What Are the Top 25 Most Awesome Coffee Blogs?

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Top 25 Best Coffee Blogs

If you love coffee (read: you're a human), these are 25 of the best coffee blogs from around the world. There is so much great content out there that is all about coffee. From information on coffee growing and the farming industry, to coffee roasting, as well as home brewing guides and product reviews, there are blogs that will interest everyone from coffee newbies to experts.

Want to learn a new brewing technique? Need a new coffee maker but don’t know which one to choose? How about trying a new recipe using coffee? Traveling to a new city and want to know about the coffee scene there? The top coffee bloggers have answers to all these questions. Read about the best coffee blogs and get your follow on!

Top 25 Coffee Blogs

(These blogs are not listed in any particular order.)

1. Dear Coffee, I Love You

Dear Coffee I Love You

Why you should follow: Founded and edited by Brian Jones the Co-Founder of Supersonic Coffee, DCILY has been featuring articles including gift guides and product reviews for coffee lovers since 2009.

2. Perfect Daily Grind

Perfect Daily Grind

Why you should follow: Since January 2015, Perfect Daily Grind has been providing news and information on the specialty coffee industry, as well as information on brew methods, industry tips, helpful videos, and a global events calendar.

3. Sprudge


Why you should follow: Sprudge uses a worldwide network of writers to cover coffee culture, news, and events. Their interviews are interesting, and their city guides to the coffee scene are a great resource for travelers.

4. Coffee Brew Guides

Coffee Brew Guides

Why you should follow: Garrett Oden writes detailed reviews of a multitude of brew methods from French Press to Chemex, as well as other coffee industry related articles.

5. Pure Coffee Blog

Pure Coffee Blog

Why you should follow: Bill, a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, writes first-hand experiences and reviews, including ratings of coffee (and tea) establishments and products. You can even search reviews using a map of the United States.

6. jimseven


Why you should follow: London-based James Hoffman has been writing about coffee since 2004. He was the World Barista Champion in 2007. Do you listen to podcasts? jimseven offers one for the coffee lovers. His blog is ad-free and paid review-free. If you hate ads as much as I do, this should be a big plus!

7. The Coffee Compass

The Coffee Compass

Why you should follow: Darren Jennings, Michael Butterworth, and Stephen Lee run The Coffee Compass, blogging about all aspects of craft coffee from farming to brewing. They also review coffee gear and cafes worldwide.

8. I Love Coffee

i love coffee

Why you should follow: Ryoko Iwata calls herself “the caffeinated Japanese lady who runs I Love Coffee.” Her blog covers anything and everything about coffee. She also has I Love Coffee online shops for mugs and coffee-related prints and published an illustrated book called “Coffee Gives Me Superpowers.”

9. INeedCoffee


Why you should follow: Michael Allen Smith started INeedCoffee to “celebrate excellent coffee.” The blog wants to help home brewers enjoy better coffee through tutorials on coffee roasting and brewing. A coffee grind chart helps you find the right grind level for your brewing method.

10. Daily Coffee News

Daily Coffee News

Why you should follow: Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine covers news and articles for specialty coffee industry professionals. Topic categories include roasting, retail, origin, industry, and culture.

11. The Coffeetographer

The Coffetographer

Why you should follow: The Coffeetographer is a beautiful blog with writing and photography to explore coffee culture through articles as well as art, music, fashion, film, and travel.

12. The Way to Coffee

The Way to Coffee

Why you should follow: The Way to Coffee discusses coffee places and coffee roasting around the world. Coffee shop reviews are organized by continent. Gorgeous pictures accompany blog entries on coffee worldwide.

13. Morning Wood Coffee

Morning Wood Coffee

Why you should follow: Morning Wood Coffee actually sells coffee products, but their blog features a collection of delicious coffee recipes with everything from hot chocolate coffee to fried coffee and coffee milkshakes.

14. Fried Coffee

Fried Coffee

Why you should follow: Amit writes coffee and coffee machine reviews as well as coffee recipes at Fried Coffee. His blog also has general coffee industry articles and information on coffee and health.

15. Home Grounds

Home Grounds

Why you should follow: Alex sets out to help the average person brew and enjoy better coffee. Resources include articles on “Steamed Milk vs. Foamed Milk” and “The 5 Best Coffee Storage Containers of 2016” and reviews of coffee and espresso machines and grinders.

16. We Love Coffee Makers

We Love Coffee Makers

Why you should follow: The name of Mark’s blog might make you think his blog only features coffee maker reviews - and yes, they are there - but there’s so much more: tips and tricks, buying advice, and information on coffee beans and grinders.

17. The Coffee Concierge

The Coffee Concierge

Why you should follow: Start on this blog by selecting the type of information you are looking for: coffee maker reviews, information on coffee, or learning how to make better coffee. One unique and interesting section of the blog is coffee experiments (e.g., should you preheat thermal carafes).

18. Brewing Coffee Manually

Brewing Coffee Manually

Why you should follow: Forget the automatic coffee machines and take time to slow down and enjoy the coffee brewing process with John, a father and air traffic controller as well as a coffee aficionado. Topics range from the best water to use to brew coffee to how to make an Affogato.

19. Coffee Nate

Coffee Nate

Why you should follow: Nate Smith’s blog is full of video tutorials, commentary, and product reviews for all things coffee. His coffee brewing and roasting guides are make the process approachable even someone new to specialty coffee.

20. Make Good Coffee

Make Good Coffee

Why you should follow: The Make Good Coffee Co. roastery is located in San Diego. The blog helps coffee lovers learn to choose coffee and make coffee and includes reviews and coffee facts. Take the coffee quiz to find the right coffee match for you.

21. Coffee Cantata

coffee cantata

Why you should follow: Margaret is a freelance musician from Dallas/Fort Worth and her passion for music has extended to her love of coffee. Check out her “Gold Star Posts” for some of her favorite coffee-related posts.

22. Coffee Review

Coffee Review

Why you should follow: Coffee Review is like the Wine Spectator of coffee review guides, with coffee reviews, ratings, and reports. There are great free articles on the coffee industry. Unfortunately, much of the coffee review content requires a subscription.

23. MokaBees


Why you should follow: MokaBees is a Portland, Oregon-based blog with recipes, reviews, and how-tos. The video guides and accompanying articles make it easy for beginners to understand all different types of coffee and brew methods.

24. KC Coffee Geek

KC Coffee Geek

Why you should follow: Steve writes about coffee from Kansas City. His guide to the coffee scene in Kansas City is extremely comprehensive, but beyond that, he has coffee reviews from around the U.S. and the world organized by state and country.

25. Coffee Stylish

Coffee Stylish

Why you should follow: Danijela’s blog focuses on coffee making at home. Her collection of recipes is delicious - iced caramel latte = yum! She also has fantastic guides for cleaning coffee makers and grinders.


26. Coffee In My Veins

Coffee in my Veins

Why you should follow: Coffee in my veins is a site by coffee enthusiasts(read: addicts) for coffee enthusiasts(read: addicts). Whether it's choosing a good espresso machine, getting hooked to black coffee, or even munching on coffee beans, they've got it all.

The Last Drop

Of course, there are many more great coffee-related blogs out there, but these are 25 of our favorites. Follow these bloggers so you stay up to date on the latest tips, techniques, and tastes!

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