5 Best Weightlifting Shoes For Crossfit (Reviews & Ratings)

New Balance Men's MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

When performing an intense WOD, the last thing you need to worry about is having to change shoes for your lifts.

The key to finding the best lifting shoes is finding a pair with a weight reducing design. However, that weight reduction cannot be achieved by sacrificing flexibility and stability.

Lifting in running shoes and shoes specifically and only made for running is an accident waiting to happen. As these does not have the stability required for safely lifting heavy weights.

A great weightlifting shoe will make or break your lifts and your ability to set new PRs on lifts like the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, and deadlift.

best lifting shoes

In addition, your footwear is also part of your safety. All you really need to do is imagine losing your footing while holding 60kgs over your head. Not pretty.

So when choosing the best crossfit shoes for lifting, you want a good blend of functionality and protection. And if you're a serious crossfitter you are looking for a shoe that can handle everything your WOD throws at it and also a pair of knee sleeves for proper compression during lifts.

Here are my top recommendations for the top lifting shoes for you.

Top 5 Lifting Shoes: A Comparison Table

New Balance Men's MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

This Cross Minimus shoe from New Balance is a great all- rounder shoe for crossfit.

The MX20BS4 are great for lifting....actually they are terrific for lifting. In fact, they’re probably the best lifting shoes for crossfit. They are so lightweight that you’ll think you are barefoot.

They are stable enough to give good support while doing compound lifts such as bench press and any other lift that needs a push.

Your feet are exactly where you need them to be....grounded flat and secure on the floor, your toes spread out to help with balance. This also helps if you have flat feet.

The MX20BS4 is a wide shoe in the toe box, but that's how you want it to be when weight training. The wide toe box is brilliant for deadlifting.

Like I said earlier, in my opinion, the MX20BS4 are the best weightlifting shoes for crossfit.

ASICS Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe

The Gel Fortius TR Cross Training shoe from Asics is extremely well designed for crossfit. It is a great "blended" shoe that crossfitters can wear for bodyweight and weightlifting exercises.

It’s made to mould itself around your foot so your feet can feel the surface you stand on, an essential trait for lifting heavy weights.. The Asics Gel-Fortius puts your foot in almost direct contact with the surface for maximum feedback.

These are an excellent shoe for the heavy weight-lifter. A crossfitter doing heavy squats, deadlifts, etc., needs to feel the lifts beginning from the soles of their feet. The low heel to toe drop provides a stable platform to support the end of the lift.

These shoes are perfect for the crossfitter who lifts heavy during WOD'S.

Reebok Mens R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe

These shoes from Reebok are specifically designed for crossfit. They provide maximum support when squatting and deadlifting.

They are extremely stable when doing static weight lifting exercises.

The toe box is cleverly constructed and well made. The tip is predominantly a strong rubber that offers solid impact protection.

They’re flexible shoes and the soles are not compressive. This makes it a great shoe for a lot of strength training exercises like the deadlift.

As a serious crossfitter you need a shoe that's great for olympic lifting as well as running and bodyweight exercises. The Crossfit Nano 5 is the shoe you need.

There’s enough stability from the Nano 5.0 that there’s no thinking about Nanos or specific lifters for a heavy workout.

Inov-8 Mens FastLift 335 Cross-Training Shoe

The Inov-8 FastLift 335 has crossed the gap between a traditional weight lifting shoe and a crossfit shoe.

The shoe has quite a lot of support in the heel and outside edge of the foot as a result of the dynamic heel design.

The forefoot is much lighter and flexible than the heel and midsole of the shoe to make it more reactive.

They have far better front flexibility than other shoes, making them better for dynamic movements such as snatches and cleans.

The support on the outside edges of the shoes allow you to keep your knees out while pressing down hard into your heels and outside edge of your feet. This is exactly the form you want when lifting heavy.

The stability of the 335's also makes your standing lifts more stable and safe while improving your overall performance.

They have a one inch thick strap across the front top side which ensures maximum foot stability. The straps give you extra traction and gives you so much more grip than laces alone.

They come with a weight distribution plate, so the whole of the sole takes the weight, and not just the center and sides.

This means your base is incredibly firm and durable when lifting

Reebok Crossfit Lifter 20

The Reebok Crossfit lifter is a hybrid shoe designed for crossfit WODS that include more than just the basic Olympic movements.

Unlike traditional weightlifting shoes, the lifter 2.0 has a flexible forefoot sole. The design makes it possible to use them for box jumps, double-unders and other plyometrics.

Yet there is still the heel lift and bottom-up base support you would expect in a good weightlifting shoe.

They also come with an extra strap to give you the added stability and lock you in for heavier weights. The straps won't affect flexibility. The toe box is quite flexible helping keep you in place. The base is firm and sturdy and your feet will feel planted and secure during your lifting phases.

The only reason the Reebok Nano 5's rated higher than the Lifter 2.0's is purely down to the fact that I think the Nano 5 can easily handle every aspect of a WOD. While the Lifter 2.0's can easily handle the lifting section of your WOD but may be lacking in some of the other exercises.

Why Weightlifting Shoes Are A Must For All Lifters


So there it is...a complete review of the top 5 cross training shoes for weightlifting. All of the shoes on the list above are great shoes that's why they are on the list.

Today, olympic and powerlifting has been completely integrated into crossfit. The need for you to have high quality, safe, lifting shoes has never been greater and neither has your choice of shoe.

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Last Updated on August 10, 2020

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