How To Create A Healthy And Tasty Wedding Menu

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If you are one of the two million couples getting married this year, you know that offering a show-stopping wedding menu is key to hosting a successful wedding celebration. 


If you want to offer your guests healthier options you don’t have to worry about compromising on taste, quality, or variety. Think about fresh locally sourced salmon washed down with a cup of delicious green tea, followed by a colorful fruit platter. From tasty appetizers to a stunning desert, you can have a wedding menu that’s packed with both delicious and nutritious food. 

Here’s how:

Source Local Food

The average wedding in the US generates 63 tons of CO2 and 400 pounds of garbage. The amount of emissions produced by one wedding is the same as what five people produce in one year. Locally sourcing the food for your wedding menu can help to offset the environmental impact of your wedding

While the food will have less distance to travel, eating local is also much tastier and healthier. Ripe fruit and vegetables are packed with nutrients, lower levels of pesticides and fertilizers. Food reared locally also tends to offer higher levels of animal welfare.

Provide Plenty Of Fruit And Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables should make up at least half of your wedding menu as these are packed with all kinds of nutrients that will boost your health and that of your guests. But that doesn’t mean your menu has to be boring or unadventurous by any means. 

Consider offering pan-seared vegetables, sauteed green beans, Caesar salads, steamed asparagus, or vegetables with a tasty dip. Meanwhile, your fruit options can include fruit skewers or fruit and dips.

Opt For Whole Grains And Healthy Proteins

Whole-grain foods also contain fiber, minerals, and protein, just like fruit and vegetables. These nutrients are important for preventing heart disease and diabetes and promoting healthy digestion. Add quinoa, brown rice, or whole-grain rolls to your menu. 

You can even add whole wheat to your desserts as you can use it in cakes, cookies, and even pastries. It’s also good to add healthy proteins to your menu as this is important for healthy skin and strong bones. Good sources of healthy proteins include nuts, eggs, seafood, and beans.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

A healthy wedding menu doesn’t stop at the food. You also need to think about the drinks you provide. Most sodas contain artificial flavors, sugar, and corn syrup. So not necessarily the healthiest options. 

While you may wish to offer some classic soft drinks, providing healthy and delicious drinks is also a good idea. Consider offering flavored waters, iced tea, hot tea, or even hot chocolate made from organic chocolate. 

Your wedding menu should taste great and make your guests feel good. Fortunately, a sustainable and healthy menu doesn’t mean you don’t have to compromise on flavors. You can create a balanced menu packed with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins that are both healthy and delicious.

Last Updated on October 15, 2021

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