Top 5 Best Jump Ropes For CrossFit Reviewed (Get Those Double Unders!)

Top 5 Best Jump Ropes
For CrossFit Reviewed
(Get Those Double Unders!)

There is not a person who, as a child, did not have fun jumping rope in some form.

So why not use this method of exercise in adult life too?

Namely because skipping rope is a phenomenal exercise for weight loss and body shaping. Jumping rope builds the target’s speed, balance, coordination, endurance, and concentration.

It’s a fantastic cardio workout, builds shoulder strength and is great for your legs, which is why it’s such a favorite in CrossFit WOD's.

Jumping or skipping rope is such a simple exercise that you would think finding the best jump rope for CrossFit training would be easy....Wrong!

That said, I have reviewed the best jump ropes for CrossFit from 1st to 5th. The reviews are based on my own experience while using them and the feedback of my CrossFit community.

1. Fitness Master Jump Rope

Fitness Master Jump Rope

This jump rope from Fitness Master is perfect for CrossFit training. And really is the best jump rope for CrossFit double unders.

It's an easily adjustable rope with a sturdy cable that you can quickly adapt to your preferred length. There are screws at the end that you can easily adjust to clamp down on the cable.

The rope is very lightweight and compact. It has 90 degree smooth handle turning which provides for fast spinning with no tangling.

The Fitness Master Jump Rope is appropriate for any calorie burning workout program, and with a 6 to 7 maximum number of rotations per second, it offers very intense workouts.

It is the perfect addition to your CrossFit equipment.

As a testament to just how fast this rope is the very first time I tried a double under I hit a triple. This rope is fast and makes jumping easy. I've used it inside and on concrete for many workouts and it’s still in great condition.

The compact and lightweight rope comes with a carry on case, and a spare screw to help you adjust the preferred length.

The best thing about The Fitness Master Jump Rope, apart from its usability are the Fitness Guide that offers help for beginners to plan and program their workout.

Aside from that, once you start exercising you realize how incredibly easy is to use this rope.

Some users have reported they feel the rope is too light, and that the durability is questionable. I think that overall, it's a great rope that can get you motivated to exercise. As I said earlier, the Fitness Master Jump Rope is the best jump rope created specifically for double unders.

2. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

The #1 bestseller on Amazon at time of this review, this speed rope from Survival and Cross will give you no issues performing double unders.

The main goal of the company Survival and Cross is to aid fitness enthusiast and pros in reaching their fitness related goals.

In order to optimize and provide a better workout experience, they produced this jumping rope.

The Survival and Cross jumping rope is one of the best CrossFit jump ropes on the market today. The rope, a 2mm plastic coated cable, doesn't and won't tangle. The fact that it is a wire is what accounts for its superb speed and handling.

The rope is pretty lightweight and built with solid handles and strong bearings that are easily adjustable.

Due to the quality, the rope will never stretch out. And they feel good holding, easy to grip and finished the exercise.

Similar ropes of inferior quality have always had issues with wire stoppers coming off or breaking. The wire stoppers on this jumping rope are extremely sturdy, and built to last.

Using a common design of a right angle-cable rope, this rope is built for speed which makes it great for speed skipping, double unders and even triples.

It's light and portable, and you can use it for training your criss crosses, high knees, and all other ranges of jump rope steps you may think of.   

If you are struggling with a slow rope at your local box, this one is very fast and allows a smooth performance.

3. King Athletic Jump Rope

King Athletic Jump Rope

This is an amazingly high quality, super fast, speed jump rope made for the toughest CrossFit athlete. The King Athletic jumping rope was designed for building endurance and stamina while aiming to improve muscle tone.

That's why it's a popular choice for trainees in CrossFit as well as MMA and Boxing.

The King Athletic jump rope is fully and easily adjustable and made for both male and female users. It takes less than 5 minutes to adjust the rope to your required length.

It's designed for CrossFitters as tall as 6'10".

The main thing I love about this rope is the custom foam handles. The handles are soft to the touch which reduces hand tiredness.

I've gotten blisters from other jump ropes I have used in the past. The handles are made with heavy use in mind, and gripping them is comfortable and natural.

