The Best Rose Water Facial Sprays & Organic Toners From The Most Trusted Rosewater Brands

Either you love the smell of roses or you hate it.

Well, perhaps you feel indifferent about it. But no matter how you feel about the smell of fresh roses, you can agree that rose water is pretty great.

It works well as a toner AND can help your skin age more gracefully. That alone makes it a great option when you want to replace chemical-laden products.

More on this in a bit...

Getting the real thing without added alcohol or other nasties can be hard. Less reputable brands simply use water and add some synthetic rose fragrance and market it as rose water.

That's no bueno for consumers like you and me.

So we’ve researched the most common brands and options around to ensure choosing the best rose water product isn’t a time-consuming chore for you...

...and more importantly so you don't end up with a fake product or one that contains ingredients that do more harm than good.

The 5 Best Rose Water Brands to Consider

1. Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

Our Verdict: Best Organic & Budget-Friendly


  • Rosewater


  • 100% pure (distilled!)
  • Cruelty-free
  • Certified organic
  • The roses used are from Bulgaria, known for its beautiful flora
  • May be helpful for aging skin
  • Can work as a makeup setting spray
  • Suitable for culinary use
  • Refreshing, especially on hot days when kept in the fridge
  • May be helpful for acne.
  • Can help to hydrate dry skin
  • The bottle is BPA-free
  • May help to soften hair and freshen it up. May be especially good for curly hair
  • Comes in 8 fl.oz or 17 fl.oz


  • The bottle is plastic
  • Some batches of this product may have been rancid as they didn’t always smell good

2. Rose Water by Leven Rose

Rose Water by Leven Rose

Our Verdict: Best for Skin & Hair


  • Rosewater


  • 100% pure (distilled)
  • Cruelty-free
  • The scent is subtle
  • May be helpful for oily skin
  • Can help to ease skin irritations
  • May hydrate dry skin
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean
  • May help the overall look of your skin
  • Can help to improve scalp health and moisturize hair
  • Doesn’t interfere with makeup and can help set makeup
  • Comes with a convenient spray nozzle
  • The bottle is dark glass for better preservation


  • Not certified organic (Leven Rose say the roses are all grown organically)
  • Cannot be ingested
  • Comes in 4 fl. oz bottle but it’s best kept refrigerated so it’s not a great option for travel

3. Poppy Austin Rose Water

Poppy Austin Rose Water

Our Verdict: Best Toner


  • 100% pure distilled Rose Water (Rosa Damascena) 120 ml / 4 fl oz


  • 100% pure (distilled)
  • Cruelty-free
  • May help to lessen redness
  • Can make skin more supple and reduce pore size
  • May help soften and balance dry, oily, and combination skin
  • Can help to clear off residual dirt and makeup
  • Can help to brighten the skin
  • May be helpful for acne
  • Mild to medium strong scent
  • Long lasting
  • Comes in a dark glass bottle


  • There is no dropper or spray nozzle, so using it can be a little tricky
  • Not certified organic (but Poppy Austin say the roses are grown organically)
  • The product doesn’t always arrive sealed
  • Only comes in 4 fl.oz but is tricky to use on the go

4. Teddie Organics Organic Rose Water

Teddie Organics Organic Rose Water

Our Verdict: Best for Face


  • 100% pure organic Rose Otto Flower Water (Rosa Damascena)


  • 100% pure (distilled)
  • Cruelty-free
  • May minimize pores
  • Can be helpful for rosacea and red skin in general
  • May soothe irritated skin
  • May reduce acne
  • Can hydrate dry skin
  • May prevent razor burn
  • May be helpful for oily and combination skin
  • Comes in a dark glass bottle
  • Has a convenient spray nozzle
  • 4 fl.oz, useful when traveling


  • Sometimes the nozzle doesn’t work correctly
  • Not certified organic (Teddies Organics say the roses are grown organically)

5. Teak Naturals Rose Water

Teak Naturals Rose Water

Our Verdict: Best Facial Spray, Great for Travel


  • Rosewater


  • 100% pure (steam distilled)
  • Cruelty-free
  • The scent is subtle
  • May help to minimize pore size
  • Can help to hydrate dry skin
  • Can help with balancing oily skin
  • May soothe irritation and itching
  • May help to reduce acne
  • May reduce redness
  • Comes in a dark glass bottle
  • Convenient spray nozzle
  • 4 fl.oz, great for traveling


  • Not certified organic (Teak Naturals say the roses are grown organically)
  • It’s rare but sometimes the nozzle arrives broken or doesn’t work like it should

How to Choose Authentic Rose Water
Products that Actually Benefit You

There are many different formulations of rose water.

Some will have nasty chemicals that you are better off avoiding, and some might have other ingredients that add even more benefits.

It all depends on what you want...

rose with water drops

Ingredients to Avoid

The chemicals listed below are either common allergens (which may only affect some people) or endocrine disruptors (something everyone should watch out for).

Your endocrine system is responsible for hormone balance.

These chemicals commonly affect estrogen levels, usually mimicking it in the body.

Whether you are a woman or a man, you don’t want excess estrogen in your body. Thyroid hormones are also affected by these chemicals.

