Top 5 Best Women’s Pre Workout Supplements & Why Ladies Love Them

After a long day, it is tough enough just getting your butt to the gym.

Not to mention having the energy to really make the most of your precious exercise time.

girl drinking a shake at the gym

Ladies, I get it.

And you’re not alone.

Luckily, there is no shortage of options to give you a motivation boost when it comes time to hit the treadmill or step into your favorite group class.

The best pre-workouts for women are designed to provide the essential compounds you need for a quick pick me up to boost performance. Did you think they are just for guys?

Guess again.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to women’s pre-workout supplements. And even better, in this review we narrowed down the overwhelming list to the only products you should consider for your next training session.

Fitmiss Ignite Women's Pre-Workout & Energy Booster
    HIT Supplements Women-Only Igniter Extreme
      Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer
        SHREDZ Made for Women Line (BCAA + Glutamine)
          NLA for Her Uplift Rasp Lemonade Diet Supplement

            Why Should Women Use A Pre Workout?

            Having a career as a full-time mom or a full-time worker - or a combination of the two! - is exhausting...

            Whether you prefer to wake up before dawn, or hit the trails after picking up the kiddos or heading home from the office, your energy level is probably not at its peak when you need it the most.

            That’s where the benefits of pre-workout supplements come in.

            While you shouldn’t take one before every single training sesh, they are specifically formulated to provide a much-needed energy boost which acts as rocket fuel when you really need it.

            In addition to the Wonder Woman style strength and intensity, they also help improve mental focus so you can concentrate intensely on each exercise as you work towards your fitness goals.

            So, brace yourself for more focused energy around the corner.


            Pre-workouts are taken before partaking in a fitness or athletic endeavor and work to help boost energy, focus, strength, and stamina throughout your workout when you need it most.

            Common Misconceptions

            There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around any kind of supplement, but especially ones targeted towards us fitness fanatics.

            It doesn’t help that most pre-workouts are geared towards males, with images of Hulk-like physiques gracing their labels and ads. This can understandably make the ladies out there hesitant to try these special drinks since most women aren’t trying to build huge muscles.

            Let’s cover a few key points on why you shouldn’t be scared away from these supplements and bust some myths.

            Myth #1: Pre Workouts Are Just For The Boys & Will Make Me Too Bulky


            While it is true that most marketing efforts by supplement companies are executed with men in mind, women can benefit from the promised performance gains as well.

            Most pre-workouts are focused on providing extra energy and not necessarily more muscle mass.

            This means they can help people from both genders work towards their goals.

            woman using TRX straps with personal trainer
            What’s the Difference Between Supplements for Men & Women?

            There is a lot of overlap in the best options for the ladies and fellas out there, with adding ingredients like caffeine and nitric oxide common across most products.

            However, male-focused supps also contain testosterone-enhancing ingredients.

            The main differentiator in choosing the right pre-workout is to take a step back and think about what you are trying to accomplish i.e., what are your fitness goals? 

            If you are primarily strength training and lifting heavy weights with the intention to build muscle, then creatine-containing formulas are your new BFF. Creatine is a known strength-enhancing compound (source), so make sure the label mentions creatine in order to benefit from those #gains.

            If you are not trying to increase muscle mass and are seeking to lose fat, just stay away muscle-building products and stick with those free of compounds like creatine, fenugreek, D-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, and DHEA. Instead, seek out fat-loss blends which enhance weight loss and help to sculpt a more lean and toned body.


            When considering a pre workout, don’t think about men vs women. Instead, consider your goals and if your priority is increased strength or enhanced fat loss.

            Myth #2: Pre Workouts Aren’t Safe Or Healthy for Women

            Let’s be honest: anything can become unsafe if not used as intended. We’ve all had paper cuts, right?

            Jokes aside, it is a valid concern to wonder about the efficacy of pre-workouts on your health.

            After all, we are looking to enhance performance here, not deteriorate our long-term health in exchange for short-term gains.

            Luckily, results from multiple studies (like this one and this one) indicate there isn’t much cause for concern when these supplements are used according to instructions regarding recommended dosages.

            There are a few circumstances to watch out for:

            • If you are pregnant or nursing, avoid pre-workouts. Most are *probably* safe, but none of the studies include pregnant women so the effects to the baby are unknown. Better safe than sorry in this department!
            • If you are taking medications, read the label carefully. Some pre-workouts (but not all) have disclaimers stating that if you are taking an MAOI or similar drug, to not use that product. Ensure your medication is fully compatible with the pre-workout you are considering taking.


            Most pre workouts for women are safe as long as you follow the instructions and read the label first before consuming.

            Myth #3: I Will Get Jittery/Hyper and Unable to Sleep

            This is a valid concern. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that not all pre-workouts are created equal. Also, not everyone reacts to stimulants the same way.

            For instance, you probably know someone who can have a couple of cups of coffee after dinner and fall asleep just fine - whereas if you even just look at a steaming cup of joe after 11am you will be laying in bed counting sheep for hours that night.

            While it is true that most pre-workouts do contain caffeine (it is the most popular psychoactive compound in the world after all), there are caffeine- and stimulant-free options available.

            coffee dripping into a mug

            Regarding getting hyper, the whole point of taking a pre-workout is to experience a boost in energy in order to smash out a solid workout. So that little dose of temporary “hyperness” is just another form of extra energy that provides massive benefits.

            This really comes down to how sensitive you are to caffeine. If you get wired from a single cup of coffee, then you will want to avoid stimulating substances later in the day.

