How to Choose A Thermogenic Pre-Workout To Maximize Fat Loss (Plus Top 5 Picks)

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Today, the fat burning pre-workout supplements market is FLOODED with a variety of products. 

They work by boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, boosting energy or through blocking the absorption of fat and carbohydrates–which leads to extra weight loss.

More on this in a sec...

However, just swallowing a supplement won't guarantee the best outcome. You do need to put in the work too!

But for sure, a high-quality fat burner will certainly make your journey much, much easier.

The best pre-workout supplement products are not only designed to boost your fat-burning, but also to control your appetite while boosting energy levels. 

Here's why:

To torch the calories and still get the most from them, it's critical that you use a supplement for that is well-formulated with quality active ingredients.

The 5 best pre-workout fat burner supplements, guaranteed to give you great results, are listed here:

5 Best Fat Burner Pre-Workout Reviews

1. Quality Encapsulations 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA

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Our Verdict: Overall Best

This is the one of the only fat burner pre-workout brands that comes formulated with 60% HCA -- guaranteed.


Because it is totally free of fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients or unknown compounds. 

It has been designed to block the formation of new fat cells in your body. It will also block those carbs from becoming unhealthy fat.

Pure Garcinia is a powerful appetite suppressant, making it an ideal weight loss product for you. 

It reduces food cravings and enhances serotonin levels in the brain which boosts your mood.

Best of all is that 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia is designed for maximum absorption so that it assures you of quick results!

2. NatureWise CLA 1250

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Our Verdict: Best Non-Stimulating

Are you keen on losing weight and building lean muscle mass?

Then NatureWise High Potency CLA Supplement is your answer! 

It reduces your body fat mass by decreasing the stored fat after eating, and is proven to enhance your rate of fat metabolism and fat breakdown.

NatureWise CLA 1250 is completely natural and non-stimulant. It contains zero synthetic chemicals, is Gluten free and uses 100% pure safflower oil.

The supplement provided by this remarkable product offers a sensible and simple alternative to eating food high in saturated fat.

NatureWise is the ultimate partner in your overall calorie burning and weight loss plan.

3. Vintage Burn

image of vintage blast pre workout pills

Our Verdict: Best for Strength

If you're in the market for the best fat burning pre-workout product that maximizes strength and power output, you've found it! 

Vintage Burn is an extremely effective fat burner, specifically designed to preserve your strength and muscle while efficiently converting any stored fat into useful energy.

One of the key Vintage Burn benefits is how easy it is to use.

This supplement is exclusively made using premium ingredients like green tea extract and Garcinia Cambogia. These are proven to assist in burning your stubborn belly fat, improving mood, energy, and mental focus.

Vintage Burn has been rated as the world's premier muscle-preserving body fat burner. Why not try it today? You will be glad you did.

4. Sheer Thermo

image of sheer thermo pre workout

Our Verdict: Fastest Working

Designed to be the most effective thermogenic pre-workout fat burner for weight loss, this quality product works to fight fat in your body through the most effective, natural and safe ingredients.

Each Sheer Thermo Thermogenic ingredient is hand-selected for unique abilities. These include cutting your body fat while preserving your lean muscle. 

It also enhances your cognitive function making it possible to burn fat faster.

The Green Tea catechins directly attack belly fat, while the Yohimbe ingredient boosts your levels of adrenaline.

The outcome: more aggressive workouts, high energy, and faster breaking down of excess fat cells.

Within the first couple of days of taking Sheer Strength Thermogenic, you’ll see the difference!

5. Cellucor Super HD Thermogenic Fat Burner

image of cellucor super hd fat burner pre workout

Our Verdict: Best Appetite Suppressing

Cellucor Super HD is a remarkable sculpting and fat burner pre-workout supplement. It has a unique ability to help in turning your body into an efficient calorie-burning machine.

It brings together unique ingredients for boosting your energy and focus.

The special ingredients in Super HD work fast to assist in your fat burning efforts, boost mental energy, memory, and concentration.

Green Tea in Super HD is a recognized natural metabolism booster. 

Another ingredient, Slimpro, is derived naturally to assist your body in triggering a feeling of satiety that helps in controlling appetite.

You are going to love how you feel with Super HD!

What Exactly is a Thermogenic Pre-Workout?

Pre-workouts are taken before a training session in order to boost your energy and focus to deliver your best performance.

When taken correctly and in the appropriate dosage, they help you workout harder and longer than normal–which over time greatly compounds your results. And who doesn’t want faster results?

Thermogenic pre-workouts differ from standard supplements because they have the added bonus of being designed to also raise your body temperature.

This higher temp speeds up your metabolism via the process of thermogenesis, which sounds like something you learned about in chemistry class.

What Is Thermogenesis & How Does It Boost Fat Loss?

Thermogenesis is the process of generating heat by boosting metabolism. This creates an internal environment in your body that makes it conducive to burning fat.

You know how you tend to eat more food in the winter months?

This is because your body is in overdrive to maintain your body temperature during the cold weather, which is why experiences such as cold showers and ice baths are lauded for their intense thermogenic effects...

Luckily, you can skip those chilly showers since it has been scientifically proven that thermogenesis can be induced effectively by diet alone–which includes pre-workouts!