That's not an issue with The King Athletic jump rope, the cushioned handles allow you to jump rope workout for much longer.

One of the interesting facts about this rope are the included extras. With one sturdy and quality built rope come two ebooks and a video that'll explain the uses and offer a solid training program.

The super speed ball bearings make for a very smooth and even rope rotation and the rope is built for heavy use, even on concrete.

Tangles are not something you will ever have to worry about with this rope.

Unfortunately, there's always something to complain about. Some users have reported a problem when adjusting the length of The King Athletic jump rope. Even with this perceived flaw, this rope remains one of the best on the market.

4. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Ok, the WOD Nation speed jump rope is made for CrossFitters. Specifically for mastering double unders. It ranks close to being the best speed rope for CrossFit.

It will help you cut a serious amount of seconds off your WOD times. It's a fast rope that that has an extremely stable rope rotation.

The durable and tough plastic handles house the super fast speed metal ball bearings. The 122 inch speed cable is fully adjustable to your height. Just use a wire cutters to adjust and you are ready to double under or triple.

The interesting fact about this jumping rope is that it uses a patented 4 bearing system. There are two bearings in the handles and two on the tips holding on to the coated steel cable.

It's needless to say that makes it extra durable and sturdy.

That system allows for greater speeds and enables rookies to succeed in using the rope from the beginning of their CrossFit and training journey.

The weight of the WOD Nation speed jump rope is perfect, not so light that it catches in your feet and not to heavy. This rope uses a cable that has a nice balance.

The plastic handles are a decent size. Specifically, they're 6.76“ long with a tapered end. That makes the grip extra comfortable and sure.

Ropes I have used in the past have had giant handles that really made no sense, and tended to slip from the hands when working out. 

There's got to be some criticism, though.  A minority of users reported they feel the rope is too heavy for long use.

Regardless, I still feel the WOD Nation speed jump rope is a great rope for any CrossFit workout. And you'll even get cool stickers.

5. Crux Gear - CrossFit Speed Jump Rope

Crux Gear - Crossfit Speed Jump Rope

This is another rope that's designed with the CrossFit athlete in mind.

In fact, if you're a CrossFit beginner and just starting out with double unders this is a great rope to start with.

Crux Gear CrossFit speed jump rope is weighted so you land fast and smooth rope swings. That absolutely makes it easier for you to string together multiple doubles.

This rope is designed to be fast and to spin seamlessly.

The rope has an adjustable, non kink cable. It's extremely durable so you don't have to worry about it falling apart. CrossFitters have used this rope on concrete without problems.

The Crux Gear CrossFit speed jump rope is pretty sturdy, and it holds up nicely to aggressive weekly workouts.

Customers have reported reaching new PRs and even completing their firsts double unders with this rope.

The swivel-bevel connection from the rope to the handle allows a fantastically smooth rotation. It's great feeling confident you won't get tangled while completing your workout.

The handle length of just over 7 inches also helps with speedier rotations.

The handles are made from strong materials, so they won't break down any time soon. The same can be said about the wire cable.

Even so, some users claimed that the flexibility of this particular rope can be a hindrance while exercising. It seems the rope has the tendency to flop around for some users.

But, overall this is a great rope to help you accomplish your hardest jump rope workout.

Jump Rope Selection & How To Choose

Reasons To Invest In Your Own Rope

Investing in your own rope gives you a certain freedom and surety you most likely won’t find in used gym ropes:

  1. Your own rope is literally tailored for you. That allows you to save some time and spend it wisely in the gym instead of using precious seconds to adjust rope lengths.
  2. Buying a rope gives you the option to choose the quality. That means that you can elect a rope that suits your needs the best, and that in turn will help you perform better in the gym.
  3. Again, you choose the specifics. That means you’ll have the option of knowing exactly what the weight, the material and the handles are, as well as the choice of picking up a speed or agility rope.
  4. Consistent results with the same rope. Using the exact same equipment every time you work out will result in making better progress, as well as make your exercise experience more unified, especially when your wrists are wrapped safely with wrist wraps specifically made for crossfit exercises.

What To Look For

When searching for a perfect jumping rope take into account the following four points.

