Vega Protein & Greens Powder Reviews, Weight Loss Potential & Side Effects of This Popular Vegan Option

Essentially, the problem with plant-based vegan diets is that you might struggle to get enough  calories or protein daily.

Taking a protein supplement can help you meet your daily nutrition requirements as well as build muscle. Vega provides plant-based supplements which are vegan certified and help you to reach your workout goals without sacrificing your vegan diet.

In this review, we will look at Vega Protein and Greens to see how it compares to other protein powders on the market and what makes it stand apart.

General Info About Vega

Vega has been making entirely vegan and plant-based supplements since 2001 and is now a respected company in its niche.

As well as protein powders, you can find pre-workouts, shakes, snacks and bars which are all vegan certified and made from ingredients sourced from Earthbound Farms.

Co-founder Brendan Brazier, a professional triathlete, found early on that natural plant-based foods could provide just as much of a buzz as artificial stimulants in other protein powders.

After this discovery, Brazier worked to create natural products for athletes which are vegan, gluten free and good for your body and the environment.

Although Vega offer a whole range of products, our review will focus on Vega Protein and Greens.

Vega Protein and Greens Overview

Vega Protein and Greens provides your body with 20 grams of plant-based protein, which covers a decent portion of you daily recommended amount, which is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

Each portion is 110-120 calories and contains under 1 gram of sugar. It also contains a whole load of real plant-based ingredients including pea protein and cocoa powder.

Protein powder can be used to build muscle and aid weight loss. It also helps to repair the muscles after exercise reducing muscle soreness.

Vega Protein & Greens Protein Chocolate flavor

Depending on how you use it, protein powder can help you to bulk up or lose weight.

However, other protein powders might contain artificial flavours and sweeteners which make them more harmful than helpful.

With Vega Protein and Greens, you can add protein to your diet safely and naturally. It also comes in a range of tasty flavours, making it enjoyable as well as healthy.

Main Features

  • 20 grams of protein
  • 110-120 calories
  • 0-1 grams of sugar
  • Aids weight loss
  • Improves muscle building and repairs muscle tissue
  • Contains range of natural ingredients
  • Vegan certified and gluten free
  • Ingredients sourced from Earthbound Farms
  • Range of flavours

Nutritional Profile & Ingredients

As mentioned, what makes Vega Protein and Greens different from other protein powders is that it gets all of its protein from plant-based ingredients. These ingredients include brown rice protein and organic kale powder. You can find all of the ingredients on the label.

Aside from a hefty dose of protein, this powder also includes sodium, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium. You can get a lot of what your body requires from a one protein shake and the carbohydrates are sure to give you a decent boost in energy that will last you throughout your workout.

This protein powder doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or flavours, which are often used by other products to make them sweet. It also contains less than 1 gram of sugar so you know you are getting energy from healthy ingredients.

All the ingredients are included on the label instead of hidden behind a proprietary blend, which you might see on the label of other protein powders. This means that you know exactly what you are getting.

  • Fat (2.5g)
  • Sodium (270mg)
  • Carbohydrates (6g)
  • Protein (20g)
  • Vitamin A (25%)
  • Vitamin C (10%)
  • Calcium (8%)
  • Iron (35%)

Benefits & Effectiveness

As well as adding much needed protein to your vegan diet, this protein powder has a number of benefits in terms of nutrition because of its blend of natural ingredients.

Protein (20g)

As a protein powder, Vega Protein and Greens contains a decent serving of protein and provides a healthy percentage of your daily recommended amount. As well as helping to build muscle and aiding muscle recovery, increasing your protein intake can aid weight loss if you stick to a high protein and low carb diet.

With 20 grams, Vega Protein and Greens provides a decent amount of protein per serving without being excessive. Some protein powders can contain as much as 80 grams but you have to think about your size and how much protein you need per day to avoid taking too much.

Protein is also used to repair tissue and make enzymes and hormones. This important for your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. The protein in this powder comes from a range of natural ingredients as listed on the product label. Ingredients differ between flavours so make sure you check out the label for a full breakdown.

a bowlful of fresh spinach

However, you need to be aware of the safe amount of protein to take and the side effects of taking too much. Taking too much protein can damage your organs and cause digestive distress so stick to the recommended daily amount and the correct serving size of protein powder to avoid these side effects.

Vitamins A and C

We are constantly told that we need to incorporate a lot of vitamins into our diet to stay healthy. The problem is, it’s hard to know which foods to look for and how much to eat to get the right amount. Vega Protein and Greens offers an easy way to get these vitamins into your diet while you train.

Vitamin A is known for ensuring immune system functioning, helping to maintain healthy vision and healthy organs. Vitamin C is essential for protecting you from diseases like immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases.

With these added vitamins, Vega Protein and Greens helps to ensure your overall well being.

Calcium and Iron

Both of these minerals have important functions in terms of overall health. If you are vegan, making sure you are still getting a decent amount of calcium in your diet can be tricky as you are not eating milk or yogurt, which is where most people get their daily intake of calcium.

pistachio nuts

Calcium is used by the nervous system heart and bones and ensures overall well being. It is especially important for bones and, if you are working out regularly, you are going to want to make sure that your bones stay strong for years to come.

