5 Best Jump Ropes For Crossfit (Get Those Double Unders)

Fitness Master Jump Rope

As well as a pair of the best crossfit shoes, a high quality jump rope is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will own.

Skipping target’s speed, balance, coordination, endurance and concentration.

It’s a fantastic cardio workout, builds shoulder strength and is great for your legs, which is why it’s such a favorite in crossfit WOD'S.

Jumping rope or skipping is such a simple exercise that you would think finding the best jump rope for crossfit training would be easy....wrong!

That said, I have reviewed the best jump ropes for crossfit from 1st to 5th. The reviews are based on my own experience using them and the feedback of my crossfit community.

The truth is any one of these ropes would be an excellent option. Each will give you a great crossfit workout.

Top 5 Jump Ropes For Crossfit: A Comparison Table

Fitness Master Jump Rope

This jump rope from Fitness masters is perfect for crossfit training. And really is the best jump rope for crossfit double unders.

It are easily adjustable with a sturdy cable that you can quickly adjust to your preferred length. There are screws at the end that you can easily adjust to clamp down on the cable.

The rope is very lightweight and compact. It has 90 degree smooth handle turning which provides for fast spinning with no tangling. It is the perfect addition to your crossfit equipment.

​As a testament to just how fast this rope is the very first time I tried a double under I hit a triple. This rope is fast and makes jumping easy. I've used it inside and on concrete for many workouts and it’s still in great condition.

As I said earlier, this is the best jump rope for double unders.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

With this crossfit speed rope from Survival and Cross. The #1 bestseller on Amazon at time of this review, you will have no issues with crossfit jump rope double unders.

One of the best crossfit jump rope. The rope, which is a 2mm plastic coated cable, doesn't and won't tangle. The fact that it is a wire is what accounts for its superb speed and handling.

It’s lightweight with solid built handles and strong bearings and it’s easily adjustable. Due to the quality, it will never stretch out.

Similar, less quality ropes, have always had issues with the wire stoppers coming off or breaking. This jump rope has none of those issues, they are extremely sturdy.

The rope it a right angle-cable rope, a very common design for speed ropes which makes it great for speed skipping, double unders and triples.

If you are struggling with your crossfit double unders then this is the rope for you, the rope is very smooth and very fast.

King Athletic Jump Rope

This is an amazing high quality, super fast, speed jump rope made for the toughest crossfit athlete.

The rope is fully and easily adjustable and made for both male and female users. It takes less than 5 minutes to adjust the rope to your required length. It's designed for crossfitters as tall as 6'10".

The main thing I love about this rope is the custom foam handles. The handles are soft to the touch which reduces hand tiredness. I've gotten blisters from other jump ropes I have used in the past. That's not an issue with this rope, the cushioned handles allow you to jump rope workout for much longer.

The super speed ball bearings make for a very smooth and even rope rotation and the rope is built for heavy use, even on concrete. Tangles are not something you will ever have to worry about with this rope.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Ok, The WOD Nation speed rope was made for crossfitters. Specifically for mastering double unders. It’s ranks close to being the best speed rope for crossfit.

It will help you cut a serious amount of time off you WOD times. It's a fast rope that that has an extremely stable rope rotation.

The durable and tough plastic handles house the super fast speed metal ball bearings. The 122 inch speed cable is fully adjustable to your height. Just use a wire cutters to adjust and you are ready to double under or triple.

Its weight is perfect, not so light that it catches in your feet and not to heavy. This rope uses a cable that has a nice balance.

The plastic handles are a decent size. Ropes I have used in the past have had giant handles that really made no sense.

Great rope for any crossfit workout.

Crux Gear - Crossfit Speed Jump Rope

This is another rope that's designed with the crossfit athlete in mind. In fact if you're a crossfit beginner and just starting out with double unders this is a great rope to start with.

It's weighted so you land fast and smooth rope swings make it easier for you to string together multiple doubles. This rope is designed to be fast.

The rope has an adjustable, non kink cable. It's extremely durable so you don't have to worry about it falling apart. Crossfitters have used this rope on concrete without problems.

The swivel-bevel connection from the rope to the handle allows a fantastically smooth rotation. The handle length of just over 7 inches also helps with speedier rotations. The handles are made from strong materials, so they won't breaking down any time soon. the same can be said about the wire cable.

Overall a great rope to help you accomplish your hardest jump rope workout.

Jump Rope Selection


best jump rope for crossfit

When looking to improve your agility, coordination and balance, as well as your WOD performance, choosing a good skip rope matters.

You're looking for a lightweight, fast rope with easy to hold handles that won’t slip or feel uncomfortable.

Also make sure that the cable turns smoothly so you get more revolutions per jump. This will help you hit more double unders and triples.

Make sure it's an easily adjustable jump rope and the rope length fits your height. It also needs to be weighted so it can whip around and also check it won't tangle.

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