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Creatine Hp2 vs. Creatine HCl

Body Fortress Creatine

Weight lifters and other athletes are always looking for a better approach to protein absorption. One problem is that most protein or creatine supplements taste terrible or don’t do what they say they’re going to.

When it comes down to it, you’re looking for concentrated, fully usable types of Creatine that are always available to your body. You also need a creatine that is affordable. After all, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money on supplements that aren’t going to work. You want something that will promote a growth in overall muscle mass or athletic performance.

Lifters and athletes using creatine expect a product that gives them a boost of extra strength or speed at the moment it really counts.

Understanding What Creatine Does

The body produces creatine on its own, naturally. It is part of the natural process of getting energy into your muscle cells. Your body processes some of the proteins it needs and converts them to creatine. The creatine is distributed to your muscle cells.

When you work, the creatine in your cells gets depleted. Taking supplements just before or after your workout can help give you an extra edge.

Evaluation Criteria

I evaluated the products based on four criteria.

  1. How effective is the product at delivering the muscle-building benefits of creatine?
  2. How many calories are part of the product?
  3. Does the product taste good?
  4. What does the product cost?

Body Fortress Creatine Review

Body Fortress is one of the most sought after brands of creatine supplements. They make two creatine options. One is, “Super Advanced Creatine HP2,” a blend of creatines and other supplements. The second is, “100% Pure Creatine HCL,” which is just what it says, pure creatine hydrochloride.

Super Advanced Creatine HP2 contains creatine monohydrate, creatine HCL, Betaine, and fast-acting carbs. It also contains vitamins, other amino acids, and stimulants to assist with your workout and improve creatine absorption.

Rather than a blend, creatine HCL is a single ingredient product. One company’s creatine HCL is much like another’s. There is some variation in purity and in particle size. Smaller particles mean that it will dissolve more easily in liquid and enter the bloodstream more easily.

Both products are gluten and aspartame free. They are designed to give you the extra strength or speed that you expect from a creatine supplement. They will also reduce recovery times. They mix well with a variety of juices or other drink mixes. 

Super Advanced Creatine HP2

Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP2

Creatine Monohydrate is the main ingredient of HP2. It is widely accepted as the most effective form of creatine. Many of the other ingredients in HP2 help by increasing the absorption rate. Others reduce the most common side-effects of creatine monohydrate. HP2 doesn’t disappoint, delivering a powerful boost to your workout.

Each dose of HP2 contains 70 calories. That isn’t much. Most likely if you are working out hard enough to need creatine then you won’t even notice 70 calories. But, it is some and that could be a drawback if you are trying to shave every calorie possible.

HP2 has a great fruity punch taste that works great with water and juice, making it easier to drink than most creatine options. You can also add extras like peanut butter, flax, or chia seeds to give your body more protein or fiber.

As I was writing this I did a search for “body fortress creatine hp2 review“ and found it selling for $15 per 50 doses. That comes to about 30 cents per dose. That is a bit higher than a typical creatine supplement. But, it is reasonable when you consider all of the other ingredients that are included in this one.


100% Creatine HCL

Body Fortress Pure Creatine HCL

Creatine HCL has been shown in lab tests to absorb into muscle cells more easily than creatine monohydrate. Yet, there is some dispute about how much actually makes it into the blood to begin with. Those who use creatine HCL tend to be very satisfied with the effects. That is what really matters, isn’t it? Still, it doesn’t give the extra muscle cell energy that the HP2 blend does.

One of the biggest differences from HP2 is that creatine HCL is carb and calorie free. So, creatine HCL is beneficial if you have to watch your diet or aren’t into added sugars or flavors.

Of course, the downside to dropping the calories is that this product tastes like, well… like creatine. It’s not too bad if you mix it with something. But be careful, then you might be adding calories back in.

I found this one selling for $14 for 100 doses. That is about half of the per-dose price of HP2.


So, Which Body Fortress Creatine Product is the Best?

In general, both of these products will help boost muscle growth and development. Your choice between the two will probably depend on whether you have a desire to avoid calories. For those unconcerned with calories, HP2 will probably be more effective.

As always, if you are uncertain then you should try each of these creatine products and see what works best for you.

If you are looking for a creatine monohydrate without the other ingredients that are in HP2, then you will need to consider another brand entirely. 

Now, if that’s not enough, try one superfood that will not only increase your energy levels but will also increase your elastin and collagen production while you’re building those muscles up. Right there I just mentioned what pine pollen benefits are. ;)

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Last Updated on February 5, 2021

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