How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Cardiovascular Diseases

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Nowadays, even though people have become super conscious about fitness but still, diseases are on the rise. The main reason behind this is the poor diet and lifestyle choices. 

That’s why:

Some people are fitness freaks and they try to starve themselves while some people just do not give up on carbs which leads to obesity. Due to such reasons, after the age of 50, people start getting cardiovascular diseases which may include heart attack, blood clotting, or high blood pressure. 

Types Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular disease is generally associated with conditions of the heart and blood vessels. When fats are accumulated inside the arteries and blood starts clotting then it leads to cardiovascular disease. There are many different types of heart diseases. 

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1. Peripheral arterial disease

It is the most common heart disease where fatty deposits are building up inside the arteries due to which the blood is unable to supply to the legs. In this condition, the patient feels difficulty in walking and pain in the legs which disappears after a few minutes of rest. 

The symptoms may include numbness in the legs, hair loss on the legs, ulcers and changing the skin color on the legs, etc. It can be treated by adopting a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, and giving up alcohol. 

2. Coronary Heart Disease

Also called ischaemic heart disease, this illness seems to have affected the most number of people throughout the world. Its symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, pain throughout the body, and dizziness. It usually occurs due to blood clots in the arteries, smoking, and heavy consumption of alcohol. 


Doctors usually prescribe Xarelto to treat such illnesses as it prevents blood clots in the arteries and is used to thin out the blood. If you have such an illness and want to treat this condition then you can get a free coupon for Xarelto 20mg from Pricepro pharmacy on the consultation of your doctor. 

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3. High Cholesterol

When your body has too much fatty substance called cholesterol in the blood then its build-up leads to blockage in blood vessels. High cholesterol may lead to a chance of a heart attack or heart failure. 


The main causes behind this condition are less physical activity, poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, and being overweight. When a person is obese, the fats may prove to be harmful to the condition of the heart. Green tea and exercise are healthy options if you want to reduce weight. 

4. Heart Failure

When the heart is unable to pump a sufficient supply of blood to the body then it results in heart failure. It does not mean that the heart stops working instantly. It means that it needs some kind of support to pump the blood throughout the body. 


It is a long-term condition that can become worse over time if not treated properly on time. People with a weak heart must follow a healthy lifestyle for it to work properly. Eating healthy vegetables and fruits and exercising regularly can keep the heart healthy. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2022

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