Many people also lack the right amount of  iron in their diet. A lack of iron can cause tiredness which isn’t going to help you stay motivated when you want to hit the gym. Iron helps to transport oxygen throughout the body and to the muscles, which you will need to provide energy to your muscles when you are working out.

Sodium (270mg)

Sodium is an enzyme which aids with muscle movement. It regulates bodily fluids and transmits electrical impulses in the body to keep your muscles moving throughout your workout. This helps to avoid injury from muscle tension.

Be aware that taking too much sodium has been associated with increased risk of stomach cancer, so make sure you are sticking to the recommended daily amount, which is under 2300mg a day, and take the correct serving size of Vega Protein to avoid negative side effects.

Flavour and Consistency

Vega Protein and Greens comes in a range of flavours including chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla, berry, tropical, coconut almond or just plain unsweetened.

This gives a lot of choices for people with different tastes and means if you don’t like sweet tasting drinks you can opt for the plainer ones.

fresh fruits and vegetables around a glass of green smoothie

If you have more of a sweet tooth, the chocolate flavour is a popular option for protein shakes in general. If you want something more refreshing try the berry or tropical.

Unfortunately, some customers have found that the taste is too sweet and leaves a strong aftertaste. The formula has recently changed and customers have been disappointed with the new taste.

There have also been problems with consistency as the new formula is thicker and needs to be mixed with more water. The recommended amount is 1 serving and 8 ounces of water, but if you find that the mixture is too thick, you can add more water. Customers have found that it dissolves well in water and doesn’t leave chunks of powder at the bottom.

Side Effects

Protein powders are great for anyone who wants to build muscle or lose weight. Adding more protein to your diet means you won’t be consuming as much in carbohydrates and fats. Protein has also been found to  increase metabolism aiding weight loss further.

However, as with any dietary supplement, you need to be aware of potential side effects. Protein can cause digestive problems, such as bloating and stomach cramps.

You might also find an increase in gas with the plant-based ingredients in Vega Protein. In order to avoid this, make sure you are sticking to the recommended daily amount of protein and the correct serving size of Vega Protein and Greens.

It sure can sometimes be more challenging to do the “stick and measure” thing all the time, but then when it pays off, you gain not the weight, but what it is that you worked for!

On the flip side, you should find the plant-based protein to be easier on your stomach, especially if you have had issues with whey protein in the past.

Price and Buying Options

You can purchase Vega Protein and Greens directly from the Vega website. Here you can get a small, medium or large tub. You can also purchase a single serving to try before buying a full container.

The small tub has 16-18 servings and is sold at 29.99 USD. This is a reasonable price for an effective and healthy protein powder, working out at 1.67- 1.87 USD per serving.

For slightly cheaper, you can also purchase this product on Amazon. Here you can get a small tub for around $1.47 USD per serving. There are also medium or large tub options available to drive the cost per serving down even further.

And for an added option from the same well-known brand, check out and see our Vega One review of its ingredients and even side effects.


For athletes wanting to speed up recovery, check out this other Vega protein powder for you.  And if you would like to see more options for a protein powder to compare to Vega Protein and Greens, we have comprised a list of alternatives in this review.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

With 20 grams of protein and 44 superfoods, including organic grass juices, this protein shake helps to build lean muscle, boost mental focus and also works as a meal replacement for when you’re in a rush to get to the gym. It contains probiotics and makes a smooth shake for easy digestion.

It is currently at $1.27 USD per serving for a 28 serving container. Considering it is slightly cheaper than Vega One and still contains a decent portion of vegetables and greens, Garden of Life is a solid competitor.

Orgain Organic Protein

Another natural plant-based option is Orgain Protein. This protein powder is roughly the same price as Vega Protein and Greens for a 20 serving container, which works out to $1.50 USD per serving.

It also contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners, but customers still enjoy the taste saying the range of flavours are not too sweet because of their natural taste. 

This product contains 21 grams of protein and is also gluten free, lactose free and vegan, making it an interesting option to compare to Vega Protein.

Tone It Up Organic Protein Powder

Specifically designed for weight loss, this protein powder is gluten-free and made from 100% vegan plant-based ingredients. It contains 15 grams of protein per serving and is just 90 calories. It also comes in a variety of flavours and has no artificial additives.

This powder was designed by women for women and with the specific goal of helping you to lose weight.

However, if you’re more concerned about getting plenty of protein and a decent portion of greens, Vega One is the better choice. Tone It Up is currently available in a 28 serving container, working out to 1.47 USD per serving.

Pros and Cons of Vega Protein and Greens


  • Vegan and naturally sourced ingredients
  • Full serving of greens
  • Great for weight loss and building lean muscle
  • Increases long lasting energy
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavours


  • Some customers have found the new formula to be too sweet
  • Leaves an aftertaste
  • More expensive than similar options

Should You Get It?

Vega is a well-known vegan brand that provides high quality supplements, pre-workouts and protein powders.

Paying a little bit more for a product that you can trust is always worth it; however, with the issues that some customers have had with taste, competitors like Orgain Organic Protein are starting to look like a better option.

Check out both products to see which one you prefer, if you are looking for a clean, vegan and plant-based option for your protein shakes.

Vega Protein & Greens Protein Chocolate flavor

Last Updated on November 30, 2022

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