1. Competition vs. CrossFit Jump Ropes

When it comes to jumping ropes, it’s essential to know there are different kinds you can buy. You can actually buy products specially made for competitions and for CrossFit double unders–whereas there are also specifically tailored jump rope options for boxers.

Competition Double Under Ropes are made so that a trainee can make as many double unders in a short time. The characteristics of this kind of rope are its shorter length and its weight. The longer rope is good for keeping a correct form while exercising, while the lightweight and thin rope serves to give you more speed.

CrossFit Double Under Ropes are made in mind for making the highest number of double unders for the longest amount of time. Almost the opposite of competition ropes, this kind of rope is relatively heavy and thick, as well as having a longer cable. The heavier rope will slow down the rotation, while the long length helps preserve proper form.

2. Jump Rope Handles

The handles of a jump rope are usually made out of plastics, and while that’s good enough for a school playground, for double enders it’s just not good enough.

Look for handles made out of more durable materials like silicon.

Also, the handles can vary in length. A longer handle is generally better, as it will give you more space to grip, making it firmer and the movement smoother.

The handle grip of some jump ropes also comes with a padding, and while that raises the price a bit, it’s well worth it, as contoured grips with padding allow for more time using the rope.

Some more high-end jump ropes will also feature adjustable sliders on the handle. It’s generally recommended to keep them tight for the best possible exercise.

To sum it up, the handles vary by:

  • The material of the handle - avoid plastics
  • The length of the handle - longer is usually better
  • Padding - feels good but increases price
  • Contoured grip - better fit in your hands
  • Handle sliders - keep 'em tight

3. Cable Characteristics

When it comes to rope selection, there are different kinds of cables according to the materials they’re made out of, the thickness of the cable and the coatings on the cable itself.

Speed (Thickness & Weight)

Speed of a jumping rope is primarily determined by the thickness and weight of the cable.

For example, beginners are most suited for thicker and heavier cables that have a coating around them, and that makes them slower.

On the other hand, speed jump ropes that are designed to be as light and thin as possible to reduce friction and, you guessed it, speed up the rotation. They’re more suited to intermediary and advanced trainees. And while they’re quicker, they’re more fragile and tend to waver.

Cable Coating

Almost every kind of CrossFit jumping rope or jumping ropes for double unders use some form of coating, since the core of the cable is built from steel ropes. Again, these coatings differ for different kinds of users.

Beginners are recommended to use cables coated in nylon or PVC, allowing for a better tactile feedback and, in turn, better double unders.

The more advanced trainee will prefer cables coated in Teflon, or even bare wire cables, for better speed.

image of people jumping rope for cardio pre workout
Adjusting Mechanism

This is almost a non-factor when you buy your own rope. Every rope worth their salt you’ll have to adjust only once, or worst case, every once in a while.

Even so, you want to look for so-called collars on the adjusting mechanism.

They’re great for preventing the cable from slipping and keeping it in place.

Generally, ropes have adjusting collars on one side only, but there are options that offer collars on both handles.


Switching rope cables out is common as you progress.

You should keep in mind that while thinner cables can fit into bigger handles, the opposite is not the case.

Also, it’s generally the best to match ropes and handles from the same manufacturers, as they’re tailor made for each other and will fit perfectly.

4. Length & Measuring Your Rope

To use a jumping rope most effectively and without injury, you should make sure the length of the rope is a good fit for you.

  • If the rope hits your shins during jumping - it’s too short.
  • If it drags behind you - it’s too long.

Of course, you can check if the rope you’re using is the best match. First, step your feet on the middle of the rope and make the rope taught.

For double unders, the handles should be level to your nipple line, while for a regular rope, they should reach your armpits.

According to these use cases, adjust your handles and tighten the rope to prevent slipping of the cable.

Benefits of Jump Roping

Rope jumping has been known and popular for many decades as a versatile training tool. Especially for the legs and shoulders, as they have a clear stabilization and strengthening effect on those areas.

Using a jumping rope is quite simple, but when using the rope, make sure that the length is right. After that, the basic technique can be learned within a short time.

