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knee sleeves

Wrist wraps serve two purposes. One is to give you a better grip on barbells, dumbbells, and resistance machines, and the other is to stabilize your wrists and offset fatigue from lifting heavier and heavier weights.

The best wrist wraps for power lifters are reinforced with a Velcro fastener for a snug fit. The compression will stabilize the wrists and limit movement, but the material will also make a difference in how much flex your wrist has. Wrist wraps are usually made of nylon, cotton, elastic, or a blend. Nylon is generally a little stiffer, whereas cotton has some give, and elastic provides the stretch you need to apply the right amount of compression.

Wrist wraps will provide extra support that you need while performing overhead lifts and pressing movements at close to max effort. The wrist is one of the weakest parts of the body, and improper stabilization can lead to injury, improper form, and failed lifts.

We’ve done research to find the best information on wrist wraps and identify the top six wrist wraps on the market today.

When to Use Knee Sleeves

When you start increasing the amount of mass you lift, the more force goes to your knees, which is why knee sleeves are important. They can help protectagainst long-term knee injuries and save you from having to deal with more severe means of treatment.

For weightlifting, you don’t always need to use knee sleeves. If you’re performing exercises that do not utilize the knee, knee sleeves are not required. However, if you’re performing squats, snatch, or any other knee-intensive movements, we recommend investing in a pair of knee sleeves.

Types of Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves typically come in three thicknesses, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm, and are often made of neoprene or some other stretchable, padded material

             3mm – This is the lightest option and is more suited to endurance sports, as it provides that extra bit of support towards the end of your workout.

             5mm –When you need movement and support, a 5mm thickness will give you the support you need while you remain agile. This is a particularly good general option if you do any type of cross-training.

             7mm – The 7mm thickness provides optimal support and stabilization for weightlifting. Proprioception is increased, giving you better awareness, allowing you to focus on form without fear of an unstable knee.

How much do knee sleeves cost?​

Before you make any purchase, check to see if it’s sold as a single sleeve or as a pair, as this can obviously impact the price point. Expect to spend anywhere from $20 upwards to $80, depending on the brand, but many fall in the $40-50 range.

Read on to find our top six favorite knee sleeves on the market.​

The Best Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting​

Emerge Fitness Weightlifting Knee Sleeves

The sleeves are designed from a high-density 5 mm thick neoprene that provides security and comfort. In addition, the materials have improved sweat absorption, minimizing odor. The sleeves are designed to be durable and long lasting, and the anti-slip design promises better performance.

Unlike some other products, you’ll get a pair of knee sleeves, making this an economical choice, as well. Another high-quality product from this reputable company, these knee sleeves will offer you better recovery support than others on the market.

​Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve

If you’re looking for a sleeve to simply provide compression support while healing from injury, this sleeve by Ultra Flex Athletics will suit you needs. In general, the sleeve helps to reduce inflammation while keeping the area heated to encourage muscle recovery.

This sleeve is excellent for maintaining stability for weightlifting, so you may want to invest in a pair of sleeves, and there are multiple sizes so you can get the best fit. A nylon and lycra blend, this sleeve gives an excellent fit with a double-silicone anti-slip grip, promising not to roll or slip while you’re working on things like power lifts.

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves

Nordic Lifting is known for producing high-quality equipment with weightlifters in mind, and these knee sleeves are no exception. Comprised of 100% neoprene, these offer the right amount of compression to encourage optimal performance and a therapeutic setting for a knee in recovery.

These are perfect for any heavy lifting workouts, including CrossFit and powerlifting. At 7mm thick, the neoprene provides comfort and stability. The sleeves come in a wide variety of sizes so you’ll be sure to get the perfect fit.

You can rest easy knowing your knees will be fully supported, allowing you a safer, more effective heavy lifting workout. The sleeves will also encourage heat retention, which helps reduce risk for injury and stiffness.

Emerge Fitness Premium Leg Sleeves​

Add another winner to Emerge Fitness’s line of weightlifting equipment, as these knee sleeves provide compression support and comfort, making your workouts more effective. With 7 mm thick neoprene, these sleeves are sturdy yet soft and provide great support.

Designed by a physiotherapist, these sleeves are designed to provide the maximum compression without discomfort, creating the ideal knee environment for an effective workout. You’ll notice a definite change in overall joint performance, and the compression will encourage blood flow and keep your joints warm, thus protecting you from injury.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lifter, these knee sleeves will offer the support you need against knee pain while doing squats. This is a perfect choice for anyone needing therapeutic knee support for lifting.

Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeves

Mava Sports has designed compression knee sleeve to aid you in your heavy lifting workouts. The sleeves are ergonomically designed and provide just the right amount of compression without stiffness, and the 7 mm thick neoprene will give you both support and comfort.

The sleeves will also aid in injury prevention by keeping the joints warm to encourage muscle recovery and reducing inflammation and swelling. You’ll also notice significantly less muscle and joint pain

What really makes these sleeves stand out from the others is the anatomical design combined with its anti-slip material, ensuring that you’ll get a great fit.

Evolutionize Performance Knee Sleeves

This pair of knee sleeves by Evolutionize is durably constructed and made to provide optimal compression. The leg sleeves are stitched with triple reinforced seams and tear-resistant materials. You’ll immediately notice reduced knee pain, and the 7 mm thick neoprene gives the right amount of compression and warmth to stabilize the patella and surrounding muscle groups.

Evolutionize promise a long-lasting product, and your knees will thank you for the extra support while you work on squats and weightlifting. One of the standout features of this knee sleeve is the length. You get a full 30cm of length, which is larger than some of the other knee sleeves on the market, promising protection over a larger area.​


The knee is one of the weakest points on the body, so it’s important to give them the care and support they need, especially if you’re starting to feel the effects of heavy lifting and cross training. Once you start using them, you’ll immediately notice the positive effects.​

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