If your body is struggling to get rid of these toxins, it can lead to health problems down the road.

You aren't guaranteed to develop a hormone imbalance from these compounds, but cases of hormone imbalances are at an all-time high to the point where most people, even doctors, believe that it’s normal...

But it isn’t and decreasing your overall exposure helps, even if it only seems like a little bit.


  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrance (usually listed as fragrance, parfum, or perfume)
  • Synthetic colors (rose water looks like water)
  • PEG (e.g PEG-40)
  • Triclosan
  • Alcohol
  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Preservatives

What You DO Want to See on the Label

When you read the ingredients list, look for:

  • Distilled rose water
  • Rose hydrosol
  • Rose extract
  • Fungicides
  • Rose oil

The top two ingredients are the best options (hydrosol is another word for steam distilled and floral water).

The rose hydrosol should be at the top of the ingredients list.

Ingredients are usually placed in descending order of the quantities used to make the product.

Other Helpful Ingredients

WThis depends on what you want to use the rose water for.

For example, glycerine might make it more hydrating, witch hazel helps to control oil better (but avoid witch hazel if you have rosacea, it will just aggravate it).

You might also find essential oils or herb extracts added as they have all sorts of benefits like controlling oil, hydrating, combating acne and aging, providing extra protection against germs, improving circulation, etc.

The Importance of Organic Products

Whichever type of rose water you buy - whether it’s plain or has added ingredients - try your best to look for organic products.

Bear in mind that some manufacturers do grow their roses organically but either because of the costs or other complications, they may not have their product officially certified.

Every part of the process needs to be organic, and they generally are. But if the company is using a third party plant to distill the roses and it doesn’t meet the strict requirements this causes problems with the certification.

The bottom line is, always buy from reputable companies. Usually, these companies provide other products that are organic and that is a good sign.

What to Use Rose Water For

Rose water has so many uses due to its various benefits.

For Face and Skin

Rose water can be helpful if you are struggling with rosacea and/or have naturally sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This is why it’s also helpful for acne.

If you have the misfortune of getting sunburned, pop the rose water in the fridge till it cools, then spray some on your sunburn to soothe it. And if you want to hide those undesirable marks on your face, a vegan concealer that won't hurt your skin is most recommended.

Rose water may also help your skin to age better...

This is because rose water also has some astringent properties to help tighten the skin and pores but it does so without being too drying.

For Hair and Scalp

Rose water may be useful for dandruff and other fungal and bacterial conditions. It is a great addition to your vegan shampoo and conditioner.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help to soothe a damaged scalp.

And a healthy scalp means healthier hair.

Rose water may also be helpful for the actual hair strands too. Even if it's not, it sure helps your hair smell nice! Don't want your hair to literally smell like roses? Give jojoba oil a try instead.

For Stress and Anxiety

Using rose water for aromatherapy purposes has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress.

You can either spray it on your face or you can steam your face with the rose water.

For Wounds and Pain (Including Burns!)

Due to its potent antimicrobial properties, rose water helps to keep wounds free of germs.

On top of this, it also has analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. In this study, 5 drops of Damask (the type of rose) rose essential oil was mixed into distilled water.

Some burn patients (a few had second-degree burns, and others even had third-degree burns) then inhaled it before getting their wounds dressed.

The placebo group only inhaled distilled water.

Compared to the placebo group, there was a significant difference in how much pain was felt.

The rose oil group clearly experienced less pain.

While they used essential oil here, one of the rose water toners above will work as well since the beneficial compounds are transferred into steam during the distillation process.

Naturally, as the steam condenses, the water is the end product that you use.

DIY Personal Care Products

Rose water can also be used to make your own shampoo, conditioner, face wash, masks, toners, and hand washes.

Unless synthetic fragrances are added, rose water generally doesn't work well as a perfume as the scent goes away quickly.

This is why it's great for those who don't want to smell like a bouquet roses.

For Culinary Purposes

Drinking rose water may sound strange but pure rose water is actually used in food, particularly Middle Eastern cuisine.

Turkish Delight is a delicious treat that is often made with rose water (vegan kinds use cornstarch, not gelatin). It can also add a delicious flavor to teas and juices.

Try adding a few drops in your lemonade!

Rose water is a good source of antioxidants and it can help with keeping blood sugar levels under control. It can also be used as a laxative to relieve tummy aches. You can also try gargling with it if you have a sore throat.

All that's mentioned her and many more vegan products that we have reviewed is a big help to the environment. Let us all promote veganism, be it for beauty, health and almost everything! 

Our Top 3 Picks

  • The best organic and budget-friendly option: Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water. You can use it on your skin and hair and you can use it in your food and drinks. It’s organic and is also one of the more affordable options. What a bargain!
  • The best for cosmetic purposes: Rose Water by Leven Rose. It addresses a wide range of issues and because it may even help to set your makeup, this is a great option for looking your best.
  • The best for traveling: Teak Naturals Rose Water. While 4 fl.oz may be slightly over the requirements for air travel it is still small enough to carry around or take along on road trips or other methods of travel and has a convenient spray nozzle.

Do you have a favorite brand or have you tried one of these? Let us know in the comment section below.

Last Updated on July 20, 2020

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