Popular & Effective Ingredients To Look For

While most regular pre-workouts will contain similar ingredients, the hybrid thermo supplements have additional compounds to look for.

There can be some overlap in which ingredients help give you more energy and which ones are used for thermogenesis, but below we’ve listed the main ones to look for.

So, when you read the label of a so-called thermogenic fat burner, be on the lookout for these main key ingredients to get the results you are looking for:


Our good friend caffeine is found in virtually all pre-workouts, and for good reason.

Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world and has several fat loss promoting effects.

It has been shown to boost your metabolic rate and overall fat oxidation. Additionally, caffeine will stimulate the production of adrenaline and increase your aerobic capability and power output.

While caffeine and other stimulants are great when taking in the morning, be careful to avoid too much caffeine later in the afternoon/evening as it will keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep and hamper your recovery.

Green Tea Extract

What is green tea not good for?

You’d have search far and wide to find the answer to that question, but luckily you don’t have to look far to find a fat burner pre-workout containing this compound.

The polyphenol and catechin antioxidants in green tea extract make it a good alternative to coffee-sourced caffeine since they support the health of your nervous system instead of overstimulating it and potentially making you jittery.

Capsaicin / Cayenne

Capsaicin is one of the best-known thermogenic compounds and is the active ingredient which makes red chili peppers so hot. If you’ve ever eaten spicy food and started sweating, you can thank capsaicin for your misery.

Be on the lookout for either “capsaicin” or “cayenne” listed on the ingredients. Note that if your pre-workout supp doesn’t contain capsaicin, you can still get it in your diet in the form of a good hot sauce or salsa.

Just be careful to not overdo it with this fat burning compound as too much capsaicin can give you stomach problems. So it is best to avoid large amounts, especially within 2 hours of bedtime.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a fatty acid typically found in animal products such as beef and dairy.

It has been found to target fat deposits, promote muscle tone, and boost metabolism.


L-carnitine is an amino acid that plays a large role in boosting metabolism and energy production.

It does help with fat oxidation by driving fatty acids from the bloodstream to the mitochondria, where they can be used for energy. Also well-known for enhancing mental focus.

How To Maximize Your Results From Thermo Pre-Workouts

When To Take

Like most pre-workout supplements, you’ll want to take it about 30 minutes before your training session.

This is just enough time to start feeling the effects so you can get your pump on, but not too much so that the effects start wearing off.

Also, on rest days you can take it 30 minutes to an hour after waking up to still get the metabolism boosting effects.


Due to the (typically) added caffeine, avoid taking in the late afternoon or evening, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine’s stimulatory effects.

How Much To Take

Exact dosages will vary depending on which product you opt for, but in general you will just need to take 1 serving of the tablet, capsule, or powder.

Cycling Your Dosage

While I would love to tell you that you can and should take a thermogenic fat burner every single day, the reality is that you need to cycle it.

This means using for up to 6-10 weeks in a row before taking a 4-6 week break before using again.

Here's the deal:

The reason is that you want to avoid developing any dependencies or tolerances to any of the ingredients–especially caffeine.

Basically, if you start noticing the effects to be less and less each time you use it, that is a good sign that you should take a break.


Though it is tempting to just up the dosage if you are not getting the full effect, this will only worsen your tolerance and overload your body so please don’t take more than the recommended amount indicated on the package.

Thermogenic Pre-Workout Benefits

So we’ve already touched on how thermogenesis is a natural fat burner, but what else can these pre-workout supplements do?

As a recap, here is a summary of why other gym-goers love them:

  • Boosts metabolism for 24/7 calorie burning
  • Increases focus & energy levels
  • Improves workout performance
  • Suppresses appetite

What Are The Side Effects?

If you read the benefits above thinking “there must be some side effects to these things!” you’d be right.

Here are the common culprits:

  • Lack of sleep / difficulty sleeping
  • Dehydration
  • Jitteriness / anxiety

But luckily, the above unwanted reactions are minimal and easily avoided...

Here’s why:

Caffeine content is the main contributor to the unwanted effects, so they will be greater if you are not accustomed to consuming caffeine. As mentioned earlier, avoid consuming this powerful stimulant later in the day in order to get restful sleep.

On a related note, if you aren’t used to taking caffeine, start by slowly ramping up your dosage up to the recommended amount over a period of 1-2 weeks.

Since thermogenic supps up your core body temperature (not to mention how much harder you will be working out and burning extra calories!), you will naturally sweat more and need to drink more water.

Be sure to drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day to stay hydrated as you don’t want dehydration to hamper your performance and limit your gains!


In your efforts to gain a strong body and lean muscle, intense training and a healthy diet are your most powerful tools. You can jumpstart your diet with healthy snacks from our comprehensive list of 99 options right here: ​​​​

However, a good pre-workout supplement for fat burning can greatly boost the effects of your hard work, giving you additional firepower to get rid of unwanted body fat.

If you are into losing weight and burning fat, you also may want to make sure you do cardio work where you raise your heart rate for a prolonged period. Look at our list of supplements for cardio right here.

Similar to all life aspects, you reap what you sow, and the same principle applies to acquiring lean muscle. You can't just pop a pill or powder and expect to achieve your dream body without proper training and suitable nutrition.

Fat burners work in concert with your other efforts to give you the results you want.

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