short and may not be the best hunger blocker shakes. It didn’t quite fill me up and after a couple of hours I had the urge to grab something else to eat.

Why You Should Consider
Meal Replacement Shakes

Like I said earlier, they aren’t good for people with eating disorders or obese and elderly people only.

In fact, if you are human and you eat and need calories (small or large) then you should consider meal replacement shakes.

Perhaps the most important reason to start taking meal replacement shakes is if you can’t prepare the healthy foods you need and don’t want to settle for the extremes of junk or nothing.

For instance, a pregnant woman who needs an extra 300-400 calories who can’t eat junk or is too tired or even irritated by food might have to take a serving a two per day to stay nourished, filled and healthy.

Unsurprisingly, if you need to lose weight, then you probably should consider having one. However, you shouldn’t mistake them for some magic fat burning serum. You still need to adhere to a strict diet to see its effects.

two green smoothies in glasses

Can These Shakes Fully Replace Meals?

It is possible to have a diet of only meal supplements to shed a significant amount of weight faster.

This kind of appetite suppressant is called “full formula” and is prescribed by a physician or available at a weight loss center.

However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t go down this path unless you have an exceptional condition like obesity. 


Stick to taking meal replacing supplements only in a portion of your daily calorie intake unless you have a need for more extreme intervention.

Special Circumstances FAQ

Is It Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women complain of nausea and not being able to eat well enough as a result.

If you aren’t able to eat well for one reason or the other, then you can consider using a meal supplement to help.

They help you provide the added calories, vitamins and minerals without having to eat a bunch of whole foods you don’t have an appetite.

But, you should consult your doctor before using to be sure the ingredients are safe for you and your baby.

Can A Diabetic Person Use It?

Absolutely. Weight loss is an important therapy for overweight or obese individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

study revealed that following a strict portion controlled meal per day and supplementing with meal replacement shakes twice a day helps a lot.

It can help you lose up to 6.7% of body weight in 2 weeks. This, in turn, improves glucose tolerance, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

However, it is best to opt for a product with low or no sugar alcohol.

Essential Ingredient Composition To Look For In An Appetite Suppressant

The last thing you want to do is fill your belly with a product that will do you more harm than good. To avoid such a scenario, you have to check the composition of the ingredients in any meal replacement supplement before you buy.

So, the best hunger control shakes should meet these requirements:

  • 15-20 grams of protein per serving
  • 3-5 grams of fiber per serving
  • 100-230 kcals per serving
  • 10 grams of sugar or less
  • Not less than 33% of your daily value for vitamins and minerals
  • Contain wholesome ingredients like vegetables and nuts
  • No corn syrup
  • No excess chemicals and additives

If you get a shake that meets this requirement, you can be sure to see good effects after using.

When Should I Use It and How Long Does It Last?

Most times, it depends on your schedule. But if you are looking to lose weight, you shouldn’t take within one hour of bedtime.

The best time would be for breakfast when you find it the most difficult to prepare a meal.

Also, you should have a meal replacement shake for lunch before having a proper meal. In fact, most studies on obese individuals replace breakfast and lunch of respondents with a hunger control beverage.

Now, how long does each shake last?

It usually takes about 15 minutes before you start feeling full. This sensation of fullness can last up to 2 hours before you start feeling relatively hungry again after 3 hours of consumption.

Guidelines For Taking Meal Replacement Shakes

Once you’ve considered using these hunger control drinks, you should know a thing or two before and while using them.

#1 Steer Clear of Shakes With Extra Sugar and Artificial Ingredients

Don’t use meal replacement shakes with more than 10 grams of sugar. It does more harm than good for a person trying to lose weight.

Also, some shakes contain ingredients like chemical preservatives, corn syrup, artificial flavors and so on. Your best option is to pick a shake that’s high in protein and contains several grams of fiber as stated earlier.

#2 Stick To A Healthy Diet

While meal shakes may help you lose weight, they only do so by helping you stay filled and nourished without having to eat junk foods or meals.

So, drinking a meal replacement shake and eating a Big Mac and Coke afterward won’t help you lose weight. You have to stick to a reduced calorie diet program. 

And since we're talking of a healthy diet, I might as well mention that keeping your digestive system; your colon,in tip-top condition is an important part of losing weight the proper way. 

That being said, you may also want to try a quick 9-Day Cleanse that we reviewed. My personal favorite is actually the Dutch choco flavor. Or you may want to find out why I couldn't give a total thumbs up to this quicker but fancier Blueprint Cleanse product. 

#3 Don’t Live Off Your Meal Replacement Shakes

I can’t stress this enough. 

Don’t completely replace your whole foods with appetite suppressant shakes. 

Even if you are an obese individual, having 2 portions a day with a small-portioned wholesome meal is enough to see significant changes in a few weeks or months.

Totally replacing your meals without medical advice may starve you of vital nutrients.

Now that you know the basics of how these products help control hunger, check out this video for a few additional bad habits they remedy as well:


“Tasty” and “meal replacement shake” don’t usually end up in the same sentence, especially when talking about using protein shakes to lose weight. We normally expect, that in order to give us the nutrients we need, these products would have to sacrifice good taste for descriptions such as “chemically”, “metallic” and “gritty”.

Our #1 choice - The IdealShape Meal Replacement - however prove that in some cases you can have your (sugar-free flavored protein) cake and eat it too! 

Some of the best hunger blocker shakes to lose weight on the market not only help with appetite control and good nutrition, but also provide the great tastes we’ve been looking for.

For many of us weight loss has always been a struggle and meal replacement shakes can offer some real help when traditional diet and exercise just isn’t enough. It’s even better they make with your belly and your taste buds happy!

Last Updated on July 20, 2020

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