            *Bonus: How to Use Caffeine to Your Advantage

            Here are a few strategies on how to make sure stimulants are your friend and not a foe.

            You can use caffeine to your advantage if you workout in the morning, and get an early dose of caffeine before exercising instead of from your regular cup of coffee or tea.

            Natural caffeine is what you want here, not the artificial kind that will give you wings ;)

            Start off with trying out only a small dose of the pre-workout supplement such as only one half or one-third of a serving. Once you confirm that there are no negative consequences, you can up the dose and/or start taking it later on in the day.

            Look for another compound called L-Theanine on the ingredient list. This unique component combines well with caffeine to reduce its absorption and negative effects. L-Theanine is naturally found in green tea and is one of the main reasons that people do not experience “crashes” from green tea, unlike coffee.


            When using caffeine, start with small doses and take it earlier in the day. Also, look for supplements that combine caffeine with L-Theanine to reduce negative effects.

            What Should Women Look For In Pre Workout Supplements?

            Now that you know pre workouts are safe, not just for men, and won’t keep you up all night, let’s dive into the details on how to choose the right supplement for your specific needs.

            As mentioned above, to find your “Goldilocks” supplement you need to keep in mind your fitness goals.

            For Building Muscle:

            If you are striving to gain strength and you aren’t a heavy cardio enthusiast, then ingredients like creatine and amino acids (aka protein) are your friend.

            If you experience bloating issues, try switching to a pre-workout with lower levels of creatine.

            For Burning Fat:

            If your number one goal is to burn fat, then look for supplements with high levels of caffeine, B-vitamins, and other energy-promoting ingredients. You’ll want to avoid creatine.

            5 Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women

            1. Fitmiss Ignite Women's Pre Workout & Energy Booster

            Fitmiss Ignite Women's Pre Workout & Energy Booster

            Our Verdict: Best Overall

            Fitmiss Ignite Women’s Pre workout is specially designed to take care of women’s fitness needs.

            This product works well even if you don’t go to the gym regularly and are looking for a supplement that you can take on and off, only before going for a workout once a week.

            Fitmiss is good for providing both initial and long-term energy with its 100mg of caffeine per serving coupled with beet root extract.

            The product contains well-balanced ingredients that burn fat and help in toning your muscles. Beta-alanine, natural amino acids, and L-Carnitine are some of the powerful ingredients the product includes.

            This really is the best workout supplement for women looking for a performance boost.

            2. HIT Supplements Women-Only Igniter Extreme Pre-Workout Powder

            HIT Supplements Women-Only Igniter Extreme Pre-Workout Powder

            Our Verdict: Best For Tough Workouts

            Well unlike so many other top pre-workout supplements for women, this product is for girls who want to train hard at the gym. If you go to a gym regularly and want quick fitness results, then HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme is a good choice for you.

            This product is a good fit for any woman who wants extensive workout routine at the gym. It gives you extreme mental focus and great energy.

            The product contains BCAA’s, a powerful amino acid that will help you achieve a great physique in no time.

            3. Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer

            Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer

            Our Verdict: Best Natural Option

            Red Leaf Pre-Workout is free from harsh stimulants and is preferred mostly by the health conscious women. Red leaf Pre-Workout contains unique natural ingredients like green tea and raspberry ketones.

            Red Leaf Pre-Workout is not exclusive to women and is targeted at both men and women. However, women do tend to love the all-natural citrus flavor range of the product and this is a great pre-workout drink for women.

             Overall it gives quite satisfying results if you are looking to burn that extra fat and strengthen your body. You will feel a reduced fatigue level and lasting stamina with the use of Red Leaf Pre-Workout.

            4. SHREDZ Made for Women Line (BCAA + Glutamine)

            SHREDZ Made for Women Line (BCAA + Glutamine)

            Our Verdict: Best for Strength

            SHREDZ supplement is another contender for the best pre-workout for women. It is packed with powerful ingredients that give you a great boost for your workout.

            The product comes in two exciting flavors: Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade. It contains a unique combination and blend of ingredients that give you fast energy.

            The formula of SHREDZ Supplement contains a variety of amino acids that help build and maintain your muscles when you work out. In my opinion, this product is quite effective for women who are looking for a supplement that helps in building muscle strength.

            5. NLA for Her Uplift Rasp Lemonade Diet Supplement

            NLA for Her Uplift Rasp Lemonade Diet Supplement

            Our Verdict: Best for HIIT Training

            NLA for Her Uplift Supplement is exclusively designed for a woman. If you have a busy schedule and need a good amount of motivation for a workout then this product is for you.

            The main thing about this product is it is specially formulated to give you increased amount of energy without the use of any harmful ingredients.

            If you want to tone your muscles and burn calories on a daily basis, and looking for a supplement that provides you enough motivation then Uplift can surely help you.

            It contains proteins that help in fast twitch muscle fiber activation. Providing added energy for a powerful workout.


            If you are a woman, you must know how you have different fitness goals compared to most of your male friends. Ladies typically focus on burning calories and toning their body rather than building massive muscles and maximizing strength.

            Therefore, you should look for a pre workout supplement that is free from the compounds that are present in supplements designed for men.

            Although there is no harm in adopting those supplements as well. There are different supplements available for your unique fitness needs and there are a lot of information available on how to choose pre-workout supplements for women.

            There are hundreds of different formulas available these days for your fitness needs and I suggest you choose a nutrition source that suits you to perform your very best!

            Last Updated on July 12, 2020

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