Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake Review, Ingredients
& Side Effects

If you are struggling to get in all those essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, probiotics and nutrients that make for a healthy diet... are not alone.

Eating the right things to feel your best can be a struggle. I know that I am always trying to plan healthy meals and that have all the vitamins and nutrients I need, but sometimes it feels like there’s just not enough time in the day.

For anyone with a busy schedule, Vega One All in One Shake could be the answer to your nutrition problems.

General Info - Vega

Vega specializes in vegan products which are ethically sourced and healthy. As well as meal replacement shakes, they produce snacks, protein powders and pre-workouts which are made from plant-based ingredients.

The company’s founders Brendan Brazier, a professional triathlete, and Charles Chang, found most similar products on the market were not vegan friendly and packed with too many artificial ingredients. 

Vega are now well-known and respected in the vegan supplement industry and are one of the most successful vegan nutrition brands in the world.

After experiencing the same buzz from plant-based food as you would get with a stimulant based supplement, Brazier decided to put his own passion for veganism into the company and create a whole range of healthy, vegan products.

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Vega One All-In-One Shake Overview

This all in one nutritional shake is designed to add more than just protein to your diet, but a whole range of nutrients and vitamins that will make your daily nutrition intake more balanced. 

Especially if you are vegan, it can be a struggle to ensure that you are not missing any essential nutrients. Or getting in enough calories. 

Vega One makes getting everything you need to feel energized and healthy VERY easy. This all in one shake is easy to take on the go even if you have a busy lifestyle and can even be used as a meal replacement for a quick and nutritious breakfast.

It contains a decent portion of your daily recommended vitamins, minerals and fibres as well as probiotics and antioxidants. Vega One also contains complete servings of natural ingredients like organic broccoli.

Finally, it contains a full 20 grams of protein making it a decent protein shake as well as all round blast of nutrition. 

The protein comes from natural ingredients like pea protein and hemp protein.

Main features

  • 160 calories per serving
  • 20 grams of plant-based protein
  • Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free
  • Full serving of fruit and vegetables
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Contains antioxidants and probiotics

Nutritional Profile & Ingredients

As mentioned, Vega One All in One Shake makes for a solid protein shake with 20 grams of protein. This will cover a hefty amount of your daily recommended protein intake which is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

The difference between Vega One and other protein powders is its impressive vitamin profile. 

It contains a whole range of vitamins including vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B6 and B12. What’s more, this nutritional shake covers 90% of your daily recommended vitamin A intake and a good portion of the other vitamins.

A difference between Vega One and Vega Protein and Greens is that Vega One contains both sodium and potassium, both of which are important for the everyday functions of your body. 

The added potassium is important for counteracting the negative effects of sodium and ensuring consistent blood pressure.

Here's the full list of ingredients:

Benefits & Effectiveness

You might have noticed that Vega One All in One Shake contains so many vitamins and nutrients that you might not know anything about some of them. 

With an extensive list of vitamins and minerals as well as protein, fats and carbohydrates, this all in one shake really contains everything you need to improve your daily nutrition and in this review we will break down what these ingredients can do for you.


A staple ingredient in this nutritional shake is protein. As mentioned, it contains 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving which is a decent percentage of your recommended daily intake. Protein is an essential part of your diet which helps to build and repair muscle.

If you are regularly working out and vegan, you’ll want to think about how you can get enough protein into your diet. This nutritional shake is a great way to add protein to your diet everyday.

Sodium and Potassium

These electrolytes work together to ensure your body is functioning correctly. You have to be aware of the side effects of consuming too much sodium as it can lead to increased blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Luckily, potassium counteracts the negative side effects of sodium by regulating blood flow.


The right amount of sodium in your diet is important for retaining water and helping to keep fluids circulating around your body. This is particularly important during a workout when you’re going to be losing a lot of fluids.

Potassium is also important as it maintains the balance of acids in your body. These two electrolytes work together to ensure your body is functioning at optimal level.

Calcium and Iron

Not consuming enough calcium is a common problem amongst vegans as you will be cutting out a lot of the most common sources of calcium, such as milk and yogurt. Calcium is especially important for your bones as it ensures that your bones remain strong. 


Having strong bones will prevent joint pain when exercising and reduce the risk of serious injury. However, it only contains 20% of your daily recommended intake so you will have to look for other sources to reach the right amount.

Iron is also an important mineral found in food which many people don’t realise they aren’t getting enough of. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take a nutritional shake which provides a small portion of iron. 

Iron ensures the proper functioning of haemoglobin which transports oxygen around the body in the blood. Of course, this is essential for exercising as oxygen gives your muscles energy to move.

Vitamin B12

As this nutritional shake is packed full of vitamins, in this review we will breakdown those that are strongly related to improving your workout and overall well being. B12 prevents fatigue and weakness by ensuring normal production of red blood cells. 

