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Master Perfect Footwork With The Best Boxing Shoes

When you think of boxing, many people imagine two men in a ring throwing punches at each other. Fair enough, this is a part of boxing, however, many people forget the importance of footwork. Without proper footwork, the fighter places himself in a vulnerable position for strikes and knock outs. As a boxer, it isn’t […]

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Comparison Of Best Punching Bags In The Market

You may think, a punching bag is just a punching bag. But there isn’t just one type of punching bag. On the contrary, there are various punching bags on the market which are designed for different needs. Punching bags are used in training to tone, increase muscular endurance, condition the cardiovascular system, increase tendon, and […]

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Wear The Best Boxing Headgear To Avoid Knockout Injuries

Your legs tremble beneath your weight and your vision begins to fade, and before you know it you’ve hit the floor — lying unconscious.This is the harsh reality every fighter faces. Whether you’re just sparring or actually facing formidable opponents, you’re going to get hit in the face eventually, but with the right equipment and […]

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Best Heavy Bag Gloves For Long Training Sessions

Do you have yourself scheduled for some long and enduring training sessions? If so, you’ll need a pair of gloves that will provide you proper wrist support to avoid injuries. When doing bag work, you’ll need a pair of gloves that will absorb the impact while protecting your hands. Bag gloves are specific for heavy […]

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Develop Your Fighting Skills With Best Sparring Gloves

If you’re interested in combat sports, then you know that sparring is a huge part of the training. Combat sport typically involves various mixed martial art movement and practices. During training, sparring is used to combine the techniques learned in a “free-form” fight. Sparring is used as an educational tool to connect the techniques learned […]

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