In addition, the jump rope promotes conditioning and improves cardiovascular health. The longer you train with the jump rope, the more flowing your jumping will become. Jumping also trains physical coordination. At the same time, calorie consumption is increased and more fat is burnt.

best jump rope for crossfit

Research has shown that high intensity activity (such as jumping rope) plays an important role in maintaining physical fitness, losing fat deposits and cellulite, positively affecting overall health, and even improving mood and psychological stability in people.

A jumping rope is an easily accessible piece of equipment that can be found at affordable prices. Also, you can find it in every gym and include it in your strength or cardio training. You don’t have to wait in line at the gym or reserve a term using a jumping rope.

Skipping the rope develops coordination and muscle elasticity, and it's an excellent cardio activity because it strengthens the heart and lungs. In addition, it encourages weight loss and faster fat burning due to intense movements. 

A jump rope is a great sports aid that offers many uses. With the aid of a rope, you can warm up well before training. Skipping rope is a perfect way to develop coordination, agility, good footwork and aerobic endurance.

It shouldn't be forgotten that skipping rope is one of the basic exercises that boxers use to improve their shape and conditioning, which is a pretty good reason for recreational players to use it as well.

But remember to keep your body temperature stabilized during an intense workout like this. That said, I would recommend that you take a good read of our cooling vest review that's specially made for the purpose mentioned.

Example Training Session Workout

You don’t have to be a pro to lose calories by jumping rope.

Did you know that in just 10 minutes of standard rope jumping you can lose 100 to 160 calories (10 to 16 calories per minute)?

If that’s too long at first, divide your training into three series (3 times per 10 minutes), and do it when you feel like doing it, and you'll quickly find the results you want.

  1. Prepare a clock so you can measure exactly how long you’ll be jumping
  2. Warm up for up to three minutes by jumping the rope at a comfortable pace, not too fast
  3. Take 30 seconds to rest
  4. Jump over the rope for 60 seconds as fast as possible
  5. Take 30 seconds to rest
  6. Repeat

Rope jumping is also a recommended exercise for active athletes who deal with basketball, volleyball, tennis and similar disciplines, where foot, joint and knee injuries often occur.

This activity will not only improve coordination, but will also strengthen the muscles of the foot, the wrists and knees, reducing the chance of injury. And for added safety and better grip, get into the habit of wearing your crossfit gloves when doing these routines.

For example, for losing a pound per week it’s recommended that you train with a jumping rope for 30 minutes to maintain a daily calorie loss of 300 kilocalories.

This way, with food reduction you’ll gradually reduce fatty deposits, without losing muscle.

Convenient Anytime, Anywhere

Looking at photos and videos where people use a jumping rope in all kinds of different places like the tops of buildings, beaches, apartments or in a gym is proof that you can do it wherever you want - with or without a gym.

While enjoying the morning sun in the local park, while taking a trip or at home, you no longer have an excuse for skipping on training, especially right after taking your favorite CrossFit pre-workout supplement.

Try to create a habit of using a jumping rope and include it in your current exercise routine, regardless of whether you are strength training or doing cardio. For best results, complete the training three to five times a week.


When looking to improve your agility, coordination and balance, as well as your WOD performance, choosing a good skip rope matters.

If you know what you're looking for, you'll search for a lightweight, fast rope with easy to hold handles that won’t slip or feel uncomfortable.

Our #1 pick is the Fitness Master Jump Rope, which works great for both beginners and advanced rope skippers.

Please remember that skipping rope is not an easy task, and what's perfect is that by jumping rope you get to exercise almost all  muscle groups in your body.

Skipping rope is an effective way of burning calories, losing weight, forming the body, or even reaching the flat belly. It is a simple and complete exercise that improves balance and affects good body posture.

Very soon after starting your jumping rope regime, you'll discover which parts of your body are your weakest links, and this will be especially noticeable, one or two days after exercise, when your muscles get sore.

To make more progress ensure that the cable turns smoothly so you'll end up with more revolutions per jump. This will help you hit more double unders and triples.

By twisting the ropes, you activate the muscles of the lower body while tapping in arm muscles, shoulders, back and belly. Once mastered, this sport allows for increased endurance.

Last Updated on November 14, 2020

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