Red blood cells also transport oxygen around the body, providing the energy you need to work out.

This is an important vitamin for general well-being but Vega One only contains 15% of your daily intake. As B12 is found in meat, fish and dairy products, you might be missing a lot of this vitamin in your vegan diet without proper B12 supplementation.

Vitamin C

Vega One contains a much more generous serving of vitamin C with 70% of your daily recommended intake. Vitamin C is important for immune system functioning and protecting your body from diseases like the common cold. 

We all know how a cold can really throw your workout schedule off track so it is great that you get most of your necessary vitamin C in this shake.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is calcium’s essential partner. 

Without vitamin D, your body would not be able to absorb the calcium you are getting in this nutritional shake. 

Vegans are often at risk of vitamin D deficiency so it’s a good idea to get some into your diet with a shake like Vega One, which contains 50% of your daily recommended intake.

Flavour, Mixability and Consistency

The first thing you’ll notice about this powder is that it’s green, which really highlights the natural ingredients. 

There are no artificial colours or flavours so the colour you see is from the vegetables that you’ll be ingesting with every serving. However, natural isn’t always the tastiest and you can expect more of a fresh feel than an over sweetened and ultra-sugary taste.

Customers have found that it combines better when you use a blender instead of just shaking it with water, almond milk, soy milk or a liquid of your choice.

It can taste a bit chalky but when blended well it creates a satisfying thick smoothie. The smoothness in texture makes it feel more filling which is great if you are using Vega One as a meal replacement.


As this product is packed with greens, mixing it with water might leave you with a strong veggie taste. If you love natural smoothies this is great but if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to use something sweeter like almond milk. 

Of course, almond milk works really well with the coconut almond flavour. There are 8 flavours to choose from including unsweetened natural if you don’t like the flavour options.

Side Effects

Vega One All in One Shake is made from natural ingredients meaning you can expect little risk of side effects. 

If you are using it as a meal replacement, remember to incorporate it into your diet with other food groups and nutrients and don’t rely on this shake to give you all the nutrition you need.

There are risks associated with consuming too much protein such as stomach cramps and problems with your digestive system. For this reason, it is important to stick to the recommended daily amount of protein.

Price and Buying Options

If you buy Vega One directly from the Amazon you’ll get an extensive choice of flavours including Chocolate, Berry and French Vanilla. There are eight flavours to choose from and a few size options. 

The large tub contains 19-22 servings and works out to around $2.25 USD per serving which is quite pricey for a protein powder, but you have to keep in mind that you are getting a lot more vitamins in this all in one nutritional shake than with regular protein powders.

On Amazon, you can purchase a large tub for a cheaper price, however you might not get the same range of flavours depending on availability. This works out to $1.89 USD per serving which is a decent price for a protein powder in itself, let alone one packed full of vitamins.


For anyone who wants to compare Vega to other options out there, in this review we have listed some alternatives so you can compare your shakes. 

In addition to that, you might as well visit our review of the best rice protein, as well. 

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal

If you are looking for a vegan meal replacement, this is another great option. It contains 20 grams of vegan plant-based protein and 44 superfoods that are designed to keep you full for longer. 

As a protein powder, it is also made to help you build lean muscle and boost energy levels.

For a 28 serving container, this shake works out to $1.27 USD per serving, making it a slightly cheaper option than Vega One.

Purition Premium High Protein Powder for Shakes

For a premium option, Purition offer a range of luxurious shakes. For a twelve serving bag, this powder works out to $1.91 USD per serving, almost the same price as Vega One. It’s one of the top-rated products for meal replacement and weight loss.

Hemp protein is a great choice for meal replacement as it is filling, however, some customers have found that the shake is very thick because of this protein, so if you want something that is smoother and easy to drink this might not be the best option.

Orgain Organic Nutrition All in One Nutritional Shake

Orgain is famous for using only organic products and this all in one shake is no exception. 

It contains organic whey protein and organic grass-fed milk protein. It also contains 21 vitamin and 10 fruits and vegetables making it another nutritious meal replacement.

It comes in single serving containers which is great for when you are on the go and means you don’t have to add your own milk, but makes them less environmentally friendly and means you can’t use your own milk option. 12 container orders work out to $2.24 USD per shake.

As an added attraction to put into your checklist, just click the link for another form of protein you might be interested for a quick review. 

Vega One Pros and Cons


  • Serving of fruit and vegetables in each portion
  • Source of protein
  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • Vegan, gluten- free and soy-free


  • Low quantity of some vitamins like B12
  • Can taste chalky
  • Leaves clumps when not mixed using a blender

Should You Get Vega One?

As far as all in one shakes go, Vega One is an option to contend with. 

It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to supplement a vegan diet.

It is also healthy, contains natural ingredients and is a solid source of protein. With all of these benefits, this nutritional shake can be all you need for a healthy meal replacement in one product.

Give Vega One a go to see how it tastes for yourself.

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

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